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Speciality: 122 Computer Science and Information Technology

Study Programme: Computer Science

Academic Degree: «Master»

FacultyMechatronics and Computer Technologies

Department of Information Technologies of Design


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Department of Information Technologies of Design: +38 (044) 256-84-14



Study Programme Synopsis

Graduates of this specialty can do the job of developing and operating software for CAD, not only in light manufacturing, but also in other industries, like national Economy and businesses, which require deep knowledge of computer hardware and technology. Students who want continue their education can enter to graduate school in University and Institute of Cybernetics of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

Graduates are prepared to solve professional problems, including:

mathematical training and preparation of theoretical, methodological and algorithmic foundations of information technology for the use of mathematical tools in solving practical and scientific problems in information systems and technologies;

training in programming, possession algorithmic thinking, methods of software engineering, to implement software to meet the requirements for quality, reliability, production characteristics.

Graduates get specialized and professional competence:

knowledge of the principles, methods and algorithms of computer graphics, the ability to apply them in the development of graphical interfaces human-computer interaction;

knowledge of the theoretical and practical foundations of system analysis methodology for the research of complex interdisciplinary problems of different nature, methods of formalization systemic problems that have conflicting objectives, risks and uncertainties;

knowledge of the theoretical and practical foundations and methodology of modeling technology in the research, design and exploitation of information systems, products, services, information technology; ability to implement algorithms of modeling to research the characteristics and condition of complex objects;

knowledge of the concepts of data accommodation, operation analytical processing of them and mining; ability to detect previously unknown in these knowledge necessary for making decision in various realms of professional practice;

knowledge of methodology aided design of complex objects and systems, the ability to use modern computer technology to their system, functional, design and technological design;

knowledge of the theoretical foundations of IT projects RMBOK standards and principles of teamwork; teamwork and ability to apply project management software systems;

knowledge of organizational, technical, and other algorithmic methods and ways for information protection; ability to apply it in the professional practice;

knowledge of the architecture of computer networks, the ability to apply them in justification process of technical software of  information Systems.


Study programme:

Computer Science


Computer Systems Analyst

Prescribed period of study:

3 semesters (1 year 6 months)

4 semesters (2 year)

ECTS Credits:



Language of the study course:

Ukrainian/ English

Learning outcomes:




Program Learning Outcomes

To provide fundamental theoretical and practical training of highly qualified personnel who have acquired profound fundamental knowledge to perform professional tasks and responsibilities of research and development and design of innovative character in modern computer systems, the ability to self-correct formulation and solution of problems of scientific practice in scientific research and industrial organizations  (and pedagogical work at universities of different levels of accreditation - research masters).

Ability to apply scientific achievements of computer science and mathematics to build complex software systems as high-quality technical products using advanced technological rules and procedures, methods of measurement in order to obtain research results.

The ability to improve and develop their intellectual and general cultural level, self-study new methods of research, and to changes in scientific research and production profile in their professional activities.

The ability to freely use their native and foreign languages as a means of business communication.
Use in practice and skills in organizing research and design work in collaboration with the team.

Ability to take initiative, particularly in situations of risk to assume full responsibility.

The ability to independently acquire and use of new practical knowledge and skills, particularly in new areas of knowledge not directly related to the field of activity.

Ability to develop strategies planning, setting goals design, performance criteria, limits of applicability, the ability to develop new methods and tools for designing information systems.

Ability to author's support in the design, implementation and support of information systems and technologies.

The ability to organize groups developer interaction and customer management decisions under different opinions.

The ability to find a compromise between the different requirements (cost, quality, deadlines) as the long-term, and in the short-term planning, finding optimal solutions.

The ability to collect, analyze scientific and technical information domestic and foreign experience on the subject of the study.

Ability to carry out research and theoretical and experimental models of objects of professional activity.

Ability to conduct research and development of methods of analysis, synthesis, optimization and forecasting quality of the information systems and technologies.

The ability to perform modeling of processes and objects with standard software technologies.

The ability to carry out the formulation and conduct experiments on a given methodology and analysis of results.

The ability to analyze the results of experiments, to choose optimal solutions, to prepare and compose reviews, reports and scientific publications.

The ability to predict the development of information systems and technologies.

The ability to create new competitive ideas in the theory and practice of information technology and systems design methods to solve non-standard tasks and new methods of solving traditional problems.



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Computer Science

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