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About the Department

History of the department of automation (primary name of department) begins within the period of the extensive industrial development and the emergence of the necessity for further techniques and technologies improvement through automation control both of separate technological processes and of the whole manufacturing in general. The most urgent problem of automation was in metallurgy, pulp and paper and chemical-technological fields, including manufacture and processing of chemical fibers. Till 1955 the course of automation was not taught at technological higher institutions, only at Polytechnic and Electrical Engineering Institutes there was the course of “Automatics and telemechanics” which was of general-technic character.

In 50’s in Kyiv there was built the plant of chemical fibers and in Kyiv Technological Institute of Light Industry there was launched the training of engineers for this field of industry. At the same time it became aware that for the creation and operation of the existing equipment and technological processes (especially nonstop) a specialist of such a field should possess the necessary profound knowledge both of technologies as well as the foundations of its automation. On the initiative of Professor O.V. Yudin it was allocated some amount of hours for the general course “Control and measuring equipment and devices”. Teaching the course, designing and manufacturing visual aids and models of separate automatic equipment and devices (for the course illustration) was conducted by the group of colleagues of the department of Electrical Engineering (V.I. Lutsyk, K.H. Reho, V.A. Fedorenko and others).

A separate room was allocated for the laboratory in which constructed layouts were places on the stands and visual aids – on the walls. In this laboratory they conducted classes with students and there were demonstration seminars for teachers from technological and other departments.

The establishing and equipping of this laboratory required great expenses of time and energy. Fortunately, the team that performed these works was consisted of the enthusiasts and the enterprise as they say went on for the better, although they had to stay late in the night. Along with the creation of the course they conducted the work on its including into the curricula of other specialties.

Next and the main step of the creation of the department of Automation was the organization of training of specialists in automation of technological processes for the work in different industries. After speech with this idea on All-Union Conference Kyiv Technological Institute of Light Industry was entrusted with preparation of educational and methodological as well as other documentation required for opening of the new specialty. Incidentally, it should be mentioned that the great share of this bulky and important work has been successfully completed with the direct participation of K.H. Reho.

The challenge problem was coordination of the developed documentation with other Universities and mainly with the USSR Ministry of Education special commission in which there were the representatives of a number of technological Universities of Kyiv, Moscow, Leningrad, Odessa. Undoubtedly, the creation of such a commission was appropriate but, unfortunately, it significantly hampered and backed off the work. Anyway whatever it was, but all the developed materials were coordinated and approved virtually in the original wording.

In early 1957 the Ministry of Education gave its consent to the preparation at KTILI of specialties in automation and “the team of automatons” was separated from the department of Physics into the independent department of Automation. By the order of the Ministry of Education of the UkrSSR from 28.03.58 a nationwide code (0639) was assigned to the new specialty and the department obtained its official name “Department of automation of manufacturing processes of Light Industry enterprises”. The first head of the department was appointed Assistant Professor V.I. Lutsyk .

At the beginning of 1957-58 school year from the part of the 3-d year students of Mechanical Faculty of KTILI there was formed group M-70 to which they picked up the most capable and perspective students. The first in the country engineers graduation of 0639 speciality occurred at KTILI in June 1960. From the first graduation of this group M.A. Skyruta was appointed to the department and he has been working at the department up to now. In the USSR this group was the first one that had started up the beginning of engineers training in automation of technological processes.

The teaching staff of the department was supplemented with the required specialists (Candidate of Technical Sciences V.A. Radziievs’kyi, graduators of Kyiv Polytechnic Institute V.V. Bilozub, V.M. Bondar, V.P. Krotenko). Supplemented staff of the department except the creation of methodological aids and laboratories on new courses during 1958-1960 years fulfilled the significant amount of scientific and research works on the creation of new tools of automation in the industry.

In July 1960 Candidate of Technical Sciences and Associate Professor V.F. Petrochenko became department chairman. Remembering his impressions after joining the department V.F. Petrochenko wrote: “The undoubted “core” of that staff was K.H. Reho. Scientific leader of the department was Associate Professor V.A. Radziievs’kyi. The ensemble of the department was not troubled by “the jury” - young assistants V.M. Bondar and V.V. Bilozub. As well as a very young graduator M.A. Skyruta appropriated to the staff very well.” 

