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Speciality: 182 «Light Industry Technologies»

Academic Degree: «Bachelor»

Department of Arts and Light Industry Technologies

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General Information

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Activities of light industry experts aim to provide population of the country with essential consumer goods.

The activity of specialists in the field of light industry is aimed at providing the population of the country with consumer goods.

The scope of application of talents of specialists of the industry is the development of sewing enterprises, fashion houses, activities in scientific institutions and firms involved in the design, research and delivery of light industry products.

This program enables graduates to take up higher engineering and executive positions in the branches of the national economy, research institutions, design and engineering institutions, namely: design-engineer, production engineer, pattern designer, senior research fellow, the head of scientific laboratories and engineer of higher category. They can form and run their own businesses manufacturing clothes.

Prerequisite is being fluent in Ukrainian and a foreign language.

The enrolment to the 1st course is performed оn the basis of а competition.


Study program:

Technologies of Light Industry Products


Bachelor in Specialty «Light Industry Technologies»

Prescribed period of study:

The pre-requisite is junior specialist degree in adjacent areas

4 semesters (2 years)


8 semesters(4 years)

ECTS Credits:



Language of the study course

Ukrainian/ English

Aim of the program:

To form and develop general and professional competences in the field of garment manufacturing aimed at obtaining knowledge and skills to design competitive sewing products and advanced manufacturing processes of sewing as well as ability for further education.

Learning outcomes:

1. Ability to demonstrate knowledge of the processes fundamentals in filament, adhesive and welded joints; wet and heat steaming of wares, key influence factors and laws of their interaction.

2. Competence in conducting pilot research of seam quality and wet and heat steaming to identify rational operation mode.

3. Ability to demonstrate knowledge of terminology and basic concepts of materials science, design, technology, technological processes of garment manufacturing and list of quality indices.

4. Competence in designing new clothes patterns using CAD elements to implement them in production.

5. Computing skills in solving productions tasks

6. Skills that ensure students competent participation in solving production tasks related to garment quality assurance technology

7. Competence in making technical drawings and using findings: patterns printing and their transfer to be used in compatible computer programs in technical documentation and presentation of technological decisions

8. Competence in using standardized methods of raw materials composition analysis for garments; to be competent in distinguishing materials of different composition, their manufacturing processes and purpose; to identify fibers properties in origin and structure; to assess impact of different factors (chemicals concentration, dyes, temperature, etc.) on technological process; to determine formaldehyde content in textile, to choose optimal evaluation methods for fibrous content of textile.

9. Skills in determining anthropometric characteristics of stature to design clothes; checking the correctness of design drawings of details for clothing of various purposes; working in an environment of modern CADs.

10. Competence in choosing proper type of sewing machine depending on the characteristics and properties of materials and types of clothing.


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“Light Industry Technologies”

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