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Faculty of Cultural and Creative Industries


ILYINA Antonina Anatoliyivna

Doctor of Philosophy, Associate Professor, Head of the Department

Address: room 4-0406, 4-0408, educational building 4, Nemirovich-Danchenko street, 2, Kiev

Phones for reference:  +38044-256-29-70 (tutorial), +38044-256-29-12 (office of the Head of the Department)


About the department

The Department of Philosophy and Cultural Studies was established by renaming the Department of Philosophy, Political Science and Ukrainian Studies according to the order № 229 “On the organization of educational units of the University” of August 31, 2021. The Department of Philosophy, Political Science and Ukrainian Studies was established in July 2012 by merging three departments of the University (Philosophy and Cultural Studies; Political Science and Sociology and the Department of Ukrainian Studies). From 2012 to 2015 the department was headed by Doctor of Philosophy, Associate Professor Ilyina AA, from 2015 to 2021 - Doctor of Philosophy, Associate Professor Sakun A.V.

The mission of the department is to actualize the intellectual and creative activities of students, ethical, aesthetic, political and legal, cultural education of the younger generation.

The department plays an exceptional role in shaping young people - modern professionals and socially responsible citizens, with a high level of general culture, broad outlook, developed political and legal consciousness, recognizing and appreciating the rule of law, democratic values and freedoms, understanding the plurality of modern multicultural world, thinking critically and systematically. The formation of such competencies takes place during the teaching, educational and upbringing work of the staff of the department.

Teaching staff

The department employs 6 scientific and pedagogical workers, among them: 6 associate professors, 2 doctors of philosophical sciences, 1 candidate of political sciences, 1 candidate of sociological sciences, 1 candidate of historical sciences, 1 candidate of philosophical sciences.

ILYINA Antonina Anatoliyivna,  Doctor of Philosophy, Associate Professor, Head of the Department

Education: graduated in 1998 from the Kyiv State I.K. Karpenko-Kary Institute of Theater Arts, majoring in theater studies. 2003 – defended the dissertation “Sociodynamics of consciousness in the dimensions of personal existence” in the specialty 09.00.03. – social philosophy and philosophy of history. She defended her doctoral dissertation “The potential of education in the transformation of the knowledge society” in the specialty 09.00.10 – Philosophy of Education .

Research interests: philosophy of education, genesis of culture.

Disciplines: “Philosophy, political science, sociology”, “Ukrainian and foreign culture”, “Genesis of culture”.


SAKUN Aita Valdurivna, Doctor of Philosophy, Associate Professor

Education: In 1987 she graduated from Donetsk State University with a degree in law. In 2010 she defended the dissertation “Communicative legitimation of education in the context of globalization”, specialty 09.00.10 – philosophy of education. In 2015 she defended the doctoral dissertation on the topic: “Modernity in the cognitive space of thinking”.

Research interests: philosophy of education.

Disciplines: “Philosophy of Science and Research Methodology”.


PRODANYUK Fedir Mykolayovych, Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor

Education: In 1988 he graduated from the Faculty of History of T.G. Shevchenko Kyiv State University. Since 1988 – Assistant Professor, Department of Ukrainian Studies, Kyiv National University of Technology and Design. In 1997 he defended the dissertation on the topic: “Domestic policy of the Ukrainian state (April 29 – December 14, 1918).” Since September 2006 – Acting head Department of Ukrainian Studies.

Responsible for methodical work at the department, acts as secretary of the department.

Research interests: Ukrainian Revolution, Ukrainian State of Hetman P. Skoropadsky

Disciplines: “Ukrainian and foreign culture”, “Ukrainian studies”, “History of ethnographic regions of Ukraine”.


KADLUBOVYCH Tetyana Ivanivna, Candidate of Political Science, Associate Professor

Responsible for organizational and educational work at the department.

Research interests: philosophy of success, history of Ukrainian statehood, personal branding.

Disciplines: “Philosophy, political science, sociology”, “Philosophy of success”, “Personal branding and design of their own life”, “Ukrainian statehood: history and modernity”.


