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Speciality: 073 "Managements"

Study programme: "Management"

Degree: "BACHELOR"

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General information

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A management is a type of activity maintenance of that is purposeful influence on the workers of organization with the aim of co-ordination of their actions for the achievement of the aims put before organization.  The decision of actual for business tasks is provided by rational and flexible co-operation of all ingredients of organization, that maybe due to creation of the effective system of management.

A "management" - it the educational program not only, it is priority direction of activity for those, who aims to be not only a good specialist, but also successfully to build an own career, applies on administrative positions of enterprises, organizations, establishments.

Main ability of manager is a receipt of result due to correct organization of work of inferiors. An effective management requires the wide circle of knowledge, abilities, competences. A manager must to perfection own all spectrum of economic and administrative knowledge; in fact efficiency of work of other specialists and subdivisions of organization depends exactly on his administrative decisions.


Description of the educational program:

Study programme:



Bachelor after speciality 073 "Managements" (on the educational program "Management"). 

Prescribed period of study:

8 semesters (4) 

Credits of ECTS


Form of studies 

daily/ in absentia/ distance

Learning outcomes:

After completion the course of studies a bachelor will demonstrate:

Ability to determine the functional spheres of organization and their co-operation (id est purchase, production, logistic, marketing, finances, human capitals); to diagnose the state of organization;ability to carry out the organizational planning;understanding of principles of psychology, determination of consequences is for organizations, and also reconstructing (id est work is in groups, commands, research of behavior); understanding and application of the systems of account and audit; understanding of existing and new to technology and their influence on new/ future markets; understanding of principles of right and connection them with business/by administrative knowledge; ability to define the questions related to the culture and business ethics and their influence on enterprise organizations; enterprise internalss sent to development of business.

Sphere of employment 

a specialist is from administrative work (chief of subdivision, main engineer);

a specialist is from logistical support (chief of sales, logistic departments and others like that);

specialist of department of foreign economic activity;a specialist is in subdivisions of production, realization, consumption of commodities and services;specialists are in scientific and educational establishments; a manager is on questions commercial activity;a manager is from logistic;a manager is from public relations; manager; a specialist is on productive subdivisions in industry; manager of projects and programs.


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