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General information

Dear entrants, welcome to our page!

Postgraduate study is the main form of preparation for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy at the third (educational and scientific) level of higher education. This level of higher education involves gaining theoretical knowledge, skills, abilities and other competencies sufficient to produce new ideas, solving complex problems in the field of professional and / or research and innovation, mastering the methodology of scientific and pedagogical activities, as well as doing their own scientific research, the results of which have scientific novelty, theoretical and practical significance (Article 5 of the Law of Ukraine "On Higher Education", version 07.12.2017).

The Doctor of Philosophy is an educational degree and at the same time, the first scientific degree obtained at the third level of higher education based on Master's degree. The degree of Doctor of Philosophy is conferred by a specialized academic council of Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design as a result, of successful completion of the relevant educational and scientific program and public defense of the dissertation.

By studying our educational program, you will receive the highest level of education and form a number of research, scientific and professional competencies that will help you in your further work and career growth.


Educational program



Doctor of Philosophy

Duration of tuition

3 years

ECTS credits


Form of tuition 


The results of study

Upon completion of the study course, the Doctor of Philosophy will:


- modern theories and gain empirical experience in the economic development of the state, region, business entity;

- information technologies and tools for conducting system-structural analysis of the business environment.

be able to:

- analyze the current state of the selected object of research with the substantiation of proposals for the prospects of effective economic development and the level of economic security at the hierarchical level of management selected for the study;

- apply methodological tools for economic analysis and forecasting based on the study of materials for making and justifying innovative and cost-effective decisions;

- evaluate the results of research conducted by other authors and highlight the unresolved part of the problem;

- substantiate the theoretical feasibility and practical effectiveness of the implementation of research results in the activities of economic entities;

- develop the concept of scientific research, conditioned by its purpose and tasks.

the applicant will also be able to:

- implement research results in the teaching process through the use of modern innovative teaching methods and presentations in state and foreign languages;

- select and apply various types of scientific methods of information processing, carry out analytical interpretation of information, summarize the results of research project activities;

- apply a comprehensive approach to solving conceptual economic problems;

- have modern information technologies for interpreting the results of scientific research, as well as scientific and practical methods of implementing economic information in scientific activities.

- discuss in a foreign language environment when solving social and professional problems; be able to translate, abstract and annotate economic texts;

- to form modern ideas about social responsibility in making economic decisions;

- do scientific research, study and correctly form the signs of novelty in the objects that are being developed, make applications for author's works, thoroughly analyze economic decisions in order to determine their patent purity;

- reflect the results of scientific research in scientific articles published both in professional national publications and in publications that are part of international scientometric databases;

- take responsibility for the results of their professional activities, adhere to professional ethics and corporate culture.


Doctor of Philosophy can work at enterprises, organizations and institutions operating in the field of education and science, public administration, namely: in research groups and educational units of research and production associations, corporations, banks, consulting firms, higher education institutions, enterprises of any organizational and legal form, central government agencies, as well as state and local authorities and other enterprises and organizations.

The specialist is able to hold the following positions: administrative - dean, head of the department, head of research departments, scientific secretary; scientific - junior researcher; researcher, senior researcher; scientific and pedagogical - professor, associate professor, teacher of higher education institution, assistant, teacher of vocational school; managerial - heads of departments of ministries and departments, managers and other positions.


Admission requirements


to enter Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design

on the educational program


The third (educational and scientific) level

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