MNOZHYNSKA Ruslana Volodymyrivna, Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Associate Professor

Education: In 1992 she graduated from T.G. Shevchenko Kyiv State University. In 2006 she defended the dissertation on the topic: “Religious and philosophical views of S. Orikhovsky in the context of religious diversity in Ukraine (first half of the XVI century.)”. He has been working at KNUTD since 2006.

Research interests: history of philosophy, religious studies, ethics and aesthetics.

Disciplines: “Ukrainian and foreign culture”, “Philosophy, political science, sociology”, “Religious studies”, “Ethics and aesthetics”.


CHERNYAK Daryna Serhiivna,  Candidate of Sociological Sciences, Associate Professor

Education: graduated from T.G. Shevchenko Kyiv National University, Faculty of Sociology and Psychology (2002). In 2006 she defended the PhD thesis in the theory and history of sociology and received the degree of Candidate of Sociological Sciences. Since 01.07.2011 he has been awarded the academic title of Associate Professor of Political Science and Sociology. From 2005 to 2009 she worked at the Kyiv Economic Institute of Management. From September 2007 to June 2009 she worked part-time at KNUTD as an associate professor of political science and sociology. From September 2009 to August 2012 - Associate Professor of Political Science and Sociology KNUTD. From August 2012 to the present - Associate Professor of FPU (FC). Advanced training: Lublin Science and Technology Park, Marie Curie-Skłodowska University. (Lublin, Republic of Poland, 2017). Kuyavian University (Wloclawek, Republic of Poland, 2019). Kuyavian University (Wloclawek, Republic of Poland, 2020).

Deputy Head of the Department. Responsible for scientific work and research work of students at the department, organization and holding of scientific seminars of the department, coverage of the results of the department on information stands, web page of the department and social networks.

Research interests: state and problems of the higher education system of Ukraine, personal branding of the teacher.

Disciplines: “Philosophy, political science, sociology”, “Philosophy of success”, “Personal branding and design of their own life”, “Theory of culture”.


Training and laboratory facilities

Classrooms: 4-401, 4-401-а, 4-405, 4-402, 4-414, 4-416. 

Research activities

The Department of Philosophy and Cultural Studies makes a significant contribution to the scientific and innovative activities of the University. Thus, according to the results of rating assessment of scientific and innovative activities in terms of faculties and departments according to the decision of the Academic Council of KNUTD “On the results of scientific, scientific-technical and scientific-artistic activities of the university in 2019 and the formation of main directions for 2020”, the department took the 18th place among 35 departments of the University.

Within the scientific direction “Research of problems of humanities” the collective monograph “Processes of humanization and humanization of education” is prepared. According to the results of the interdepartmental scientific seminar with the participation of students, graduate students of KNUTD and NPP published collections of scientific works (“Research of problems of humanitarian education”: collection of scientific works - Kyiv: KNUTD, 2018. - 210 p.; “Research of problems of humanities”: collection of scientific - Kyiv: KNUTD, 2019. - 156 p.).

Gaining best practices in working with youth, the department maintains relations with leading scientific institutions, including the Institute of Gifted Children of the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine, higher education institutions of Ukraine and Europe, teachers undergo internships abroad and at the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine works in collections of scientific works and professional journals, collective monographs, participate in scientific conferences of national and international level, publish research results abroad (Slovenia, Poland, Lithuania, Romania, Hungary).

The department's achievement was the participation in the competitive selection of research projects to be carried out at the expense of the general fund of the state budget, with projects “Assimilation of the value of success as a motivational basis for life strategy of modern youth” (2019) and “Success as a value-motivational component of life strategy of the Z-generation representatives and the priority policy of the knowledge society” (2020).  

The department prepares graduate students and applicants of all profiles to take the exam in philosophy of science and research methodology.

