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LIGHT INDUSTRY TECHNOLOGIES. Technology and design of knitwear (Master)

Educational programmes Master's Degree Programs

Speciality: 182 " Light industry technologies "

Degree: "MASTER"

Department: Technology of knitwear production


Contact Information:

01011 Str. Nemirovich-Danchenko, 2, 2 educational building, 3rd floor

Tel .: knitwear production technology department: (044) 256-29-38

Admissions: (044) 256-29-75


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 General information


Professionals who plan to work on knitting enterprises of different profile and capacity of different ownership, academic institutions, industries and institutes of technology and the commercial sector as an engineer and researcher, engineer, engineer of production preparation, head of production units, designer , knitting equipment operator, desynator, quality of knitwear expert, teacher of special subjects.

The program focuses on current specialization chosen by the master: technology and design of articles for technical and medical purposes; technology, design and expertise of  knitted fabrics; technology, design and style of knitwear.

The main objective is to obtain the skills and knowledge of technological processes of manufacturing of knitted fabrics and products on different types of knitting equipment, development of optimal technology production of knitted fabrics for different purposes, включаючи здійснення дизайну, його технологічного, техніко-економічного проектування та оцінці якості трикотажних полотен та виробів including the implementation of the design, its technological, technical and economic designing, evaluation of the design and quality of knitted fabrics and household, medical and industrial products.

Fluent Ukrainian and foreign language is obligatory.

The enrollment of students to the 1st year of magistracy is on a competitive basis.


Description of educational program

Educational program:

Technology and design of knitwear production


Master on specialty "Light industry technology"


Training term:


After the first level of higher education in related specialties

3 semesters (1r.6 months)

After the first level of of higher education in no related specialties

4 semesters (2 years)

ECTS credits



Language of learning:

Ukrainian / English


The aim of the program:

 Formation and development of general and professional competences in the field of textile industry with broad access to employment, aimed at getting the students knowledge and skills on technology and design of knitwear.

Learning outcomes:

  1.  The ability to use professionally profiled knowledge of mathematical analysis and modeling in the field of knitwear production technology (theoretical and experimental research) for experiment planning and processing of research results;
  2.  The ability to evaluate economic efficiency (manufacturing) of knitwear and processes;
  3. Ability to develop and implement production technology for knitwear.
  4. The ability to develop technical and economic study of innovative projects.
  5. Ability to solve engineering, technical and economic tasks using application software packages;
  6. Ability to assess and predict technological and operational properties of materials using modern computer and information technology;
  7. The ability to use the methods of modeling and optimization of materials and technological processes with the use of global information resources;
  8. The ability to develop a new range of knitted fabrics and products for various purposes, organize their production in industrial conditions in accordance with the author's knitwear samples, make the required set of technical documentation.
  9. Mastery of professional terminology in a foreign language, skills of oral and written professional communication in a foreign language, translation of professional texts into a foreign language, presentation of the results of studies in a foreign language;
  10. The possession of skills of using modern information and communication technologies and facilities in the development of advanced materials and processes
  11. The ability of professional operation of modern equipment and devices, be ready to use modern achievements of science and advanced technology in scientific research;
  12. The ability to put research tasks, choose methods of experimental work, interpret and present research results;
  13. Ability to perform independently laboratory studies to solve research and production tasks using modern equipment and methods of research of the properties of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products while performing research in knitwear technology and design;
  14. Ability to make practical recommendations on the use of research results;
  15. Ability to choose the best types of main and auxiliary technological equipment, instrumental support and  equipment for knitting enterprise.
  16. The ability to select the required equipment for the proposed process;
  17. Ability to use modern means of measurement and organoleptic method to identify the main quality indicators of knitted fabrics and products and operational monitoring compliance with their production technology based on regulation documents;
  18. Ability to collaborate and work in a team, to organize small groups of performers;
  19. Ability to provide in accordance with labor laws safety conditions in the workplace based on the production site of work and technological process of manufacturing products;
  20. Ability to monitor the observance of safe working conditions at every workplace and timely updating instructional material based on the existing conditions of production according to safety regulations, occupational safety, industrial hygiene and fire protection.



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