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DESIGN (by types)

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Speciality: 022 «Design»

Study Programme: «Design (by types)»

Academic Degree: «MASTER»



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2, Nemirovicha-Danchenka St., Kyiv 01011, Ukraine

Tel.: Faculty of Design: +38 (044) 256-29-33



The faculty includes the following departments:








The faculty trains masters according to the following majors and master’s training programmes:


graduate – the Department of Artistic designing of costume:

1) fashion design

2) artistic design of style, image and spectacle costume

3) design of brand products


graduate – the Department of Drawing and painting:

1) graphic design

2) corporate design


graduate – the Department of Design:

1) textile design

2) design of textile products

3) photo & video design

4) web-design

5) motion-design


graduate – the Department of Interior and furniture design:

1) computer-aided interior and furniture design

2) landscape design


graduate – the Department of Ergonomics and fashion designing:

1) accessories and jewelry design

Study Programme Synopsis

The priority tasks of designer responsible for creativity and innovations include:


Study programme:

Design (by types)


Master of Design

Prescribed period of study:

3 semesters (1 year 6 months)

4 semesters (2 years)

ECTS Credits:



Language of the study course:

Ukrainian / English

Program aim

Forming and development of the general and professional competences in the area of design focused on the acquiring of the capability to use the methods of informal and social interpretation of the project, the project methods of theoretical and practical work, the essence of the heuristic methods of creative work, the content of the stages of preliminary and project activity, the requirements to planning of the multilevel design complexes

Learning outcomes:

  1. Ability to analyze the efficiency of the used methods and means of the development, the artistic qualities of the completed task
  2. Ability to carry out a technological analysis on the basis of materials research for presentation of a design product
  3. Ability to control the observance of selected technology for realization of the authorial original
  4. Ability to ground the theoretical expediency and practical efficiency of the introduction of the project analysis results in the development of design projects and complex design objects
  5. Ability to work out the technological conception of the design process conditioned upon the project task
  6. Possessing the scientific and practice methods of realization of creative information in the design activity
  7. Ability to use progressive methods and means of planning, that take into account the psychological features
  8. Ability to organize the research and methodical analysis of typology and associativeness in tectonics form construction
  9. Ability to select and apply the various types of scientific methods of information processing, realize the processing and analytical interpretation of information, summarize the results of research in the project activity
  10. Ability to apply the complex approach at conceptual problems solving of planning
  11. Sense of locality in modern tendencies and necessities of society with the aim of their use in modern design industry
  12. Ability of development of project task and aim, and their explication as a number of project tasks in creation of new design objects
  13. Knowledge of basis of prognostication of perspective forms of design objects development
  14. Knowledge of typology and methods of design projects organization
  15. Knowledge and ability of the rational use of the base ideas about the existent materials and instruments for design, modern information technologies etc. in professional activity
  16. A synthesis of project decisions on the basis of introduction of results of pre-project analysis
  17. Creation of original layouts of synthetic design objects as finished design product
  18. Modern ideas about formation of the design-planning process, the main project stages and methods of implementation of their constituents that provide consistent and quality implementation of the project
  19. Participation in organization, realization and introduction of the research process results
  20. Formation of aesthetic and artistic taste, social outlooks of population


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Design (by types)

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