Published a number of scientific papers and monographs, in particular: “Culture of innovative thinking in education: information, creativity, knowledge” (Mashtaler AA), “The phenomenon of innovation: education, society, culture: monograph” (Mashtaler AA, in co-authored), “Elite: origins, essence, perspective” (Mashtaler A.A, co-authored), “Entrepreneurship in Ukraine from origins to the present” (Pyrig O.A, Chernyak D.S.), “Political Science: Handbook for practical classes and independent work of students” (Chernyak D.S.), “Philosophy, political science, sociology. Workshop for independent work of students” textbook (A.V. Sakun, T.I. Kadlubovich, D.S. Chernyak and other), “Philosophy, political science, sociology: Reader: a textbook” (A.V. Sakun, T.I. Kadlubovich, R.V. Mnozhinskaya, D.S. Chernyak, O.I. Khromova), “Philosophy, political science, sociology: a textbook for independent work of students and distance learning” (A.V. Sakun , T.I. Kadlubovych, D.S. Chernyak), “Ukrainian and foreign culture: a textbook” (R.V. Mnozhynska, F.M. Prodanyuk), Philosophy, political science, sociology: Outstanding figures of philosophical and social political thought: a dictionary-reference book. Part I, II, III, IV, V” (emphasis: A.V. Sakun, T.I. Kadlubovich, D.S. Chernyak).


Number of conferences

Number of articles

Number of abstracts

Number of methodical recommendations

Number of dictionaries, reference books

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Disciplines that are taught at the department

At the Department of Philosophy and Cultural Studies in 2021-2022 academic year the following lectures and seminars on disciplines are held:

  1. Philosophy, political science and sociology
  2. Ukrainian and foreign culture
  3. Philosophy of science and research methodology
  4. Philosophy of success (discipline of free choice)
  5. Personal branding and design of your own life (discipline of free choice)
  6. Ukrainian studies
  7. Theory of culture
  8. History of ethnographic regions of Ukraine
  9. Ukrainian statehood: history and modernity
  10. Ethics and aesthetics
  11. Man in a multicultural environment

The disciplines offered for study by the department and cultural and educational activities contribute to the spiritual enrichment of young people, teach them to think, understand their environment and themselves, form the ability to adequately understand the problems of modern human life, the ability to solve them through practical application of knowledge in the learning process. 

Knowledge of the disciplines taught at the department allows young people to master the political and legal culture, understand the laws of society, actively understand the problems of today, discuss them in a lively discussion at classes and student scientific conferences, which contributes to the formation of civic position in the European society in Ukraine. The staff of the department makes a significant contribution to the training of highly qualified specialists for the national economy of Ukraine, who have not only special knowledge and skills, but also have a spiritually rich worldview based on universal values and knowledge of the humanities.

Educational and methodical support

Teachers of the department are constantly updating educational and methodical literature for full-time, part-time and distance learning students. Educational and methodical complexes and manuals from all disciplines, read by teachers of the department, as well as electronic versions of training courses are systematically prepared.


Since 2021, the Department of Philosophy and Cultural Studies trains bachelors in the specialty 034 “Culturology”, educational program “Visual Arts and Management of Cultural Projects”.

The purpose of the educational program: Training of specialists capable of solving complex specialized problems and practical problems in the field of professional activity of a culturologist, which involves the application of theories and methods of culturology with a comprehensive perception of traditional and innovative forms of visual art given its genesis, basic aesthetic ideas, ideological principles, styles and personalities in the current art space, capable of organizing and developing cultural industries and managing cultural projects, excursions and museum-gallery activities, creative entrepreneurship in the field of culture, the main purpose of which is the production, promotion and commercialization of works, services and cultural and artistic activities that are associated with the cultural and historical heritage of mankind.

The main goals of the program are to form a high level of professional training of specialists who have modern theoretical knowledge and practical skills needed to solve complex social and cultural problems and practical problems, the formation of the student's scientific worldview and broad outlook in social, humanitarian and professional spheres.


The graduate is suitable for employment in enterprises, organizations and institutions operating in the field of culture, namely: research, educational, artistic institutions, cultural and creative industries, event agencies, public authorities, the media.

Professional titles of works that can be performed by the applicant: event-manager, art-curator of multimedia projects and exhibitions, art-director, manager of socio-cultural activities, manager of corporate culture, manager of advertising, expert consultant in media, mass media, publishing houses, PR-agencies, expert / critic of cinema, music, theater and fashion, teacher-organizer of cultural leisure, consultant in cultural institutions, government agencies, public organizations involved in the management of culture and protection of historical and cultural monuments, guide.

