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Educational program “Industrial machinery engineering

The educational and scientific degree "Ph.D."



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Levels of education for which recruitment is carried out:

Third (Ph.D.) educational and scientific level of higher education.


Training is conducted by government order and at the expense of physical or legal persons.

For admission to obtain the educational and scientific level of Ph.D. full-time and part-time, entrants take entrance examinations.

Admission to study for the degree of "Ph.D." is carried out according to the "Rules of admission to the Kyiv National University of Technology and Design".


Phones and contacts of the Department of Doctoral and Postgraduate Studies

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Educational and scientific program Industrial machinery engineering in the specialty 133 Industrial machinery engineering is based on innovative design results, taking into account the current state of light industry equipment (including sewing, knitting, footwear, training and other equipment), within which further professional and scientific activities are possible. Emphasis is placed on the scientific organization of analytical and research project process, the use of methods aimed at overcoming scientific engineering problems, the development of professional self-improvement, creative thinking and the search for non-standard scientific solutions.

The preparation of the Doctor of Philosophy in the specialty 133 Industrial machinery engineering is conducted as a highly qualified specialist, with integration into the European and world scientific and educational space of mechanical engineering.

Educational and scientific program Industrial machinery engineering develops philosophical and linguistic competencies, forms universal skills of the researcher, which are sufficient for conducting and successful completion of scientific research and further professional-scientific activity, capable of independent research, scientific-organizational, pedagogical-organizational and practical activity. in the branch engineering of light industry, and also teaching work in institutions of higher education.

The main goals of the educational and scientific program Industrial Engineering are: improving the ability to identify problems of a professional nature, extract the necessary information, operate with information from the specialty, generate new ideas, find solutions to pressing problems of scientific and professional nature and predict their consequences. dissertation research; that will give the chance to work successfully on a specialty in the field of education and science, branches of mechanical engineering of the equipment of the light industry.

The program develops prospects for participation and internships in research projects and academic mobility programs abroad. The mobility of graduate students is organized on the basis of a partnership agreement with foreign universities for participation in international educational programs, which provide an opportunity to: gain additional knowledge in related fields of science; to improve the level of foreign language proficiency.

Provides for the possibility of academic mobility in some components of the educational program, providing the acquisition of general and / or professional competencies.

The result of preparation of the doctor of philosophy on a specialty 133 Industrial machinery engineering is preparation, approbation and successful defense of the dissertation according to current requirements of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.



Typical initial positions of doctors of philosophy

Able to perform the professional work of a mechanical engineer, research engineer, design engineer, technological engineer, head of department, scientific and scientific-pedagogical worker.

Competitive advantages:

Studying at the university

The educational process is accompanied by modern communication tools through the "Modular environment of the educational process KNUTD", "Electronic Journal", "Zoom", "Google Meet" and others that provide students with convenient access to electronic educational resources, including teaching materials from disciplines (lecture notes, guidelines, textbooks, manuals, presentation materials, etc.), the opportunity to submit reports, perform tests, consult with teachers on forums, learn about the schedule of classes, consultations, exams, learning outcomes and much more, which also allows you to implement continuity of distance learning even in conditions of a possible lockdown.

Practical training

At the Department of Applied Mechanics and Machines in the preparation of a dissertation in the field of mechanical engineering supervisor and research and teaching staff who provide an educational program of qualification, meet the profile and direction of educational components taught, have the necessary experience of teaching and experience with researchers. candidate of technical sciences and doctor of philosophy. In the process of organizing training, professionals with experience in research / management / innovation / creative work and / or work in the specialty are involved.

In the process of training, the applied application of modern 3D modeling systems using CAD / CAE / CAM systems SolidWorks, CAMWorks, Creo PTC, ANSYS and Moldex 3D, etc., as used for further use in the dissertation and research and innovation.

Applicants for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy independently conduct research, develop experimental setups and conduct experiments, engage in active initiative activities, participate in international conferences and seminars, prepare patents for Ukrainian inventions and publications in professional publications in Ukraine, EU countries and indexed in Scopus databases. and / or Web of Science Core Collection (last required).

To perform research at the department provides a specialized laboratory "Experimental Equipment", where there are installations of previous years, the necessary measuring and technological equipment, the departmental technical library with the necessary literature in the field of scientific training.



The curriculum for the preparation of a doctor of philosophy in the field of mechanical engineering provides for the passage of pedagogical practice. During the internship, PhD students are involved in conducting laboratory and practical classes in the disciplines of bachelors and masters in the specialty 133 Industrial machinery engineering. The applicant in the direction of his research begins to develop a laboratory installation for a physical or virtual experiment for the dissertation, prepares lecture material that allows you to acquire the initial skills of a research and teaching staff.

The level of training of doctors of philosophy (graduate students) in the field of mechanical engineering by the Department of Applied Mechanics and Machines is confirmed by the high positions of graduates of previous years and the quality of scientific and pedagogical workers.

As a result of training, graduate students acquire the following competencies:

The place of professional activity of a specialist in industrial machinery engineering is:

The next level of higher education

Upon successful completion of their studies and successful defense of the dissertation, graduates receive a Doctor of Philosophy diploma state standard in the specialty 133 Industrial machinery engineering:


Graduates who have successfully mastered the educational and scientific program doctor of philosophy " Industrial machinery engineering ", can continue their studies for life, improve professional, scientific and other activities and can continue their studies at the scientific level of higher education (doctor of sciences) in doctoral studies.

It is possible to study in graduate school on a convenient schedule, which allows you to combine study with work.