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PHYSICAL CULTURE AND SPORTS. Fitness and recreation

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Specialty 017 "Physical Culture and Sports"

Educational program "Fitness and recreation"

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Tel.: Departments of Physical Education and Health: (044) 256-21-94, (044) 256-29-67

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Upon successful completion of their studies, graduates receive a diploma of basic higher education in the specialty 017 Physical Culture and Sports:

The purpose of the educational program is to train a competent competitive specialist in fitness and recreation, able to independently solve complex specialized problems and practical problems in the process of professional activity in the field of physical culture and sports, with wide access to employment.

The program is focused on training a specialist capable of involving different groups of the population in physical culture and sports; sports and fitness training and physical culture and sports rehabilitation; leading a healthy lifestyle; organization and holding of physical culture and health and sports events; management of subjects of physical culture and sports. Emphasis on the implementation of the training process in terms of recreation and fitness for health and as a means of general physical training of athletes / servicemen.

Upon completion of the course, the bachelor will demonstrate:

Graduates of the educational program "Fitness and Recreation" are able to find employment:

Applicants for higher education at the Department of Physical Education and Health have the opportunity, studying in the third and fourth year, to undergo a training program for reserve officers in conjunction with the National University of Defense of Ukraine with the subsequent assignment of the rank of officer.  Boys and girls of all forms of education can, if desired, pass military training.

All applicants for higher education living in cities and towns outside Kyiv and Kyiv region are provided with accommodation in dormitories located near the educational buildings.