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Speciality: 162 «Biotechnology and bioengineering»

Study Programme: «Biotechnology»

Academic Degree: «BACHELOR»

FacultyChemical and Biopharmaceutic Technologies

Department of Biotechnology, Leather and Fur 


Contact information:

2 Nemirovich-DanchenkoStr., Kyiv 01011, Ukraine

Tel. Chemical and Biopharmaceutic Technologies: +38 (044) 256-21-82


Department of Biotechnology, Leather and Fur : +38 (044) 256-21-65



Study Programme Synopsis

Department of Biotechnology, Leather and Fur is a modern educational and scientific unit with extensive research, modern material base and organization of educational process. The department trains specialists with a high level of theoretical knowledge and modern practical skills, able to work in the field of leather and fur production.

Fluency in Ukrainian and a foreign language is a must.

Students are admitted to the first year of Bachelor’s Program based on the results of external testing certificates.

Students are admitted to the short form of Bachelor’s Program based on a professional aptitude test.


Study programme:




Prescribed period of study:

After receiving the certificate of secondary education and the results of the external testing certificates competition

8 semesters (4 year)

After obtaining the educational level of junior specialist for related and unrelated professions

6 semesters (3 year)

ECTS Credits:



Language of the study course:

Ukrainian/ English

Programme aim

The formation and development of general and professional competences in the field of biotechnology, which are aimed at obtaining professional training at the modern level by the student. The graduate must have knowledge in the field of biotechnology and bioengineering, get acquainted with the basics of planning in biotech industries, acquire the practical skills and abilities necessary for controlling biotechnological processes and product quality assessment, can organize, improve design and management of biotechnological processes of production, using special software.

Learning outcomes:


-          Fundamentals of General Biotechnology

-          The core physical and chemical properties of organic compounds that are part of biological agents

-          Optimal conditions for cultivating cells in biotechnology

-          Modern methods of researching the quality of bio-raw materials and finished products in industrial and laboratory conditions


-          Carry out qualitative and quantitative analysis of biological and chemical substances

-          Evaluate the composition and structure of cells of various biological agents

-          Identify microorganisms of different systematic groups

-          Assess the microbiological purity and sterility of raw materials and biotechnological products

-          Choose technological equipment and improve the parameters of biotechnological productions

Forming judgements:

-          Carry out a feasibility study on biotechnology production

-          Have methods of improving the technological process

-          Understand the theoretical and practical approaches to the creation and management of biotechnological production


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