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Specialty: 072 "Finance, Banking and Insurance"

Educational program: "Finance, Banking and Insurance"

Degree: «BACHELOR»

Department of Finance and Financial and Economic Security


Contact Information: 

01011 Kyiv , 2, Nemyrovych-Danchenko Str., Academic building №4, 5th floor

Tel.number: Department of Finance and Financial and Economic Security: (044) 256-84-12, (044) 256-29-60, (044) 256-29-21

Selection committee: (044) 256-29-75


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General information

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Financial activity is a purposefully carried out process of practical realization of the functions of the enterprise related to the formation and use of its financial resources to ensure economic and social development. It is carried out at all stages of the life cycle of an enterprise: from the moment of its birth and until the moment of its liquidation as an independent subject of economic activity.

During the study students gain knowledge of the theory of finance, banking, budget, tax systems. During the study, students carry out analytical and research work, master the skills of collecting material, analysis, generalizations, substantiation of scientific conclusions. The main task of the department is to train specialists in finance and credit, train their analytical thinking, provide modern knowledge and practical skills that are necessary in various fields of financial activity and financial markets.


Characteristics of the educational program:

Educational program:

Finance, Banking and Insurance


Bachelor in specialty 072 "Finance, Banking and Insurance" (educational program "Finance, Banking and Insurance") 

Term of study 

8 semesters (4 years) 

ECTS credits


Form of study 

Full-time/ extramural/distance

Learning outcomes:

After graduation, a bachelor in specialty 072 "Finance, Banking and Insurance" will be able to demonstrate:

Ability to carry out financial transactions with the help of knowledge and appropriate special methods.

Ability to evaluate the financial position of the enterprise and its individual components (property status, liquidity, solvency, financial stability, business activity, financial performance, etc.), find problems and financially substantiate ways of their solution.

Ability to understand and apply the economics and mathematical methods that are used in the field of substantiation of financial decisions.

Ability to model, predict and plan financial activities of business entities, as well as describe, analyze and critically evaluate experimental data.

Ability to solve a wide range of problems and tasks by using professionally-profiled knowledge and practical skills in basic disciplines in the processes of financial and economic activity of enterprises, application of applied methods of analysis of financial processes, using modern methods of systemic scientific analysis.

Possibility to use computer software in scientific and financial work.

Ability to explain a wide range of financial processes that occur at the enterprise and in the country.

Ability to further study, identify problems and identify ways to solve them in the financial activities of the enterprise.

Scope of employment: 

Specialists are trained for economic, organizational, managerial, analytical, audit, research in the field of public finance, in institutions of the National and Commercial Banks (Inspector of Credit), at enterprises and associations of various sectors of the economy of Ukraine, regardless of ownership or organizational form formation (specialist in corporate governance, specialist in asset management, specialist in financial and economic security), in insurance companies (insurance agent, insurer, expert-consultant from the insurance), investment funds and companies (specialist in stock exchange operations, depositary specialist, specialist-organizer of trading in the securities market), brokerage offices (broker, dealer, stock broker, appraiser, appraiser (expert appraisal of property), appraiser-expert ), financial services of the state administration, in research institutions (the main state tax inspector, the state tax inspector, the inspector-tax inspector)



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"Finance, Banking and Insurance"

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