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BIOTECHNOLOGY AND BIOENGINEERING. Biotechnology of high molecular weight compounds

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Speciality: 162 « Biotechnology and bioengineering»

Study Programme: «Biotechnology of high molecular weight compounds»

Academic Degree: «MASTER»

Department of Biotechnology, Leather and Fur


Contact information:

Mala Shyianovska (Nemyrovycha-Danchenka) Street, 2, Kyiv 01011, Ukraine

Tel.: Chemical and BiopharmaceuticalTechnologies: +38 (044) 256-21-82


Department of  Biotechnology, Leather and Fur : +38 (044) 256-21-65



Study Programme Synopsis

Department of Biotechnology, Leather and Fur is a modern educational and scientific unit with extensive research, modern material base and organization of educational process.

Fluency in Ukrainian and a foreign language is a must.

Students are admitted to the first year of Master’s Programme on a competitive basis.

Study programme:




Prescribed period of study:

3 semesters (1 year 4 months)

ECTS Credits:


Language of the study course:

Ukrainian/ English

Learning outcomes:

Knowledge and understanding:

The domestic and international legislation in the field of copyright and intellectual property;

Methods of eukaryotic cells (animal and plant origin) cultivation for the development of new technologies;

Molecular mechanisms of genetic processes in prokaryotes and eukaryotes and creation of recombinant DNA for purposeful design of biological agents.

Applying knowledge and understanding:

To work with various biological agents using modern biotechnological methods and techniques of analysis, isolation, and purification of the target product;

To evaluate and introduce effective biotechnological methods and techniques in production activities according to the trends of development of the latest biotechnologies;

To make product, technological, and analytical documentation for biotechnological products of different purposes;

To apply methods and to develop means of protection for people and environment from dangerous factors of technogenic and biological origin;

To use knowledge of interactions between high molecular weight compounds and pro- and eukaryotes for development of new biotechnological products and ecobiotechnologies;

To apply knowledge of micro/nanotechnologies to the creation and development of biomaterials and cosmeceuticals according to biosafety and biosecurity requirements;

To perform molecular designing and modification of high molecular weight compounds with certain properties, activity, and specificity;

To choose and apply methods of mathematical modeling and optimization for scientific and technical projects;

To realize technical and economic calculations and to estimate the efficiency of design decisions in the field of biotechnology;

To develop and implement marketing programs to promote biotechnological products;

To process scientific and technical information.

Forming judgments:

To analyze development trends in biotechnological industry and to include them in practical activities;

To estimate, analyze and choose decisions for the biotechnological process management;

To plan and manage research, scientific and technical and/or production projects in the field of biotechnology;

To discuss innovation and areas of product management in the field of biotechnology in state and/or foreign languages.




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«Biotechnology of high molecular weight compounds»

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