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Speciality: 123 «Computer Engineering»

Academic Degree: «Bachelor»

Department of Information and Computer Technologies and Sciences

School of Market, Information and Innovative Technologies


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General Information

Dear students, welcome to our site!

Department of Information and Computer Technologies and Sciences trains highly-qualified experts able to solve various tasks in the field of IT- technologies and computer engineering, notably:

to design applied and systemic software;

to design software for embedded computer systems;

to design microprocessor units;

to design, to adjust and to maintain computer networks;

to design operating systems, etc.

Prerequisite is being fluent in Ukrainian and a foreign language.

The enrolment to the 1st course is performed оn the basis of а competition.


Study Program Synopsis

Study program:

123 «Computer Engineering»


Bachelor of Computer Engineering

Prescribed period of  study:

The pre-requisite is junior specialist degree in adjacent areas

4 semesters (2years)


8 semesters (4 years)

ECTS Credits



Language of the study course:


Aim of the program:

To form and develop general and professional competences in the field of Informatics and Computing aimed at obtaining of knowledge and skills to solve problems of analysis and synthesis of complex systems on the basis of advanced information technologies and using modern achievements of sciences and engineering.

Learning outcomes:

Ability to demonstrate:
- Basic knowledge of Philosophy, Psychology, Pedagogy to enhance the level of general culture and socialization of personality with  aesthetic values and ability to apply them in professional and social activity;

- Basic knowledge of Fundamental and Applied Mathematics and the ability to apply them in their professional activities;

- Knowledge of Programming principles, Techniques in modern programming languages, basic data sets;

- Knowledge of computer architecture, ability to apply them in engineering and operation;

- Knowledge of basics in circuit design for modern computers;

- Knowledge of Systemic programming peculiarities;

- Knowledge of systemic software design peculiarities and general principles of organization and functioning of operating systems;

- Knowledge of automated design techniques, ability to use modern computer tools  and gadgets for systemic, functional and technological design of computer systems and networks (CSN);

- Knowledge of principles, methods and techniques of design, construction and providing services of modern computer networks of various types and purposes;

- Knowledge of modern  theories of database organization, methods and techniques of their design and application;

- Knowledge of organizational, technical, algorithmic and other methods and techniques of CSN information security in accordance with legislation norms and regulations,  standards in the field, with modern cryptosystems and ability to apply them in their professional activity;

- Knowledge of modern technologies and engineering tools for developing complex software systems (software engineering), ability to apply them at all stages of lifecycle development;

- Knowledge of life safety issues and labor protection, ability to observe them in professional activity;

- Ability to apply basic knowledge of fundamental and applied mathematics in research and   professional activities;

Ability to apply basic knowledge of information technology standards in design and implementation of information systems and technologies;

-  Ability to use computer tools to design and create hardware and software components of CSN;

- Ability to apply theory of electric and magnetic circuits in designing hardware components of computer systems;

- Ability to apply probability and statistics methods and techniques in analysis and design of hardware and software components of computer systems;

- Competence in applying relevant laws of electronics to solve problems in designing CSN hardware;

- Ability to use modern programming languages for creating software products;

- Ability to apply computation techniques in designing arithmetic and logic devices;

- Ability to design systemic software; to design, set up and use OS for specific purposes; the upgrading of OS components;

- Ability to analyze and design high-performance computer systems  of different structural organization using the principles of parallel and distributed data processing;

- Ability to design, engineer and operate global, local, mobile and other computer networks;

- Ability to design databases of different structural organization and purpose;

- Ability to apply techniques and means of programs and data security in design and operation of CSN;

 - Ability to apply technologies and tools in developing programmed systems;

 - Ability to observe safety norms and labor protection in professional activity.

We are looking forward to having you join us for the Study Program

“Computer Engineering”

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