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Specialty: 015 Professional education (by specialization)

Educational program: Professional Education

Educational degree: Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Department of Professional Education in Technologies and Design


Training is carried out by state order and at the expense of individuals or legal entities.

Admission to the Doctor of Philosophy program is conducted following the «Rules of Admission to Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design».

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THIRD (Educational and Research) LEVEL OF HIGHER EDUCATION

For admission to the Doctor of Philosophy program of the full-time  or part-time study forms, applicants must pass the:


The educational and scientific program provides the training of highly qualified personnel to carry out scientific research and project activities, scientifically based consulting in professional education, as well as scientific and pedagogical activities in institutions of higher education for the training of teachers for the professional education system.


The focus of the program and specialization

The emphasis is placed on the formation and development of competencies in professional education, in particular, on the organization and conduct of scientific research in the field of professional education, the mastery of innovative methods of pedagogical activity, methods of project activity, and the implementation of pedagogical support for the development of education seekers, as well as the ability to translate the idea of sustainable development of society into one’s scientific and scientific-pedagogical activity.

After successfully mastering the educational component, the certification of graduates of the educational program is carried out in the form of a public defense of a thesis. Winners receive a diploma awarding the degree of Doctor of Philosophy with the qualification of:


After completing their studies, a Doctor of Philosophy in Professional Education (PhD) can work in:



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to the educational and scientific program “Professional Education”