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Kyiv Attractions

A.V. Fomin Botanical Garden

The A.V. Fomin Botanical Garden is one of the oldest botanical gardens in Ukraine, located in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. In 1839 the Kiev Taras Shevchenko University opened its own botanical garden.

Askold's Grave

Askold's Grave is a historical park on the steep right bank of the Dnieper River in Kiev. After establishing the Soviet regime in 1934 Kiev City Council issued an order to convert the old graveyard with some 2,000 burials around the Church of St. Nicholas into a park.

City Park

City Park is a park in Kiev located between Khreshchaty Park and Mariinsky Park. Along with Volodymyr Hill, Khreshchaty Park, Mariinsky Park, Askold's Grave, and Park of the Eternal Glory, it creates one big elongated park zone along the right bank of Dnieper.

Dovzhenko Film Studios

The Dovzhenko Film Studios (Ukrainian: Національна кіностудія художніх фільмів імені О. Довженка, translit. Natsional'na kinostudiya khudozhnikh filmiv imeni O. Dovzhenka) is a former Soviet film production studios located in Ukraine that were named after the Ukrainian film producer, Alexander Dovzhenko, in 1957.

Kiev Pechersk Lavra

Kyiv Pechersk Lavra, also known as the Kiev Monastery of the Caves, is a historic Orthodox Christian monastery which gave its name to one of the city districts where it is located in Kiev.

Golden Gate, Kiev

The Golden Gates of Kiev was the main gate in the 11th-century fortifications of Kiev, the capital of Kievan Rus'. It was named in imitation of the Golden Gate of Constantinople.

St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery

St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery is a functioning monastery in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. The monastery is located on the right bank of the Dnieper River on the edge of a bluff northeast of the Saint Sophia Cathedral.

Vydubychi Monastery

The monastery was established between 1070 and 1077 by Vsevolod, son of Yaroslav the Wise. It was a family cloister of Vsevolod's son Vladimir Monomakh and his descendants.

Saint Vladimir Monument

The Saint Vladimir Monument is a monument in Kiev dedicated to the Great Prince of Kiev Vladimir the Great built in 1853. It is the oldest sculptural monument, a dominating feature of Dnieper's slopes and one of the city's symbols.

Square of Contracts

Square of Contracts or Contract Square is a square in the historic Podil neighborhood of Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. The square is an important economic, cultural, and transport center of the Podil, containing numerous architectural and historical monuments.

Khreshchaty Park

Khreshchaty Park is a city park in Kiev located next to the European Square, on right bank slopes of Dnieper and along the Volodymyr Descent. It covers area of 11.8 ha.