In 1968 the Institute Students Design Bureau was reassigned to the department of automation and it became named the SDB-A. A graduator of the department I.P. Ostapchuk became department chairman, and its scientific supervisor – Associate Professor S.S. Khryzman. In a short term period the SDB-A became the school of young scientific staff preparation and already in 1970 it took the 1-st place among the technological institutions of the USSR Ministry of Education. Great amount of diplomas and rewards of the Exhibition of National Economy Achievements of the USSR and the UkrSSR awarded to the SDB-A approve its significant successes in 70-80 years. Only in 1980 for the fulfilling of economic contract works at paid jobs there worked 56 students (O.P. Ostapushchenko, T.O. Kryvonis, I.Y. Skrypnyk, K.L. Shevchenko, O.L. Hlazkov, V.I. Rospanchuk and others).

In the middle of 1972 with the purpose of deepening of specialists training and implementation of computer aids into manufacture of the light industry from the part of the department of automation staff there was formed the new department of computer mathematics which was headed by the Laureate of the State Premium L.O. Shatikhin.

At this time a department gets the new name «Department of automation of production processes and instrument-making». From February 1972 the department of automation was headed by Y.O. Skrypnyk who came to KTILI from the Institute of Electrodynamics of the UkrSSR Academy of Sciences, where in 1968 he defended his Doctorate thesis and worked as chairman of the laboratory of automation measurement. In 1973 Y.O. Skrypnyk was assigned the degree of Professor.

In January 1978 the department organized and conducted All-Union methodological seminar between textile and light industry higher institutions departments chairmen that was initiated to the questions of organization and control of students self-study work on special subjects, course and diploma designing. Y.O. Skrypnyk, V.M. Bondar, K.H. Reho, V.O. Dubrovnyi, O.P. Burmistenkov, B.A. Taniuk and others took an active part in conducting the seminar.

In 1978 at the department there was organized the second field scientific research laboratory of dampness sensors and technical control devices (scientific supervisor Prof. Y.O. Skrypnyk). Due to the development of scientific and research works the department staff grew up to 100 persons.

With the initiative of the department in 1993 it was created the Main Institute of Metrology and Certification.

In 1996 at the department they opened a new speciality connected with computer and algorithmic software of computer-aided technologies. In connection with reforming of high school within the bachelor’s direction “Automation and computer-aided technologies” curricula are rewritten, new training laboratories are opened. After opening of new speciality a department got the name «Department of automation and computer systems».

From September 1999 governance of the department was entrusted to its graduate, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor K.L. Shevchenko.

Main objectives of that period of time were obtaining by the department the license on preparation of specialists and masters on the second speciality opened in 1996 and as well further accreditation of both specialities for educational qualification levels of Bachelor, Specialist and Master. Implementation of this huge and diligent work lasted for two years and in June 2001 the department made its first graduation of Specialists and Masters on speciality “Computer-aided technological processes and manufactures”.

Beginning from 1999 for studying at the University on specialities of the department a big group of students comes from China (22 students in 1999, 24 – in 2000, 13 – in 2001). General characteristic practically for all China students was merely total incomprehension of not only Ukrainian but also Russian languages. Including them to the Ukrainian group extremely complicated the teaching and understanding of the material both by our students as well as China ones. Moreover, it was needed to translate methodological guidelines and abstracts of lectures into Russian language. But in spite of these difficulties in 2003 the department performed its first graduation of Bachelors for China. Totally, during the period from 2003 till 2008 the department trained more than 60 specialists for China industries.

In recent years school graduates of our country have growing desire to study on specialities of the department. During the period from 2004 till 2008 years 100-110 students constantly entered the first course to the training direction 050202 – automation and computer-aided technologies – from which 4 training groups were formed. Even in the years of demographic decline our department was the only one at the Faculty that performed not only state orders but accepted for studying students under the contract forms. Entrance competition for our specialities increased as well and for recent years it is 1,4 – 1,6 applicants per 1 place.

At the department great attention is paid to the further development of scientific work and to the new forms of cooperation with enterprises and scientific research institutions. By the end of 90s under the guidance of Professor Y.O. Skrypnyk in terms of the agreement on cooperation with research center of quantum medicine “Vidhuk” of the Ministry of Health Care of Ukraine they started the works connected with the development and implementation of radiometric devices for the measuring of weak and very weak electromagnetic emissions. These devices can be used as medicine diagnostic equipment which according to the level of its own electromagnetic emission allows to estimate both the condition of human’s body and its separate parts. Under the results of the workings on the creation of null radiometric devices in 2001 Y.O. Skrypnyk became the Laureate of International open rating on popularity and quality “Zolota Fortuna” in the nomination “Best Inventor”.

