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General information

Digitalization is inextricably linked to advances in science and technology and growing demand for digital products, due to the steady increase in Internet users and specialized gadgets (smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.). Companies focus on modern users (generations X, Y, Z) and refocus on promoting goods and services to customers in the digital environment. Achieving a high level of brand popularity and maximizing profits on the Internet is possible only with the use of advanced approaches to digital marketing. The dynamic change of the situation on the Internet requires the company to adjust the digital marketing tools used on a regular basis. The specifics of the interaction of companies with the target audience in the digital environment involves the selection of relevant content and its demonstration to interested users on relevant web resources, in many cases we are talking about social networks. These tasks are performed by various specialists in the field of Digital Marketing, and the most popular professions are: Internet Marketer, SEO Specialist (SEM), Social Network Marketer (SMM), E-mail Marketer, Content Producer, PR Manager, Copywriter.


Digital-marketer is engaged in attracting and retaining customers through the use of innovative technologies in the digital environment.

To successfully master the educational-professional bachelor's program, entrants must have a complete general secondary education or educational qualification level of a junior specialist and the ability to acquire knowledge, skills and abilities in the field of general economic and specific economic sciences.

External examination for admission 1 course in the specialty 075 Marketing

Admission rules


Address:01011 Kyiv, Mala Shyianovska (Nemyrovycha-Danchenka) Street, 2, educational building 4, 2nd floor.

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Characteristics of the educational program:

Educational program:

Digital Marketing


Bachelor of Marketing

Training period

8 semesters (3 years 10 months)

ECTS credits


Form of study

full-time / part-time / remote

Learning outcomes:

Upon completion of the course, the bachelor will demonstrate:

Upon completion of the course, the bachelor will demonstrate:

Understanding of SMM and knowledge of the peculiarities of the main sites (Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Youtube, etc.); skills to develop social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, etc.); ability to fill the Youtube channel; ability to work with online chat (control of incoming queries, performance monitoring and conversions (CRM); ability to develop and implement measures to optimize web resources for search engines; promote web resources on the Internet; implement a set of measures to increase sales of the product being promoted by attracting customers via the Internet, practical skills to implement the selection and analysis of keywords and phrases of the web resource, the ability to improve the compatibility of web resource texts with search engines, opportunities to increase the resource rating of the website on the Internet in terms of search engines, the ability to track changes in search engine algorithms and adapt the web resource to these changes, knowledge of advertising systems (AdWords, Direct, Facebook, Target), the ability to conduct comprehensive analysis of sites and applications using Google Analytics (creation of reports on advertising campaigns; research on the geography of purchases; reporting on social activity; ability to track events on the site, conduct AB testing, generate conversion reports); skills to make a sales funnel through messengers (chatbots); ability to participate in the creation of one-page sites (Landing page); ability to work with affiliate programs and networks; skills of using electronic services, ability to understand the logic of services; ability to write texts that can be sold; skills of mastering the basics of UX, which allows you to create letters with which it is pleasant and convenient to interact, and more.

Sphere of employment:

In domestic and foreign companies of various specializations, holding positions: Digital-strategist, business development specialist, SEO specialist, content manager, social media manager, Account Manager and more. Freelance work: SEO specialist, copywriter, SMM manager, PPC, etc. Implementation of own projects in the field of Digital marketing: sale of marketing services via the Internet, creation and sale of author's digital products (sites, services, mobile applications, Internet portals, etc.), cooperation with partner networks, etc.


It is possible to obtain a military specialty

During the training you will have the opportunity to:

Those who wish can continue their studies in the master's program.

The educational process at the Department of Marketing and Communication Design uses best practices - workshops, open air lectures and practice-oriented learning. Student marketing club "M-Team" is active.


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