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Specialty: 075 "Marketing"

Educational and scientific program "Marketing"

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)




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The third (educational and scientific) level of high education.

The normative term of preparation of the doctor of philosophy is 4 years.

The preparation of applicants for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy is carried out in the graduate school of the university by full-time (full-time, evening) or part-time form of study;

Training is carried out at the expense of the state budget (state order), local budgets (regional order) or at the expense of individuals and / or legal entities.

Persons who have obtained a master's degree (educational and qualification level of a specialist) are accepted to study for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy at KNUTD.

To enter the 1st year to obtain the educational and scientific degree of "Doctor of Philosophy" full-time (full-time, evening) or part-time forms of study, entrants take entrance exams: in the specialty, in a foreign language and "Presentation of a research proposal". In addition, additional points for scientific and educational achievements of the entrant and the average score of the master's degree (educational qualification level of the specialist) are taken into account.

Admission to the educational and scientific degree of "Doctor of Philosophy" is carried out in accordance with "Rules of admission to graduate school of Kyiv National University of Technology and Design".


Address:01011 Kyiv, street Nemirovich-Danchenko, 2, educational building 4, 2nd floor.

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The purpose of the educational and scientific program 075 "Marketing" is the training of highly qualified competitive professionals degree of Doctor of Philosophy, who have deep knowledge, modern economic thinking and relevant competencies in the field of marketing, aimed at solving complex problems in the field of professional and / or research and innovation in the field of modern marketing, which involves a deep rethinking of existing and creation of new holistic knowledge and / or professional practice and promotes self-realization throughout life.


The main goals of the program are: development of research skills and deep understanding of marketing problems for scientific research, generation of new holistic scientific knowledge; formation of theoretical and methodological basis of marketing development taking into account modern world tendencies and challenges,scientific and educational space, the needs of society; acquisition of competencies by applicants forimplementation independent research, scientific-organizational, pedagogical-organizational and practical activities in the field of marketing, as well as teaching work in higher education institutions; ensuring the mastery of modern knowledge, skills and abilities to perform original dissertation research,, which has theoretical and practical significance, implementation of approbation and practical implementation of scientific results in the field of marketing and its successful protection.

The program is focused on the formation of applicants' competencies for the acquisition of deep knowledge, skills and abilities, mastery of general and special methods, professional techniques and technologies necessary for solving complex problems in the field of professional and / or research and innovation activities in the field of modern marketing.

The object of study is marketing activities as a form of interaction between the subjects of market relations to meet their economic and social interests.

The program is designed as an optimal combination of academic and professional requirements. It is focused on the formation of applicants for competencies to acquire in-depth knowledge of the specialty, mastery of general scientific (philosophical) competencies, acquiring universal skills of a researcher and presenting their own research results orally and in writing, in particular, in a foreign language.


The graduate is suitable for employment in scientific, organizational, managerial and educational fields, in teaching and other positions in the Free Economic Zone, in public administration and local self-government bodies, in analytical and information institutions, research scientific institutions, in the field of business.

The graduate can hold the following positions: head of marketing department, manager (manager) for market research and public opinion research, manager (manager) for commercial activities and management, teacher in higher education, teacher of secondary schools, professional in the field of civil service, marketing , efficiency of economic activity, rationalization of production, intellectual property and innovative activity, researcher

Graduates have the opportunity to continue their studies at the scientific level higher education (doctor of sciences).

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