Further researches showed the prospects of radiometric equipment usage for the quantitative and qualitative analysis of the components and properties of dielectric materials. On the basis of these workings a new scientific direction of the department was formed on which Y.O. Skrypnyk, K.L. Shevchenko, V.Y. Sannikov have been actively working. Works execution on this direction in terms of conducting experimental researches and implementation of the elaborations results into manufacture is supported by M.F. Tregubov heading Kostiantynivs’kyi state scientific manufacturing enterprise “KVARSYT”, the only enterprise on the territory of the former USSR which possesses the unique technologies of ceramics and quarts glass manufacture. One of the results of this cooperation became the defense in 2006 the Thesis for the degree of Candidate of Technical Sciences by the enterprise “KVARSYT” employee V.P. Kutsenko.

Also traditional scientific directions continued to develop.

Topic objective at the beginning of the new millennium became popularization of scientific activities of the department. One of the few forms of conducting such a work for this period of time was the opportunity of public speeches with reports at scientific technical conferences of different levels. In this direction active participation was taken by the department tutors (Y.O. Skrypnyk, K.L. Shevchenko, V.Y. Sannikov, V.V. Horkun and others) who from 1999 regularly participate and speak with reports at international scientific technical conference “Ultrahigh frequency technics and telecommunication technologies” in Sevastopol. Nowadays this is one of the most representative conferences among participants of which there are representatives of the most powerful enterprises and scientific establishments from Russia, Belorussia, the USR, Belgium, the Netherlands, India and other countries.

НScientific reports and articles publications in the materials of conferences played a great role in dissemination of information about scientific activities of the department. It resulted with the invitation of the department representatives to participate in International Scientific Symposiums - “Metrology and metrology assurance” (Sazopol’, Bolgaria, 2004), “IMECO TC7 International Symposium on Advances of Measurement Science” (St. Petersburg, 2004), “Theory and technics of receiving, transferring and monitoring of information (Tuapse, Russia, 2004), “Frolich Centenary International Symposium “Coherence and Electromagnetic Fields in Biological System” (Praha, 2005). During the next years teachers of the department participated in the International Symposium “Millimetric waves in medicine and biology” (Moscow, 2007); in the intellectual forum “New conceptions of science: application in medicine (St. Petersburg, 2007). The last one was conducted on the basis of Closed Institute of Naval Medicine and we were the only representatives from Ukraine which report was included into the program. We receive numerous invitations as for the participation in scientific technical events which are held in Australia, Canada, Germany, the USA, but unfortunately because of financial problems we can’t take participation in them so far.

Positive results of information dissemination concerning the scientific activity of the department appeared in the restoring plan of economic contractual topic. Thus, in 2005 on the request of Kyiv local state administration the department performed the research work on the problem of technology improvement of biological wastes extermination which size was 240 thousands of hryvnas. In 2006 there was signed an agreement with Closed Joint Stock Company “OTIS” concerning implementation of the works on engineering and establishment of automated protective devices for press machinery. Due to the implementation of economic agreements it appeared the opportunity of obtaining for the needs of educational process computer equipment, instrumentations, components for equipment repairing.

By the end of 1999 the department had highly professional teaching staff, but, unfortunately, the average age of the teachers of the department reached over 50 years. That’s why the urgent problem of that time was “rejuvenation” of the teaching staff. For solving this problem during several years the department was replenished with the most talented graduates. In the period from 1999 till 2004 they hired to work the department graduates O.A. Kushchyns’kyi, O.A. Lisovs’kyi. In the nearest future they plan the defense of Theses on the receipt of scientific degree of Candidate of Technical Sciences by the assistants S.M. Lisovets’, O.A. Lisovs’kyi. In 2007 the department graduate Zdorenko V.H. made the defense of the thesis on the receipt of scientific degree of Candidate of Technical Sciences.. In 2009 he was assigned degree of Professor. In 2013 they accepted to the department a postgraduate student S.V. Barylko who successfully and in time defended his Thesis on the receipt of scientific degree of Candidate of Technical Sciences.

