Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design

Publications and Journals

The journals serve as a bridge between academia and enterprises around the globe. Our University aims to be in excess of the reach into two markets: academic and corporate. The journals are progressive peer reviewed and written by scientists, candidates and students from KNUTD and also by other qualified researches at other institutes.



  • Scientific journal «Bulletin of the Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design»

ISSN 1813-6796 - Technical Science Series

Scientific fields: 

- Mechatronic Systems. Energy Efficiency & Resource Saving.

- Materials Science. Textile and Apparel Manufacturing.

- Metrology, testing and quality certification.

- Chemical, Biological & Pharmaceutical Technologies.

- Design & Art Appreciation.

ISSN 2413-0117 - Economic Science Series

Scientific fields:

- Problems of development of economy.

- Modernization of education.

- Modern tendencies and management problems.

Editorial Office:

office 1-0252, Nemirovich - Danchenko Str., 2, Kyiv, Ukraine, 01011

tel./fax +38 (044) 256-29-86



  • Fashion & Textiles Industry Journal

The Fashion & Textiles Industry Journal is an open access peer-reviewed journal dedicated to promoting scholarly exchange among academic researchers and industrial innovation in the field of fashion, textiles and apparel industry, related fields. This is the most innovative academic journal in Ukraine that facilitates active exchanges between researchers and practitioners. It was launched in 1960.

ISSN: 0135-230X

The scope of the journal includes:

- Textile and Leather Science and Technologies: Material Science , Fiber and Textile Processing, Dyeing and Finishing, Smart and Intelligent Textiles, Nanotechnology

- Machinery and Equipment: Industrial Engineering & Management, Automatic manipulation of fabric, Colour inventory management, Computer-aided design and manufacture, Fabric testing and capabilities, Garment manufacture and design, Quality issues, Robots, Sewing machines

- Fashion Business: Supply Chain Management of Clothing and Textiles Industry, Merchandising, Retailing, Fashion Marketing, Consumer Behavior

- Fashion Design and History: Aesthetic Aspects of Fashion, Design Process, Fashion Trends, Textiles/Clothing/Fashion Design, Cultural Study on Fashion, History of Fashion/Costume/Dress

Editorial Office:

office 1-0250, Nemirovich - Danchenko Str., 2, Kyiv, Ukraine, 01011

tel./fax +38 (044) 280-60-47



  • Collection of scientific papers “Management”

This is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes original research papers in areas of management. Researchers can know the the latest academic trends and seek important primary sources for reference.

Editorial Office:

office 4-0917, Nemirovich - Danchenko Str., 2, building 4, Kyiv, Ukraine, 01011

tel./fax +38 (044) 256-29-56



  • Electronic Scientific Journal "Technologies and Design"

Scientific fields:

- Sustainable Materials and Technologies. Quality Management Systems.

- Mechatronics Systems and Computer Technologies.

- Chemical Technology and Environmental Safety.

- Design and Ergonomics.

- Economy.

Editorial Office:

office 1-0420, Nemirovich - Danchenko Str., 2, Kyiv, Ukraine, 01011

tel./fax +38 (044) 256-29-63



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