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LIGHT INDUSTRY TECHNOLOGIES. Technology and design of knitwear

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Speciality: 182 «Light industry technologies»

Study Programme: Technologies and design of knitwear

Academic Degree: «BACHELOR»

Faculty of Technologies, Service and Fashion

Department of Technologies of knitwear production


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Study Programme Synopsis

Knitted production is a huge field for creativity in the field of art design, and overall designing and manufacturing of finished knitted products, as a person’s wardrobe and human’s life are unthinkable without knitwear, dresses, jumpers, underwear, hosiery, gloves and mittens, artificial fur coats, curtains and lace. Knitwear is widely used in medicine, automobile and aerospace industries. It is also used for manufacture of special purposes clothing, for sport and tourism, for making symbols, accessories and toys and as geotextile materials.

 The priority tasks of a graduate is the research in technologies and design of textiles, including knitted fabrics and products, focused on actual specializations, in which the student's professional and academic career is defined: the production and quality assessment of yarns and threads, nonwovens, fabrics, knitted fabrics and products. The training includes studying of raw materials, assortment of knitwear, methods of manufacture, design and elements of artistic designing of knitted fabrics and products, methods of knitwear designing, their colouristic design, technological and pattern capabilities of knitting equipment.

The compulsory condition is to speak Ukrainian and foreign languages fluently.

The admission to the 1st year of the Bachelor’s programme is on a competitive basis.


Study programme:

Technologies and design of knitwear


Bachelor of Light industry technologies

Prescribed period of study:

Intramural form of education

8 semesters (4 years)

Extramural form of education

8 semesters (4years)

ECTS Credits:



Language of the study course:

Ukrainian / English

Programme aim:

Formation and development of general and professional competences in the field of textile industry with broad access to employment, aimed at getting knowledge and skills on technologies and design of textile materials and products.

Learning outcomes:

  1. Ability to use professionally profiled knowledge and practical skills in mathematics, physics, chemistry, mechanics, thermodynamics, optics for study phenomena and processes in the technologies of textile materials manufacturing.
  2. Possession of computer skills at user level, use information systems and technoloiesy to solve experimental and practical problems in the field of professional activity.
  3. Ability to demonstrate experimental skills to assess the quality of textile materials in the laboratory using modern methods, ability to work with modern equipment. It also means the ability to ask the correct questions, knowledge of standard equipment, planning and carrying out research, data collection and analysis, including thorough error analysis and critical evaluation of the results.
  4. Ability to business communication in a professional field, knowledge of business communication, teamwork skills, ability to debate and to teach the basics of the technoloies of textile materials.
  5. Possession of methods for description, identification and classification of textile production facilities, the current understanding of the principles of structural and functional organization of textile production technoloies.
  6. Ability to develop optimal technologies of textile materials and products for various purposes, including the implementation of design, technological and technical and economic designing.
  7. Ability to implement processes of textile materials and products, to prevent and eliminate the causes of process disturbances.
  8. Ability  to organize and manage material and technical support of textile materials.
  9. Ability to identify types of defects in the finished product, their causes and perform measures on elimination of the causes of defects.
  10. Ability to identify measures to improve the efficiency of manufacturing processes.
  11. Skills to create textile materials and articles in various art collection systems and the development of textiles; free fully-conscious decisions of  constructive and artistic tasks, based on actual performance of their nature in material.
  12. Ability to assess the functionality of the equipment, ways of its development and increase machine productivity and quality processes.
  13. Capacity for effective solutions of professional activity tasks meeting the requirements of occupational safety and guaranteeing the preservation of life, health and disability in professional activities
  14. Possession of service skills for knitting equipment.
  15. Ability to use in practice the knowledge and understanding of the fundamentals of professional disciplines.
  16. Ability to use computer technologies to solve technical problems using the proper software, knowledge of analyzing and displaying the results.
  17. Mastering the professional skills to work independently or in groups (laboratory work, including leadership skills in their implementation), the ability to get results within a limited time with a focus on professional integrity and prevent plagiarism.
  18. Foreign language possession, including special terminology for professional communication and literature search.


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«Technologies and design of knitwear»

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