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LIGHT INDUSTRY TECHNOLOGY. Design and technology of sewing products

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Speciality: 182 "Technology of light industry"

Degree: "Bachelor"

Department: Technology and design of sewing products

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General information

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"Design and Technology of garments" program studying will form and develop general and professional competencies in the field of garments manufacture with wide access to employment, gain theoretical knowledge and get practical skills and abilities for designing competitive sewing products and highly efficient modern manufacturing processes.

The program focuses on modern research in the field of light industry, taking into account the specifics of sewing enterprises, directs on current specializations within which the student defines his professional and academic career.

The admission of students to the 1st year of "Bachelor" degree is on a competitive basis.


Description of educational program

Educational program:

Design and technology of sewing products



 Bachelor on "Technology of light industry"



Training term:


Admission to first year (on the basis of secondary school)

8 semesters (4 years).  

Admission by the reduced form of training (after graduating from college)

4  semesters (2 years)

ECTS credits



Language of learning:



The aim of the program:

 Formation and development of general and professional competences in the field of sewing products manufacture with broad access to employment, aimed at getting the  theoretical knowledge and practical skills for designing competitive sewing products and highly efficient modern manufacturing processes and  opportunities for further education.

Learning outcomes:

  1. Ability to demonstrate knowledge of the essence of the spinning process, glue and welded joints; chemicalization in clothing decoration; damp-heat treatment and manufacturing of sewing products, the main factors of influence and laws of their interaction.
  2. Skills of  experimental research of stitches quality and operations VTO to establish rational modes of treatment.
  3. Ability to demonstrate knowledge of the terminology and basic concepts of materials science, design, technology, manufacturing processes of making clothing, the nomenclature of quality indicators.
  4. 5. Ability to demonstrate the development of new models of clothes for implementation into production using CAD.
  5. Master the working skills with computers to solve production problems.
  6. Skills that have to provide a qualified students’ participation in resolving production issues related to technology of ensuring quality of garments manufacturing.
  7. To know the terminology and definitions of basic concepts of materials science, design, technology, technological processes of clothing manufacture, the nomenclature of quality indices in native and foreign languages
  8. Ability to demonstrate the process of creating technical drawings and using the results: print and transfer images for using them in a compatible computer programs to create technical documentation and presentation of technology solutions.
  9. The ability to demonstrate the use of standardized methods of analysis of raw materials for sewing products; the ability to distinguish between raw materials of different composition, methods of their manufacture and use; determine the properties of the fibers according to their nature and structure; determine the influence of various factors (concentration of chemicals, dyes, temperature and so on.) on the manufacturing process; determine the content of formaldehyde in textile fabrics, choose optimal methods for evaluating fiber composition of textile materials.
  10. Skills to identify the characteristic of person’s figure with the purpose of clothes designing; techniques of verify the construction drawings for details design of products for various purposes, existing structure of the process of developing new models of clothes; work in the environment of modern CAD.
  11. The ability to choose the type of sewing machine, depending on the characteristics and properties of materials, types of clothing.
  12. Ability to demonstrate knowledge of basic information flows and structural features of the production documentation of sewing enterprises; ways and methods for automated processing of information through the use of computer technology; technological capabilities of computer software and hardware, specialized for sewing productionthe principle of work with technological equipment, which includes computer systems management; requirements for the different types of design - technical documentation.
  13. Ability to develop and execute drawings of general look of clothes models, basic planning of production processes of garments manufacturing .
  14. The ability to produce garments of different complexity.



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