Educational program:

Visual arts and cultural project management

Code and name of the specialty

034 “Culturology”

Level of higher education

first (bachelor’s)


Bachelor of Cultural Studies

Training period:

3 years 10 months

Total amount of ECTS credits and term of study

240 credits ECTS

Requirements for the level of education of persons who can start training

complete general secondary education or a bachelor's degree



Standards of higher education, compliance with which it is planned to direct education

Standard of higher education of Ukraine of the first (bachelor's) level of the field of knowledge 03 – humanities, specialty 034 – culturology. Approved and put into effect by the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine dated 16.06.2020 № 801.


The department promotes the development of students' ideas about fateful events and tragic pages in the history of the Ukrainian people, the formation of a sense of national dignity, patriotism, tolerance, finding a common platform for global social and cultural transformations, dissemination of social and humanitarian knowledge and new scientific ideas, instills love for homeland. customs, rites, spiritual culture of the Ukrainian people. Healthy lifestyle and positive thinking, which help to overcome life's difficulties, nurture aesthetic feelings, judgments, the ability to understand and appreciate works of art, the development of artistic taste, creative imagination, creativity, improving the level of artistic and aesthetic education - important components of educational work.

It is worth mentioning the events organized by the department: Shevchenko Days, Skovoroda’s studying “Know Yourself”, celebrations of significant and memorable dates: the Day of Unity of Ukraine, honoring the memory of those killed during World War II, the Holodomor of 1932-1933, the Chernobyl tragedy, liberation of Ukraine from fascist-German invaders, the Revolution of Dignity; conducting creative competitions and art projects for the Day of embroidery, Easter and Christmas. 

The department promotes the formation of students' aesthetic tastes, a sense of beauty (as an example we can name the following events: master classes on making dolls, Easter eggs, literary evenings in celebration of International Poetry Day), ideas about the role of family and family values, which are part of the celebration of International Mother's Day and International Family Day.     

In order to learn about the history, culture of Ukraine and the world, teachers of the department initiate local history quizzes, photo exhibitions of student works “Everyone loves their side”, “Quiet world, dear land, My Ukraine…”, visiting museums in Kiev and Ukraine, creating animated presentations – virtual excursions to national museums and museums of the world. 

Teachers of the department actively involve young people in scientific life, independent research. It has become a good tradition for the Department to hold Philosophical Readings on the occasion of the International Day of Philosophy, Skovoroda’s Readings. Under the guidance of teachers of the department students prepare reports for international and national conferences, round tables and scientific seminars at the internal level.

In particular, in 2020 4 articles and 42 theses of students were published, within the framework of the I All-Ukrainian Conference of Higher Education and Young Scientists “Innovation in Education, Science and Business: Challenges and Opportunities” two startups “With Ukraine in the Heart” (Chernyak D.S , Mnozhynska R.V, Bivalkevych E.), “Modern humanitarian space” (Chernyak D.S, Kadlubovych T.I, Stadnik D.) were prepared.


Flashmob for Mother's Day “I give my heart to my mother”

Visiting the Mykhailo Hrushevsky Historical and Memorial Museum

Visiting of the Taras Shevchenko National Museum

Skovoroda’s stydies “Know yourself”

Philosophical readings on the occasion of the International Day of Philosophy

Round table for the day of Vyshyvanka 

“Easter chamber” - master class on Easter painting art

Shevchenko's literary readings

Literary evening dedicated to the World Poetry Day

Exhibition of creative works of KNUTD students 
“Trypillya is a landmark of Ukrainian and world culture”


Students clubs

Identification of creatively gifted youth, development of its potential is promoted by the scientific circles functioning at department: “Philosophical problems of the present”, “Patriot”, “Kalokagathia”.


The department works with students of all specialties at all faculties and can be proud of graduates who studied at KNUTD and work to increase the authority and success of the university. 

Foreign partnership

The department actively cooperates with the departments of humanitarian direction of the leading educational institutions of Ukraine and Europe. Teachers take part in conferences, trainings, scientific and methodical seminars of interuniversity and international level, held in Ukraine and abroad.