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Branch of learning: 18 Manufacture and technologies

Speciality: 182 Light industry technologies

Qualification: Master in Designing of clothes

Department: Ergonomics and fashion designing


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Department of Ergonomics and fashion designing


Study Programme Synopsis

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The students who study according to the study programme «Styling, design and artistic finishing of light industry products» get knowledge in the artistic design from fabrics, leather and fur, knitted fabrics; design of women’s, men’s and kids’ clothes, hats, underwear, shaping underwear. During the study the students acquire practical skills for implementation of the whole process of the designing of products and collections of clothes, going by the world fashion trends, the new technologies of artistic design, finishing and styling of complex forms of clothes.

To ensure the training of highly skilled specialists and the solving the actual scientific tasks the specialized classes, art studios, educational and scientific laboratories, student`s fashion house have been organized at the department. The students take part in the national and international competitions for young fashion designers such as: "Pecherski kashtany”, "Kyiv Fashion", "Admiralteiskaia igla", etc.

The students have the opportunity to master modern specialized disciplines:

The students are given modern scientific and methodical literature and information about the latest technologies in fashion industry. They are supplied with modern computer facilities as well and have opportunities to master modern design programmes, create computer aided models of clothes.

The compulsory condition is to speak Ukrainian and foreign languages (French / English / German) fluently.

The admission to the 1st year of study is on a competitive basis.


Study programme:

Styling, design and artistic finishing of light industry products


Master in Designing of clothes

Prescribed period of study:

3 semesters (1,5 year)

ECTS Credits:


Language of the study course:


Programme aim



To provide education in styling, designing and artistic finishing of clothes and other light industry products in fashion industry with lots of opportunities for employment, to prepare students for obtaining the ability to develop conceptual design and predicative model of creation of range of products for various purposes.


Learning outcomes:


  • Ability to demonstrate skills of development of conceptual design and predicative model of creation of range of clothes and products for various purposes.
  • Ability to demonstrate knowledge of project activity, methods of theoretical and practical work, classical and innovative technologies for scientific organization and management of project activity.
  • Ability to demonstrate theoretical and experimental skills concerning the use of modern methods of styling and artistic finishing to develop models and collections of models of clothes using modern fashion trends, styles and latest achievements in this field, science, technology and art, based on a systematic approach.
  • Ability to demonstrate practical skills in preparing presentations, complex reports on finished designs, scientific reports about the results of a piece of work, practical recommendations.
  • Ability to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the content and stages of preparing project design documentation for industrial collection of models of light industry products.
  • Ability to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the problems of research, scientifically based choice of methods of theoretical and experimental work, interpretation and presentation of research results.
  • Ability to monitor every workplace and timely update of instructional material based on the existing conditions of production taking into account safety requirements, labour safety, industrial health and fire protection.
  • Ability to apply skills in implementation of the associative image while designing of the systems of models of clothes of high artistic expression based on the use of various creative sources.
  • Ability to develop modern and advanced highly aesthetic and ergonomic models of clothes of different silhouette and volumetric-dimensional forms and accessories with their subsequent promotion in the fashion industry.
  • Ability to demonstrate systematic knowledge and understanding of the fashion industry and its components, the current state and dynamics of fashion, fashion-marketing, branding, merchandising, etc.
  • Ability to demonstrate knowledge and practical skills in evaluating the innovative capacity of new designs of items.
  • Mastering the practical skills to expertize and implement designer’s supervision over developed models of clothes and their systems, including while implementing it to industrial processes, fashion industry.
  • Ability to demonstrate knowledge of the principles of development of creative and industrial collections of women’s, men’s and kids’ clothes for various purposes and other light industry products.


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«Styling, design and artistic finishing of light industry products»

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