Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design


Learning Opportunities

Academic Mobility is a process of integration in the field of education, which allows students, graduate students and teachers take part in various educational or teaching and research programs. Main objectives of such programs are to improve the quality of education, development of cross-cultural exchange, and training of future qualified professionals. Participation in academic mobility program gives students the opportunity to receive qualitative European education in the chosen field of knowledge, to expand their knowledge in all areas of European culture and to feel like a full-fledged citizen of Europe.

Academic mobility in the Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design is organized by implementation of the students exchange mechanism and participation of students in the programs of Double Diplomas and individual grants. Developing students’ mobility, KNUTD takes part in the processes of internationalization and globalization, develops process of professionals’ training, supports social, economic, cultural and political relationships and contacts with other countries.

Students’ mobility is organized on the basis of a partnership agreement on cooperation with foreign universities.

Cooperation is based on the partnership of KNUTD with foreign universities, due to that our students have the opportunity to participate in international educational programs and:

  • to get additional knowledge in related fields; use modern technical equipment in foreign educational laboratories and research centers for solving assigned tasks;
  • to get foreign university’s diploma;
  • to improve the level of foreign language  proficiency;
  • to familiarize with the foreign culture, history and customs of the country, also to learn to understand negotiation strategy;
  • to get foreign university’s diploma and diploma of KNUTD.