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ENTREPRENEURSHIP, TRADE AND BROKERAGE MANAGEMENT. Entrepreneurship and business activities

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Specialty: 076 «Entrepreneurship, trade and brokerage management»

Academic Degree: «BACHELOR»

Department: Entrepreneurship and business


Contact Information:

01011, 2, Nemyrovych-Danchenko Str., 2, Academic building №4, 14th floor

Phone: The Department of entrepreneurship and business:  +38 044-256-21-44

Selection committee: (044) 256–29–75

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General information

Dear students, welcome to our specialty page!

The Entrepreneurship and Business Education program is designed to help students become entrepreneurs, innovators, executives, and business leaders. Students will gain knowledge and skills in the following areas in the course of their studies in the chosen specialty: Commodity and Enterprise Economics, Marketing and Management, Business and Innovation Entrepreneurship, Statistics, PR Technology and Branding in the Service, Information Systems and Technology in Business. Graduates will be able to work for merchants, directors of small trading firms, managers of trade, advertising agencies, and more.

Mandatory condition is fluency in Ukrainian and / or foreign languages.

Admission of undergraduates to the first* (or second**/third***) course is conducted on the competitive basis.


Description of the educational program:

Educational program:

Entrepreneurship and business activities


Bachelor specialty of  076 «Entrepreneurship, trade and brokerage management»

Education period:


*Entrance to the first course

**Entrance to the third course

*** Entrance to the second course

After gaining secondary education

8 semesters (4 years)

For college graduates in similar specialties

6 semesters (3 years)

 For college graduates in non-similar specialties

4 semesters (2 years)

Credits ECTS




Language of learning:

Ukrainian / English

Program goal:

Acquiring theoretical knowledge, basic and professional competencies, applied skills and abilities to solve professional problems in entrepreneurship and business.

Program learning results:

Ability to demonstrate in-depth knowledge of entrepreneurship and business. Ability to develop concepts of positioning in the services market, apply innovative technologies of organization of the institution's activities and create a client-oriented product (service) for the formation of a positive image. To have basic knowledge and methods of using normative documentation on certification, advertising; the ability to summarize information on the sound use of business technologies in entrepreneurship and business. The ability to efficiently and efficiently organize work at the production site, control and ensure compliance with technology and rational exploitation of equipment, introduce advanced methods and techniques of work, progressive forms of organization of work, comply with the requirements of occupational safety, fire safety, environmental protection.



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