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Speciality: 182 "Light industry technologies"

Degree: "Master"

Department of Design and Technologies of Leather Products


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Department of Design and Technologies of Leather Products


General information

Dear students, Welcome to our site!

Modern technologies of light industry require from specialists to respond quickly to market changes.

Therefore, it is necessary for future professionals to obtain the skills of using modern design techniques and technologies of production of competitive products that allow to be in demand in the labour market and help to realize their potential in the field of providing the population with fashionable and comfortable shoes and attractive accessories.

An obligatory condition is fluent Ukrainian and foreign language (French / English / German)

The selection of students for admission to the 1st year of Master is on a competitive basis.


Characteristic of the educational program

Educational program:

Designing of footwear and haberdashery products


Master in designing of footwear and haberdashery products

Training term


After the first level of higher education in related specialties

3 semesters (1 year and 6 months)

After the first level of higher education in unrelated specialties

4 semesters (2 years)

ECTS credits



Language of learning

Ukrainian / English / French / German


The goal of the program:


The formation and development of professional, scientific and communicative competence in scientific activities in developing competitive on foreign and domestic markets goods made of leather, fur and other natural, artificial, synthetic materials and technologies for their manufacture.

Program learning results:



1. to analyze and forecast the tendencies of development of the market and shoe design techniques and technologies of manufacturing leather products.

2. to estimate the level of innovative technologies in designing and manufacturing of leather goods.

3. to generate new ideas and to create a range of products.

4. the ability to use scientific information and computer technology with special software environment for designing leather products and to develop physical and mathematical models.

5. the ability of using modern computer technology to improve the efficiency of design and technological preparation of production of leather.

6. to estimate and justify the use of the latest technology and the best modes of using leather goods.

7. the ability to organize production with the introduction of advanced scientific and technological innovations.

8. the ability to use legislative and other regulations on development, operation, production, and environmental and industrial safety.

9. to formulate and execute their own engineering problems in the field of product design and manufacturing processes of making them from leather and ensure the optimum conditions in the workplace.

10. to analyze and use complex quality and competitiveness indicators of leather goods according to the requirements of national and international standards.

11. to develop legislative and other regulations on manufacture development and operation, and environmental and production safety.

12. the ability to form and solve problems of resource and energy saving processes in the manufacture of footwear.

13. the ability to issue and submit applications for inventions of industrial samples and rationalization proposals.

14. the ability to conduct a patent search and analysis of the literature, process and organize scientific and technical information.

15. the ability to determine conformity shoes with national and international standards of technical preparation of production.

16. mastering the techniques of professional communication to date.

17. the ability to work in a team (group).

18. the knowledge of another widespread European language and the ability to communicate.

19. the ability to determine the economic performance of new models of products and economy of materials.

20. to solve independently the problem of a systematic approach to the development and implementation of projects, professional use of CAD systems to meet the challenges of designing of footwear, equipment and accessories according to the requirements of modern domestic and European production.


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