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Field of knowledge: 18 "Production and Technology"

Degree:  "Bachelor"

Department of Design and Technologies of Leather Products


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Department of Design and Technologies of Leather Products


General information

Dear students, Welcome to our site!

In the conditions of the developing economy of Ukraine and the industry segment of light industry rapid response to market changes is required from specialists.

Therefore, it is necessary for future professionals to obtain basic knowledge and skills of using modern design techniques and technologies of production of competitive products that allow to be competitive in the labour market and help to realize their potential to provide consumers with modern and quality products of this group and will be a stepping stone to further training and development.

An obligatory condition is fluent Ukrainian and foreign language (French / English / German)

The selection of students for admission to the 1st year of Bachelor carried out on the results of UCEQA (certificate of the Ukrainian Center for Educational Quality Assessment) and to the 3rd course (with normative term of studies on vacancies) persons who have received education degree of junior bachelor or junior specialist (with short term of training) on a competitive basis.


Characteristic of the educational program

Educational program:

Designing of footwear and haberdashery products



Training term


On the basis of complete secondary education

8 semesters (4 years)

On the basis of junior specialist

4 semesters (2 years)

ECTS credits



Language of learning

Ukrainian / English / French / German


The goal of the program:


Formation and development of general and professional competences in the field of modeling and manufacturing leather products that aimed at getting by students knowledge and skills in designing shoes, leather haberdashery products, gloves, belts, fur products, accessories and other consumer goods of mass and individual production and for special purpose.

Program learning results:


1. The ability for analysis and synthesis (the ability to search, analyze and process information).

The ability to understand the processes of development and change in society.

he ability to understand and compare the works of art from different areas, the design concept of the product in a particular spatial time. The ability to develop and implement a variety of strategies, based on specific criteria for estimation of quality and competitiveness of products. The ability to systematically analyze the scientific, technical and professional information.

2. The ability for learning and self improvement.

The ability for learning, evaluation and transfer the results of other disciplines in the field of art history and art designing. The ability to understand the importance of cultural heritage. The ability to understand the relationship between different branches of science. A broad understanding of issues related to cognitive, social, cultural, technological and economic conditions for production.

3. The ability to apply knowledge in practice.

The ability to understand the fashion trends and their impact on the product range of leather goods. The ability to model and produce a wide range of footwear and haberdashery goods.

4. Elementary computer skills of using specialized computer graphics programs.

5. Basic general knowledge and knowledge of the profession.

Knowing the terminology of leather products. Understanding and the ability to use specialized professional tools and technologies in shoe production. To provide setting and formalization of tasks for computer art designing of leather products.

6. The ability to work in a team (group) and adhere to ethics. The mastering of communication skills.

7. The ability for criticism and self-criticism.

The ability to develop arguments relating to the production and design of manufacturing leather products.

8. The ability to solve problems and make informed decisions.

The ability to evaluate critically innovative technologies (materials, design, manufacturing) and introduce them into the production process.

9. The ability to communicate orally and in written forms by the first language.

10. The knowledge of another widespread European languages and the ability to communicate To know the features of foreign business correspondence and principles of foreign official papers.

11. The initiative, entrepreneurial spirit and communication properties.

12. Research skills.

13. The ability to work independently, to form and solve problems.

14. The ability to organize work at the the enterprises of the industry, to plan time and manage it.

15. Formation of personality, teamwork and interpersonal skills. The desire to succeed.

16. The ability vision of solving current problems in the context of the globalization of production.

17. The ability to adapt to new situations.

18. The ability to provide interconnection between basic production departments, marketing services, workers and specialists - masters, the shift engineers, designers, shop superintendent.

19. The ability to respond and manage the process of designing and making models of shoe products ranging from the selection of materials and finishing of sewing operations, guided by the current regulatory and technical documentation for materials.



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"Designing of footwear and haberdashery products"