Accepting to the job young teachers the administration of the department with tact and a sense of great respect treats the veterans who in spite of their age in many questions show more activity than young teachers.

Teaching support staff was updated as well. Responsibilities of laboratory assistants were successfully implemented by senior students working for 0,5 teaching rate and due to whom computer equipment of the department supported in operating condition.

Those of them who showed themselves the best accepted to the work at the department on a constant basis. Unfortunately nowadays because of the sharp reduction in staff of the teaching support personnel we can’t involve students to this work. In 2006 a specialist in the field of optic electronic engineering, senior scientific officer V.A. Ipatov, moved on the position of head of the department laboratories from Kyiv Institute of Automation.

To the greatest regret staff issues are solved today not very easy. Young talented fellows working at famous computer companies earn salaries in 5-10 times more than an assistant of the university, motivation to the thesis defense is practically absent.

There is also positive feature of recent years which is growth in demand for specialists whom the department graduates. Beginning from 2000 Security Service of Ukraine, world-known famous enterprises „Теtга-Раk", “Raut-Automatic” and others apply with request to direct our graduates to the work by speciality.

In 2013 the department celebrated its 55th anniversary. To the honor of this event the Department organized and conducted International Scientific and Technical Conference “Automation, mechatronics and innovative technologies in machine building” in which there participated 145 reporters from Ukraine, Belorussia, Poland.

From September 2014 the department was headed by its graduate, Doctor of Engineering Science, Professor Zdorenko Valerii Heorhiiovych.

During the years of its existence the department prepared several thousands of highly qualified specialists: dozens of Candidates of Technical Sciences and several Doctors. Many graduates became leaders in different fields of national economy.

In December, 2015 a department gets the name of «Computer-integrated technologies and measuring technique» (KITMT). It took a place after tacking to the department of automation and computer systems (AKS) of department of «Metrology, standardization and certification» (MSC) which was created on the base of department of textile machine-building of 1997. The department of MSS in different periods was headed: rector of the KNUTD professor D.Golovko (1997-2003 р.р.); Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor A. Zenkin (2003-2014); Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor М. Zenkin (2014-2015). From 1997 the department started to train specialists on metrology and measurement technology; from 2001 - engineers of metrology and measurement technology; from 1998- engineers of quality,  standardization and certification, ; from 2001- masters of both specialities; since 2004 - specialists on vocational education; and since 2010 – experts metrology, standardization and certification.

In 1998 on the basis of the Ukrainian State Research and Production Center of metrology, standardization and certification (SE "Ukrmetrteststandard") was established a branch of the department,which has scientific and practical base in the field of metrology, standardization and certification, and skillful scientific, engineering and technical personnel. Thay allows to train high-level professionals of all specialties of the department.

Teaching Staff

Personnel of the department is completed with: 4 professors, 7 associate professors and 2 assistants:

ZDORENKO Valerii, Department Chairman, Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences, State prize laureate

Graduated from KTILI (Kyiv Technological Institute of Light Industry) in 1983. Works at the department from 1983. Basic disciplines: “Theory of automation controls”, «Automatic control». Scientific field – instrument manufacture. Head of the science seminar.


ZENKIN Mykola, Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences.

In 1993 graduated from the Kyiv Polytechnic institute on specialty of foundry of ferrous and non- ferrous metals. In 1993 after graduation he started his scientific activity in the Kyiv National University of Technology and Design. In 1996 he defended his phD thesis "Increasing in longevity mechanism of parts of knitting circular knitting machine.”

In 2005 his doctoral thesis "The technological fundamentals of ensurence of quality of surface hardening critical machine parts." In 2001 N. Zenkin became an associate professor, since 2008 – professor.

Artically, he has over 250 publications, including 1 monograph, 2 textbooks stamped by MES of Ukraine. Two PhD thesis were defended by N. Zenkin’s guidance.

The field of scientfic interests consists of the research on scientific problem of longevity of machines and mechanisms by means methods, in particular, application of surface hardening of the machine details. He conducts the research on multi-dimentional metrology software quality engineering products.


ZENKIN Anatoliy, Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences

Graduated from KPI (Kyiv Polytechnic Institute) in 1961 on specialty of foundry of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Works in an university from 1967.

