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Speciality: 051 “Economics”

Academic Degree: «Bachelor»

Department of information and computer technologies and sciences

School of Market, Information and Innovative Technologies


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241/ 2 Chornovola St., Cherkasy18028, Ukraine

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General information

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The priority tasks of economists after graduation are:

Prerequisite is being fluent in Ukrainian and a foreign language.

The enrolment is on a merit-based competition.


Study Program Synopsis

Study program:

051 «Economics»


Bachelor of Economics of Enterprise

Prescribed period of study:

The pre-requisite is junior specialist degree in adjacent areas

4 semesters (2 years)


8 semesters (4 years)

ECTS Credits:



Language of the study course:


Aim of the program:

To provide economic education in the field of Economics of Enterprise with broad access to employment and further education. To form and develop students’ competences in Economics and Entrepreneurship to ensure various employment opportunities aimed at obtaining economic knowledge by a student.

Learning outcomes:

Ability to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of:

  • Basic economic principles and laws;
  • Fundamentals of economic management of  organizations, enterprises and institutions;
  • Statistical methods of collecting and processing economic information;
  • Econometric modeling techniques for economic and business phenomena;
  • How to organize operational, planning, economic, financial, accounting, marketing and commercial activity of light industry enterprises;
  • Forms of labor process, principles of and approaches to the efficient personnel management;
  • Basics for the regulation of labor, property and partnership relations between economic entities;
  • Innovative information systems for the solution of organizational, managerial and economic tasks;
  • Economic terminology;
  • Rational search and usage methods of scientific and technical information applying IT methods of collecting and processing information;
  • Understanding of enterprise business activity problems and ability to solve them;
  • Professional and qualified managing of the changes in the enterprise performance focused on expected results;
  • Directions of improving enterprise organization structure and techniques of identifying and solving problems, developing proposals for  the improvement of technical and economic indicators;
  • Use of economic analysis, planning and forecasting methods to enable efficient solutions of practical problems in enterprise management;
  • Data pool, organizing, processing and retrieving information necessary for efficient professional activity;
  • Complex analysis of socially relevant  problems and processes, facts and phenomena;
  • Ability to apply elements of economic analysis, economic and mathematic simulation in assessment of enterprise economic performance;
  • Ability for independent learning, critical assessment of acquired experience and knowledge from the vantage point of the latest economic research and information technologies.



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