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DESIGN (by types)

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Speciality: 022 «Design»

Study Programme: «Design (by types)»

Academic Degree: «BACHELOR»

Faculty: Design


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2, Nemirovicha-Danchenka St., Kyiv 01011, Ukraine

Tel.: Faculty of Design: +38 (044) 256-29-33

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The faculty includes the following departments:







The faculty trains bachelors according to the following majors and bachelor’s training programmes:


graduate – the Department of Artistic designing of costume:

1) fashion design

2) styling and hairdressing

3) design of brand products


graduate – the Department of Drawing and painting:

1) graphic design

2) corporate design


graduate – the Department of Design:

1) textile design

2) design of textile products

3) photo & video design

4) web-design

5) motion-design


graduate – the Department of Interior and furniture design:

1) computer-aided interior and furniture design

2) landscape design


graduate – the Department of Ergonomics and fashion designing:

1) accessories and jewelry design


Study Programme Synopsis

The priority tasks of a designer responsible for creativity and innovations include:


Study programme:

Design (by types)


Bachelor of Arts

Prescribed period of study:

8 semesters (4 years)


ECTS Credits:



Language of the study course:

Ukrainian / English

Programme aim

Formation and development of general and professional competences in the area of design focused on acquiring of knowledge, abilities and skills by a student at planning and creation of certain image of design objects, mastering of techniques and principles of integration of artistical, culturological, design and functional and technological parameters of planning of the certain dimensional and spatial good, the complex object of design or design concept

Learning outcomes:

  1. Basic ideas about confectioning and marketing as a basis of consumer needs on design objects and articles
  2. Basic ideas about the main and additional constituents of planning
  3. Basic ideas about the system of planning of design objects, features of design techniques of separate objects and their complexes
  4. Free possessing the academic drawing techniques, laws, rules and techniques of representation of dimensional and spatial form in the real and virtual planes
  5. Free possessing the techniques of the spatial plastic arts representation in the virtual and real planes
  6. Possessing the basic knowledge and methods of organization of design and graphic environment, the materials and instruments characteristics, and the features of different graphic techniques as well
  7. Possessing the facilities of analysis of historical tendencies and modern problems of development of design, progressive experience on professional activity with the purpose of implementation of design innovations
  8. Possessing the methods of analysis of factors of influence on art and project directions formation
  9. Possessing the modern design systems and technologies
  10. Realization of optimal choice of instruments and devices for fulfillment of different types of designs, taking into account the individual aspects of project task
  11. Providing of culture of planning processes (progressive technology, rational organization of labour, business communication, office works etc.)
  12. Ability of using the graphic and spatial language that has been formed on the basis of all design experience of humanity and on recent achievements of computer technologies in the artistic design and project graphic arts
  13. Capability to determine the factors of influence of different materials properties in work with a form
  14. Capability to implement of methodology of transformation of images of cultural heritage of humanity into creative designer ideas
  15. Knowledge of requirements for development of the sign systems, combinatoric methods of form making with the purpose of development of visual and information projects
  16. Modern ideas about the aesthetic requirements in design
  17. Modern ideas about the methods of modelling in design system
  18. Modern ideas about the in-spatial environment as an artistic system; the structure, varieties of elements and this system links
  19. Formation of skills in the development of conceptual design; the consideration of the system of the project culture in design
  20. Rapid and clear fulfilment of project work by means of various computer technologies


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Design (by types)

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