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Specialty: 023 Fine Art, decorative art, restoration

Professional direction "Decorative design"

Educational degree "bachelor"




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Studying is carried out under the state order and at the expense of individuals or legal entities.

Admission to study for an educational bachelor's or master's degree is carried out by the «Rules for admission to the Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design». 

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The level of education for which applicants are recruited:

the first (bachelor's) level of higher education


Folk decorative applied art is an integral part of the spiritual wealth of every country. The beauty and imagery of works of folk art have always found the most expressive form in the artistic sense, in the technological form of the integral product of the object-spatial and visual environment, which most fully conveyed the idea of the work. Works of decorative and applied art are widely recognized in our country and abroad. According to the UNESCO Convention on the Protection of Intangible Cultural Heritage, traditional crafts are recognized as part of cultural heritage and therefore require the creation of conditions for their preservation, protection, popularization, transmission, as well as revival, design of decorative textile materials and products, accessories and decorations.

This educational program is interesting for those who like to work with textiles, have creative abilities, the ability to compare and analyze, combine, find connections and dependencies, regularities, are interested in the history of art, technology, professional techniques of textile materials and decorative design products, create decorative textile materials and products, accessories and decorations.

Students will have the opportunity to learn about the basic technologies of the textile industry (spinning, weaving, knitting, nonwovens and composite structures), as well as basic technologies for finishing, including embroidery and painting, dyeing and printing, including silkscreen and digital printing. Their search activities in the framework of practical and laboratory work will help to understand the contexts in which textiles can be used. The manufacturing process itself - the study of materials, methods, colors, images and the sense of touch - will stimulate innovation that exceeds expectations.

The program provides for the acquisition of practical, professional and entrepreneurial skills that will allow you to work in a team or even open your own company, studio, studio, art school in the field of decorative design of textile materials and products. Applicants will have the opportunity to study decorative textiles and obtain a wide range of competences in the field of decorative design, design and projecting of decorative textile materials and products, accessories and decorations, and the ability, taking into account the historical experience of fine and decorative arts, to the revival and popularization of the cultural heritage of the Ukrainian people by stylizations, interpretations and transformations in modern products.


As a result of training, students acquire the following knowledge and professional skills:


Upon successful completion of their studies, graduates receive a diploma of basic higher education in the field of knowledge 02 - Culture and art in specialty  023 - Fine Art, decorative art, restoration, educational program "Decorative design" with the following educational qualifications:

Term of study - 4 years, form of study - full-time or part-time.


The place of professional activity of the technologist-designer is:

All students of the Faculty of Fashion Industry are provided with accommodation in a dormitory located near the university buildings.



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