Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design


XVІІ Interuniversity New Year's Eve - Christmas Contest young designers of the same image “SUZIRYA “KASHTAN” - 2019

December 19, 2019 - Kyiv National University of Technology and Design


Students of specialized educational institutions, young designers are allowed to participate.


The competition is held in nominations:




traditions of national festivities and national costumes: heroes of the scene, fairs, festive, festive

New Year Ball

evening or haute couture ensembles 


spectacular, figurative masquerade costume, made with the use of traditional and non-traditional materials and their processing: fairy-tale, literary, historical characters

Shoe Monppa

One pair of festive shoes, possibly in combination with accessories



To participate in the competition are handmade Christmas and New Year themes in the nominations: 

Christmas Vertep (Vertep)

from different materials: straw, cardboard, gypsum, etc., at least 50 * 50 cm

Christmas / christmas tree toy

toys from traditional (glass, plastic, textiles) and any non-traditional materials. Quantity 1-5 pcs.

Christmas tree


Christmas / New Year postcard

from traditional and any non-traditional materials



souvenir (using textiles and any other materials). Directions: triptych - 3 leaflets (small series) children's postcard; comic (with inscriptions and drawings of comic content); greeting card, etc.

Textile products

Christmas / New Year


Awards: 1, 2, 3 place for each of nominations. By the decision of the jury, the number of prize places in each nomination may vary.

Prizes: Free participation in the International Competition of Young Designers "Pechersk Chestnut" 2020, award diplomas and souvenirs.


Thumbnails (or photos) of works and a questionnaire for participation in the competition must be submitted to the organizing committee by December 09, 2019.


Applications are accepted electronically at the following link:


To participate in the competition (one image) to have a musical soundtrack with you (exit rule - 2 minutes). The Organizing Committee can provide models, if necessary. The rehearsal schedule will be provided separately.


Participation in the contest - 150 UAH. (Payment terms will be reported by the organizers in addition). For students of KNUTD - for free.


Organizing Committee:

KNUTD "Student House of Fashion"

Building 4, st. Nemirovich-Danchenko, 2,

m. Kyiv; Tel .: (044) 256-21-12, (068) 866 45 02, (093) 4240518