Actually he has over 350 publications, which includes 12 monographs, 6 notebooks, 16 textbooks and tutorials stamped by MES of Ukraine, 32 certificates.

Professor A. Zenkin successfully combines scientific activities with the preparation highly qualified specialists. By his guidance there were defended 2 doctoral works, 22 PhD thesises, in particular by citizens of Germany, Russia, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon.

Under A. Zenkin’s direction there were established new directions of training in the field of metrology, standardization and certification at the KNUTD.

Scientific superviser of direction: “The technical and organizing- methodical fundamentals of rising industrial products quality on the base of modern methods of metrology, standardization and certification.” In particular, attention is dedicated to questions, which are linked to perspective directions of standardization, mechanisms and instruments of technological process, management, effectiveness of standardization.


HIMICHEVA Anna, Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences

In 1977 she graduated from Moscow- textile institute on speciality of machines and devices of light industry. Works in an university from 1978. In 1996 she defended a PhD thesis “The research of Regimes of termal processing of equipment for light industry using multifunctional thermoelectric sensors.” In 2007 she defended her doctoral thesis “Scientific foundations of integrated systems of quality management (services) based on international standarts”. She teaches students on speciality “Quality, standardization and certification” and also profile courses of  metrology, standardization and certification. She directs postgraduate dtudents, doctoral students. She had prepared one doctor of technical sciences on speciality “Metrology, standardization and certification”, three PhD on the same speciality. Anna Himicheva has a scientific school on problems of technical regulation and integrated management systems. She is an author of more than 260 scientific publications, 9 monographs, 8 tutorials, including guide to fundamental issues on standardization, certification and technical council of DSSU, in scientific and technical council at the Ministry of education and Science of Ukraine. She also works in specialized academic council D 26.102.01 and D 26.055.02.


BARYLKO Serhii, Associate Professor, Candidate of Technical Sciences.

Graduated from  Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design (KNUTD) in 2010. Works at the department from 2013. Basic discipline: “Metrology, technological measurements and instruments”. Scientific field – instrument manufacture. 


HOLUBIEV Leontii, Associate Professor, Candidate of Technical Sciences.

Graduated from KPI (Kyiv Polytechnic Institute) in 1980. Works at the department from 2012. Basic disciplines: «Algorithmic and programmatic providing of the computer systems», «Computer graphics and WEB-design in the internet», «Automated planning of the control system».


DROMENKO Valeriya, Associate professor, Candidate of Technical Sciences.

Graduated of from of KTILI (Kyiv Technological Institute of of Light Industry) of in 1990. Works of in an university from 1992. Basic of disciplines : "Computer - integrated technologies", "Computer technique and programming",  "Design of the computer-integrated systems",  "Computerization of of informative processes". Field of of scientific interests: electric measurings of unelectric sizes, computer technologies.


KIVA Ihor, Associate Professor, Candidate of Technical Sciences.

Graduated from KTILI (Kyiv Technological Institute of Light Industry) in 1987. Works at the department from 2012. Basic disciplines: “Computer-aided manufacturing”, «Flexible automaticaly production and complexes», «Control and management of chemical-technological processes», «Editing, adjusting and exploitation of facilities of automation», «Hardwares of automation».


KOZELLO Nadiya, Associate Professor, Candidate of Technical Sciences.

In 1982 she graduated from the Kyiv Technological Institute of Light Industry of Ukraine. Works in an university from 1982.  Basic disciplines: «Methods and facilities of measuring of geometrical sizes», «Industrial and laboratory facilities of measurings», «Exactness and production control». Direction of scientific activity: mechanical engineering technology in light industry, manufacturing, quality assurance of glue joints, quality and competitiveness.


LISOVETS Serhii, Associate Professor, Candidate of Technical Sciences.

Graduated from KTILI (Kyiv Technological Institute of Light Industry) in 1993. Works at the department from 1996. Basic discipline: «Planning of the automaticaly  systems», «Equipment and automation of technological processes of industry». Scientific field – instrument manufacture. 


PYLYPENKO Yurii, Associate Professor, Candidate of Technical Sciences.

Graduated from KNU of T.H. Shevchenko in 1975. Works at the department from 2012. Basic disciplines: «Microprocessor and programmatic facilities of automation», «Planning of the computer-integrated systems».


BYCHKOVA Kseniyaassistant.

