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Спеціальність «Computer Science»

 Освітня програма «Computer Science»

Освітній ступінь «master’s»




Address: 01011 Kyiv, Nemirovich-Danchenko street, 2, 4 educational building, room. 4-1108

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Level of education for which recruitment is carried out:

The second (master's) level of higher education. 

Training is conducted by state order and at the expense of individuals or legal entities.

To enter the 1st year to obtain the degree of "master" of full-time or part-time forms of study, entrants take an external examination in a foreign language and a professional exam in Computer Science.

Upon successful completion of their studies, graduates receive a diploma of higher education of the established state standard in the specialty 122 Computer Science, qualification "Master of Computer Science". Term of study - 1 year 4 months (full-time or part-time form of study).

Students of the Department of Computer Science and Technology, based on the results of the master's degree have the opportunity to continue their postgraduate studies in the educational program "Computer Science" and receive a doctor of philosophy in the specialty 122 Computer Peripherals of Science in the relevant program of Doctor of Philosophy.

Admission to study for a master's degree is carried out in accordance with «Rules of admission to the Kiev National University of Technology and Design».


Phones and contacts of the selection committee:

Address: 01011 Kyiv, street Nemirovicha-Danchenko, 2,educational building  4, 2 floor.

Phone for inquiries: +38044-256-29-75

e-mail[email protected]

Students majoring in Computer Science receive a master's degree in computer science and can be implemented in organizations and institutions involved in software development and maintenance, as well as in those organizations that generally use computer technology. Emphasis is placed on the formation and development of professional competencies in the field of information technology; study of theoretical and methodological provisions, organizational and practical tools in the field of computer graphics, systems analysis, modeling of information systems, database management, design of complex objects and systems, IT project management, computer information protection, computer architecture and computer networks.

Curricula develop individual perception and creative thinking of students, and highly qualified teachers of the department with practical experience provide an educational and professional program on qualifications corresponding to the profile and direction of disciplines; have the necessary experience of pedagogical work and experience of practical work. In the process of organizing training, professionals with experience in research / management / innovation / creative work and / or work in the specialty are involved.

As a result of training, students gain such skills :

Students are provided with modern educational and methodical literature and information about the latest technologies in the field of computer science. .

The place of professional activity of the master of computer technologies are:

enterprises, organizations and institutions operating in the field of light industry and other areas. The graduate is suitable for employment in enterprises, organizations and institutions engaged in the development and maintenance of software and in those that generally use computer technology. Positions: computer systems analyst, computer systems architect, programmer, tester, technical team leader, software development manager.

All students of the Faculty of Mechatronics and Computer Technology, living in cities and towns outside of Kiev and the Kiev region, are provided with accommodation in a dormitory located near the buildings.

Teachers of the department and students during the educational process and defense of diplomas