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Speciality: 182 "Technology of light industry"

Degree: "Master"

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General information

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 "Design and Technology of garments" program studying will form and develop general and professional competencies in the field of garments manufacture with wide access to employment, gain theoretical knowledge and get practical skills and abilities for designing,  sewing products manufacture and research activities for the development of innovative technologies of clothing production

The program focuses on modern research in the field of light industry, taking into account the specifics of sewing enterprises, directs on current specializations within which the student defines his professional and academic career.

Fluent Ukrainian and foreign language is obligatory.

The admission of students to the 1st year of ""Master" degree is on a competitive basis.


Description of educational program

Educational program:

Design and technology of sewing products


 Master on "Technology of light industry"

Training term:


After the first level of higher education in related specialties

3 semesters (1year,6 months)

ECTS credits


Language of learning:

Ukrainian / English

The aim of the program:

Formation and development of general and professional competences in the field of textile and light industry, aimed at getting  knowledge, skills, abilities and capabilities in the design and manufacturing of garments and research activities for the development of innovative technologies of clothing production.

Learning outcomes:  

1. Ability to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of innovative technologies of sewing production: to know innovative methods of garments designing, new materials for products, their properties and features of technology application, trends of improving technology and making clothes and ways of creating new sewing equipment. The level of this knowledge should be higher than basic, necessary not only for work in the traditional areas of application and to conduct research on modern science field.

2. Ability to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of qualitilogy of garment production, which is related to the technology and design of sewing articles. The ability to use this knowledge for professional use, when introducing into manufacture competitive sewing products, to carry certification of products and quality systems production.

3. Ability to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of safety and basics of civil protection related to technology and design of sewing articles to ensure optimal conditions in the workplace, proper sanitary and hygienic level of work and maintain high standards of environmental protection.

4. The ability to demonstrate research skills in professional field: competence in planning, design and execution of research in the field of sewing production from the stage setting the problem to the evaluation and review of results, including the ability to make plans and programs of research, prepare specific tasks for performers choose the right equipment and procedures to implement the rights on intellectual property, conduct examination of research works.

5. The ability to demonstrate experimental skills in professional field to test hypotheses and research of technological phenomena: knowledge of experimental methods and procedure of experiments, their independent performance or the ability to lead a team of employees on position of the leader. This means the ability to ask the correct questions, knowledge of non-standard equipment, planning, making schemes and carrying experiment, data collection and analysis, including careful error analysis and critical evaluation of the results.

6. Ability to demonstrate practical skills in professional field (pre-diploma practice), which includes the ability to evaluate and justify the use of the latest technology and the best modes of making garments, ensuring a proper quality level of products manufacturing, the use of resource-saving environmentally friendly technologies, including the ability to manufacture products of any range due to industrial processing technology.

7. Mastering good working skills to work individually and independently (individual work and performance of the degree project) or in a group (laboratory works, including leadership skills in their implementation), the ability to get results within a limited time with a focus on professional integrity and prevention of plagiarism.

8. The ability to demonstrate basic knowledge on special subjects chosen by the student: optimization of conformity in the sewing industry, analysis methodology of work processes for clothing production - in order to specialize and develop interdisciplinary approaches.

9.Ability to use automated means of graphic implementation of art and design solutions of models, modern automated methods for design of pre-production processes, computerized design techniques processes, and develop technical task for the creation of software for technological processes of garments designing and manufacturing. Ability to use automated control systems for the purpose of monitoring and management in a corporate network, using information searching systems for monitoring the innovations concerning the manufacturing of apparel industry products.

10. Ability to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the basics of professional communication and marketing: understanding of the state tasks in the production of sewing articles, implementation of forecasting and planning activities as production manager, coordination of the work of the enterprise, institution or organization to compliance with current legislation, standards, rules and regulations, focus on the socio-political life and active public position. 

11. Ability to demonstrate cognitive abilities and skills in the professional field, skills of scientific material presentation at the conference, its argumentation in writing and orally with the ability to execute a scientific publication.

12. Skill in possession of one foreign language, including special terminology for literature and patent search, ability to communicate with foreign specialists in this branch, representatives of foreign trade companies, competent representation of foreign language texts of the reports at international conferences, speeches on professional issues, scientific publications .


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