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ELECTRONICS. Electronic devices and systems

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Speciality:171 «Electronics»

Study Programme: «Electronic devices and systems»

Academic Degree: «bachelor»

Faculty:  Mechatronics and Computer Technologies

Department of Electronics and electrical engineering


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Department of Electronics and electrical engineering: +38 (044) 256-29-65


Department of Electronics and electrical engineering


Study Programme Synopsis

Learning program " Electronic devices and systems" specialty "Electronics" - is not only upscale engineering training, but also the future direction of those who seek to perfectly master knowledge of modern electronic devices and systems.

Today, electronics surrounds everywhere: at home, on the street, in transportation, industrial workshops, research institutes, offices, military units, hospitals, supermarkets, stadiums, etc. Everything from mobile phones and televisions to supercomputers and machine tools with numerical control, continues to flourish. So electronic engineering specialists are always in demand.

This specialty for those who want to learn how to design, develop and debug various electronic systems using modern information technology.


Study programme:

Electronic devices and systems


Bachelor of Electronics

Prescribed period of study:

8 semesters (4 years)

ECTS Credits:


Language of the study course:

Ukrainian/ English

Learning outcomes:

Upon completion of the study programme the Bachelor student will demonstrate:

-        Ability to communicate in the national language and process documents.

-        Ability to communicate in everyday at least one foreign language.

-        Ability to acquire new knowledge, advanced technology and various innovations.

-        Ability to reduce the negative impact of organizations, businesses and more for the environment.

-        Ability to use the generally accepted norms of behavior and moral relations in society, to be able to evaluate their own actions in relation to other people and the impact on the environment and adjust these actions in order to achieve harmony with other people and the environment.

-        Ability to organize a healthy lifestyle, physical improvement, support and protection of their health.

-        Prepare plans for research and testing.

-        Carry out for given algorithms calculations of the projected parameters and characteristics of electronic instruments and devices.

-        Use general and special controlling and measuring equipment and test equipment.

-        Carry out calculation results of the experiment.

-        Using scientific and technical data on the properties of materials, to be able to select materials with desired physical properties.

-        Using normative and technical documentation of properties, technological and economic parameters to be able to develop a design detail electronic equipment and devices.

-        For a given electric circuit, technological, economic and other indicators able to hold topological design of electronic instruments and devices.

-        Under the technical project, electronic circuit, technological, economic and other indicators be able to develop (involved in development) design of electronic devices and appliances.

-        Carry out by computer calculations related to the construction of parts, components and blocks of electronic devices and equipment.

-        Develop textual and graphical documentation for the product, which are designed.

-        At all stages of design and development of documentation use means computer-aided design (CAD).

-        Given the general financial and economic factors on the specific conditions of production to support the organization of the individual units of production of electronic instruments and devices.

-        Evaluate the impact of technical and organizational factors on productivity and efficiency.

-        Evaluate the the environmental impact of anthropogenic factors inherent in the production of electronic instruments and devices.

-        Analyze the production situation regarding implementation of norms and rules of safety, correct personnel actions and modes of equipment in case of violations of rules and regulations.

-        Using design and technological documentation for electronic devices and equipment, taking into account the industry standard documentation and businesses need to calculate the production of electronic instruments and devices for materials, components, structure and number of employees, production equipment.

-        Evaluate the the functioning of electronic devices and equipment systems, identify abnormal functioning of electronic devices, regulation of the conduct of electronic instruments and devices to achieve normal operation mode.

-        Carry out installation, commissioning, maintenance and repair of electronic devices in technical, biomedical and environmental systems.


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Electronic devices and systems

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