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ACCOUNTING AND TAXATION. Accounting and taxation (bachelor)

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Specialty:071 «Accounting and taxation»

Degree: «BACHELOR»

DepartmentAccounting and Auditing



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General information

Dear students!

Specialty “Accounting and taxation” is not only a popular economic specialty, but also a future activity direction for those who try to discover the secrets of economic information formation, used to manage enterprises, organizations and institutions.

Graduates have wide range of opportunities:

– to hold a position of accountant, financial manager, staff manager, marketing manager, banking manager etc.

– to gain second higher education degree in all the specialties, offered in KNUTD;

– to study foreign languages;

– to get involved in student activities (athletics, arts, drama and dance etc.);

– studying at Military Training Department.

Competition-based selection.


Characteristic of studying program:

Studying program:

Accounting and taxation


Bachelor in specialty  «Accounting and taxation»



After gaining secondary education

8 semesters (3 years 10 months)

For college graduates in similar specialties

4 semesters (1 year 10 months) – full-time basis /

5 semesters (2 years 5 months) – part-time basis

For college graduates in non-similar specialties

6 semesters (2 years 10 months)



120 / 150



Ukrainian/ English


To train students in accounting, auditing and taxation in order to apply received knowledge. Formation and development of general and professional competences in the field of accounting, auditing and taxation to have wide range of opportunities to be employed.


After finishing studies, the master/specialist in specialty “Accounting and taxation” will obtain knowledge in:

-           methodology and organization of accounting, analysis, control and auditing in different industries;

-           methodology and techniques of financial accounting and reporting, methods of financial indexes calculation;

-           basics for managerial accounting;

-           statistic methods of collection and processing of economic data;

-           up-to-date informational systems of accounting, analysis and auditing;

-           econometric methods of business operations modeling;

-           managerial decision-making;

-           theory and practice of business entity functioning, its potential development;

-           financial management of production stimulation with regard to international practice, principles and rules of business entities funding;

-           taxation systems of different entities and retirement plans for public;

-           economic terminology, acting classifications in the field of accounting, auditing and taxation as well as international classification of business activity types.

Bachelor will learn how to:

-        do accounting and prepare financial and statistical reports at the enterprises of different industries;

-        analyze accounting and financial reports data;

-        manage accounting process at the enterprise;

-        plan, organize and do external and internal audit;

-        manage enterprises of different industries of economy;

-        interpret and analyze economic data in order provide managerial decision-making;

-        perform systematic economic analysis of production and commercial activities, assess financial position of business entity;

-        provide financial, budgeting and banking control at the enterprises of both public and private sectors of economy;

-        apply informational systems and technologies in the field of finance and accounting, set financial accounting targets within informational technologies of accounting information processing.



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