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COMPUTER ENGINEERING. Systemic Programming (Master) (Cherkasy)

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Speciality: 123 «Computer Engineering»

Study Program: “Systemic Programming”

Academic Degree: «Master»

Department of Information and Computer Technologies and Sciences

School of Market, Information and Innovative Technologies


Contact information:

241/ 2 Chornovola St., Cherkasy18028, Ukraine

Tel.:  Department of Information and Computer Technologies and Sciences (0472) 64-60-44

Admission Office: +38 (0472) 64-64-66



General Information

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The priority tasks of the experts in Systemic Programming are to create hardware and software of modern and perspective information technologies, to design and apply computer systems and networks of general and special purposes, their system software, specialized computer systems and networks with optimized parameter, embedded computer systems, technical means of data protection in computer systems and networks.

Prerequisite is being fluent in Ukrainian and a foreign language.

The enrolment to the 1st course is performed оn the basis of а competition.


Study program:

123 «Computer Engineering»


Master of Systemic Programming

Prescribed period of  study:


3 semesters (1,6 years)


ECTS Credits



Language of the study course:


Aim of the program:

To provide fundamental theoretical and practical training of highly qualified personnel with profound fundamental knowledge to perform professional tasks and responsibilities of research, design and innovative character in the field of modern computer systems, the ability to independently formulate and solve the problems of theoretical  and practical activities for  research and  manufacturing organizations.

Learning outcomes:

Ability to demonstrate  knowledge and understanding of:

- Means of administering network operating systems;

- Hardware and software means of user interface;

- Object-oriented methods of user interface creation and their application in computer systems;

- Programming of computer networks;

- Fundamentals of Information sustainability of computer technologies and networks;

- Mathematical techniques of designing information system;

- Methods and techniques of designing software;

- Technologies of designing programming systems;

- Principles of programming devices for object communication;

- Trends in Research and evolution of specialized computer systems;

- Modern world philosophy;

- Pedagogy and Psychology fundamentals for higher school;

- Types of intellectual property;

- Distance platforms and education technologies;

- creating Web-based programs for Intranet and Internet environment;

- customizing client programs used in Internet services;

 - applying research methods in computer networks programming;

- developing software, hardware and soft and hard means in solving various practical issues considering the specifics of field application and trends in evolution of computer systems and networks;

- Competence in designing High performance Computer Systems of different structural organisation applying modern techniques of designing Computer Systems;

- developing software, hardware and soft and hard means of solving various practical issues, considering specifics of application field and trends in evolution of computer systems and networks.

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“Computer Engineering”

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