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Specialty "226 Pharmacy, industrial pharmacy"

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Department of Industrial Pharmacy



Contacts and Location:

Mala Shyianovska (Nemyrovycha-Danchenka) Street, 2 Kyiv 01011, building 1, aud. 1-0214, 1-0213, 1-0207, 1-0209, 1-0211, 1-0216, 1-218, 1-0219, 1-0220, 1-0332

Head of Department of Industrial Pharmacy: Honored master of sciences and engineering of Ukraine, PharmD, professor



Phone: +38044-256-21-76, +38044-256-21-95

e-mail: [email protected]



Academic Supervisor: PhD in Chemical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Industrial Pharmacy


Contacts and Location:

Mala Shyianovska (Nemyrovycha-Danchenka) Street, 2 Kyiv 01011, building 1, aud. 1-0219; 1-0234 -0236

Phone: +38044-256-21-38

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The training is carried out both under the state order and at the expense of individuals and legal entities (under a contract)..

Study period - 4 years (full-time / evening or part-time form of study).

Admission to study for the degree "Doctor of Philosophy" is carried out in accordance with the RULES for admission to graduate school of the Kiev National University of Technology and Design in 2021.

After successfully completing the training and the dissertation defending, graduates receive a Ph.D. diploma in specialty 226 Pharmacy, industrial pharmacy.


Admissions Office:

Phone: +38044-2562975 



Objectives of the educational program

Training of doctors of philosophy in the specialty 226 Pharmacy, industrial pharmacy, who have deep knowledge, as well as basic and professional competencies in the field of pharmacy, industrial pharmacy and are able to produce new ideas, solve complex problems of professional research and innovation activities, involves a deep rethinking of existing and the creation of new holistic knowledge and professional practice

The main objectives of the program: acquisition of theoretical knowledge, skills and other competencies sufficient for professional research and innovation in the field of pharmacy, industrial pharmacy, mastering the methodology of scientific and pedagogical activities, as well as conducting their own scientific research, the results of which must have scientific novelty, theoretical and practical value.

Mission of the department:

- the formation of a national scientific and technical elite, which owns a creative resource for the creation and implementation of the newest pharmaceuticals and innovative technologies to provide consumers with high-quality and safe medicines.

- the formation and development of general and professional competencies in the field of pharmacy, industrial pharmacy, aimed at obtaining a graduate student of professional training at a modern scientific level, necessary for employment and self-realization in society.

Features of the educational scientific program

The emphasis of the program is placed on the formation and development of professional competencies in the field of scientific and practical research in the field of pharmacy, industrial pharmacy and related sciences; the study of theoretical and methodological provisions, organizational and practical tools sufficient for the development of new ideas, solving complex problems in pharmacy, industrial pharmacy and innovation, mastering the methodology of scientific and pedagogical activities.

The program is carried out in an active research environment; provides for the conduct of graduate student research in the framework of priority areas of science, government programs, national and international projects; is based on a combination of modern chemical, biochemical, pharmaceutical and in silico technologies, science and education, interdisciplinary research in the development and improvement of pharmaceuticals, the interaction of fundamental and applied research areas; ensures effective use of the scientific potential of future doctors of philosophy.



In order to ensure a high level of training of doctors of philosophy, a specialized educational and scientific laboratory has been created at the department, in which graduate students under the guidance of leading teachers of the department, doctors of science take part in domestic and international scientific conferences of young scientists and students, publish scientific articles, take part in the implementation of state budget and contractual topics.



Recognition in 2021 at the international level of scientific research of scientists of the KNUTD School of Pharmacy (65th place in the world ranking of TOP-100 best scientific schools and universities that provide training of highly qualified specialists in the field of medicine and pharmacy according to CEOWORLD Magazine) contributes to the dynamic development of international cooperation in educational and scientific fields with the participation of future doctors of philosophy.



Studying at the University

The training is carried out by highly qualified teachers with scientific authority and extensive experience both in production and in research institutions. The laboratories of the department are equipped with modern instruments and equipment, which allow to consolidate the obtained theoretical knowledge in practice.



The university successfully operates the "Modular environment of the educational process KNUTD", which provides graduate students with the opportunity to independently use electronic educational resources, including teaching materials on academic disciplines (lecture notes, methodological instructions, textbooks, teaching aids, presentation materials, etc), submit reports, take tests, ask questions to teachers on the forums and receive answers to them, find out the schedule of classes, consultations, exams, learning outcomes and much more.


The graduate is suitable for employment in enterprises, companies, organizations and institutions operating in the pharmaceutical industry, performing the relevant functions of a professional in industrial pharmacy; in research institutes, research centers and institutions of higher education, occupying the positions of scientific and pedagogical staff, researchers.

Information about the presence of the hostel

All students (graduate students) living in cities and towns outside Kiev and the Kiev region are provided with a hostel located near the educational buildings of the university.


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Department of Industrial Pharmacy

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