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Specialty: 073 "Management"

Educational program: "Management"

Degree: Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Department of Management and Smart Innovation



01011 Kyiv, Mala Shyianovska (Nemyrovycha-Danchenka) Street, 4, building 4, auditoriums 4-0610, 4-0610a

Phone for inquiries: + 38044-256-21-62

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The department is a graduate and trains students in the following specialties:

073 Management (educational degrees "Bachelor", "Master", "Doctor of Philosophy"),

281 Public Administration and Administration (Bachelor's degree).


Levels of education for which recruitment is carried out:

the first (bachelor's) level of higher education;

the second (master's) level of higher education;

the third (educational and scientific) level of higher education.

Training is conducted by state order and at the expense of individuals or legal entities.


Applicants for the Department of Management and Smart Innovation have the opportunity to study in graduate school, defend a dissertation and obtain a doctorate.

Phones and contacts of the selection committee

Address: 01011 Kyiv, Mala Shyianovska (Nemyrovycha-Danchenka) Street, 2, educational building 4, 2nd floor.

Phone for inquiries: + 38044-256-29-75



Characteristics of the educational program:

Educational program:



Doctor of Philosophy, specialty 073 "Management" (educational program "Management")

Training period

8 semesters (4 years)

ECTS credits


Form of study

full-time / part-time

Learning outcomes:

At the end of the course the master will demonstrate:

Know and understand the purpose, content and functions of science as a socio-economic institution, the problems of integration of basic and applied sciences at the level necessary to achieve other results of the educational program;

To know and understand theoretical and practical problems, the history of development and current state of scientific knowledge in the field of management, the content of basic concepts through their critical research and mastery of scientific terminology;

Know and be able to use regulations governing the activities of enterprises and organizations in modern conditions;

Act on the basis of ethical considerations and academic integrity in the process of conducting scientific research, publication of results and their implementation;

Carry out critical analysis, summarize the results of scientific research, formulate and substantiate conclusions and proposals for the development of conceptual and methodological knowledge in the field of management;

Demonstrate skills of independent research, flexible thinking, openness to new knowledge, evaluate the results of autonomous work and be responsible for personal professional development and training of others.

Sphere of employment:

Applicant PhD after graduation from the educational-scientific program 073 Management can hold a position in the following categories:

research and teaching activities: heads of research departments, project and program managers, teachers of universities and higher education institutions, researchers;

administrative activities in state and educational institutions: executives of central government, executives of local government and local government, heads of departments in the field of education and industrial training, heads of personnel and social relations, professionals in the field of public services, auditing, accounting, labor and employment, marketing, business efficiency, rationalization of production and intellectual property;

management activities in the business sector: heads of enterprises, institutions and organizations, heads of production and other main divisions, heads of marketing departments, heads of small enterprises without management staff, managers (managers) of enterprises, institutions, organizations and their divisions.

Work in the field of management and administration in positions in departments of scientific and government agencies, specialized departments of universities, state and local authorities, enterprises and organizations.


The program aims to provide the country's economy with highly qualified management specialists, to form a new generation of managers capable of solving problems of national economy, public and corporate sector development at a scientifically sound level.

Educational and scientific program "Management" is aimed at developing students' competencies to acquire in-depth knowledge of the specialty, general scientific (philosophical) competencies, acquiring universal research skills and presenting their own research results orally and in writing, including in a foreign language.

Applicants acquire: professional competencies in the field of management based on the study of theoretical and methodological provisions, organizational and practical tools for managing the activities of economic entities of various organizational and legal forms and activities.


As a result of training, applicants will have the following knowledge and skills of professional activity:


A management specialist can hold the following positions:

All university students living in cities and towns outside Kyiv and Kyiv region are provided with accommodation in a dormitory located near the educational buildings.


Educational and scientific program Management is:



to enter the Kyiv National University of Technology and Design for the educational program "Management"