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Economist is the most prestigious modern profession, which occupies the 9th place in the world ranking of TOP 100 Best Business Jobs


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General information

Dear entrants, welcome to our page!

Further entry of Ukraine into the world space and research of the domestic labor market show that the demand for specialists in the corporate economics and international business is constantly growing. However, the labor market makes new demands on the specialists in the corporate economics and international business, which are not only limited to fluency in a foreign language. We also need a high level of business, intellectual, communicative, moral qualities, which contribute to the successful self-organization of activities. For successful management of the modern enterprise the search for highly skilled experts in the corporate economics and international business who receive knowledge on development of system of an estimation and monitoring of quantitative and qualitative indicators of development of the enterprise acquires priority; justification of the priority option of attracting investments and financing business. Acquired skills of personal development will contribute to the success of both the individual and the company as a whole. Consequently, specialists in the corporate economics and international business with their extremely broad outlook very often hold the positions of presidents of international companies, directors of economic development and other top management positions.

Studying our educational program “Corporate Economics and International Business”, you will gain a number of professional competencies that will help you in your further work and career growth.

The purpose of the educational program is to train highly qualified professionals in corporate and international economics who have modern economic thinking, theoretical knowledge and applied skills aimed at personal development and training of future professionals.

The main objectives of the program are the formation and development of applicants for general and professional competencies in the organization of corporate structures and the effective functioning of international business within such structures.

Educational program

Corporate Economics and International Business


Master of International Economics

Duration of tuition

3 semesters (1,4 year

ECTS credits


Form of tuition


The main focus of the program

Emphasis is placed on the formation and development of professional competencies in the field of corporate and international economics; study of theoretical and methodological provisions, organizational and practical tools for the development of corporate and international business structures in various sectors of the economy, the motivation and behavior of the subjects of global and international markets, patterns of contemporary socio-economic processes and modern methodological approaches to their analysis.

Features of the educational program

The special feature of the program is training of specialists in international and national corporations and it is aimed at raising awareness of a wide range of opportunities to solve problems of functioning and development of international business, taking into account global economic trends and global digital transformation.


Due to the fact that new technologies are becoming an active part of our daily lives, there are many new professions at the intersection of sciences: economist, economist in sales and promotion of goods, economist in foreign economic activity, economist in accounting and business analysis, economist in planning, economist in financial work, economic analyst, economist in contract and claims work, economist in international trade, commodity market research analyst, international analyst, economic consultant, economic adviser, attaché.

The University has a military department, where boys and girls can be trained and obtain a military specialty.

Those who wish can continue their tuition in the post-graduate course.

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