In 1998 she graduated from the State Academy of Light Industry of Ukraine. Research areas consist of regulatory and technological ensurence of quality of adhesive joints, quality and competitiveness of products, standardization and certification. 

MYKHALKO Anastasiia, assistant.

In 2012 graduated from Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design and in 2014 graduated from Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. Works at the department from 2017. Scientific field: technical regulations (standardization, conformity assessment, quality).


IPATOV Volodymyr, head of the department laboratories.

Graduated from KICA (Kyiv Institute of Civil Aviation) in 1975. Works at the department from 2006.

AHONCHENKO Dmytro, master of industrial training.

Graduated from KTILI (Kyiv Technological Institute of Light Industry) in 1986. He worked at the department from 1986.

BOIKO Oleksandr, master of industrial training.

Graduated from KPI (Kyiv Polytechnic Institute) in 1977. Works at the department from 1977.

HORKUN Valentyna, master of industrial training.

Graduated from KTILI (Kyiv Technological Institute of Light Industry) in 1979. Works at the department from 1997.

ZAYETS Maksym, master of industrial training.

Graduated from SALIU (State Academy of Light Industry of Ukraine) in 1994. Works in an university from 1994.

KALAMIEIETS Tetiana, master of industrial training.

Graduated from KTILI (Kyiv Technological Institute of Light Industry) in 1985. Works at the department from 1997. 

MISHCHENKO Nataliia, master of industrial training.

Graduated from KTILI (Kyiv Technological Institute of Light Industry) in 1984. Works at the Department from 1999. Shop group chairman of the Department.

Training and Laboratory Premises

For conducting classes it is used 3 computer classes, 7 specialized laboratories for conducting laboratory works in professionally-oriented courses, the lecture hall, means of the multimedia projection equipment, premises for a course and graduate design and for implementing of research works.

Main laboratories include:

  • laboratory of microprocessor technique and technical means of automation;
  • laboratory of pneumatic pressure automatic, robotics and flexible computer-aided enterprises;
  • laboratory of systems of automation;
  • laboratory of automatic control theory;
  • laboratory of technological measuring instruments, metrology and measuring equipment;
  • laboratory of computer-aided technologies;
  • laboratory of measurement of physical properties of yarn;
  • laboratory of measurement of non- electrical quantities;
  • laboratory of standardization and quality control;
  • laboratory of certification; interchangeability, standardization and technical measurements;
  •  laboratory of non-destructive methods of control;
  • test centers located at the field of the department was  established by the order of the rector of the KNUTD №6 of 14.01.1998 on the territory of the State Enterprise “Ukrainian State Research and Production Center of Standardization, Metrology, Certification and Consumer Protection (" Subsidiary "Ukrmerteststandard").


At the department there are created and working computer classes equipped with technical means of excess to the network INTERNET which can be used by students for conducting laboratory works, self-study and execution of course projects and diploma.


There is an active work for introduction into the studying process of Module Environment of educational process that allows to improve essentially students’ self-study work on learning disciplines taught by the department using excess to Module environment with the help of the INTERNET.

Academic Methodological Work

The main activity of the department and an essential part of the whole educational and pedagogical process is educational and methodological work. It provides the implementation of issues on planning, organizing and conducting all kinds of educational classes, students’ self-study work, their practical training, execution of individual tasks.

Following this objective the department:

  • develops educational programs of the bachelor's degree according to specializations 151 "Automation and Computer Integrated Technologies" for educational program of "Automation and Computer Integrated Technologies" and 152 "Metrology and informatively-measuring technique" for educational programs "Metrology and informatively-measuring technologies" and "Metrology, standardization and certification", and also the profile of the educational programs of the master's degree according to specialty 151 "Automation and Computer Integrated Technologies" for educational program "Computer-Integrated Technologies and Measuring Technique" and "Automated process control" and to specialty 152 "Metrology and informatively-measuring technique" for educational program "Metrology and measuring technique", "Quality, standardization and certification", "Metrology and informatively-measuring technologies" and "Metrology , standardization and certification";
  • for disciplines, which are taught at the Department, were developed a complex of educational-methodical support, which include: programs, work programs, lectures, methodical aids, control tests, module control tests, etc. All educational materials are available to students through modular environment of the KNUTD. During complex`s creation the principles of the European Credit Transfer and accumulating System (ECTS) and credit-modular system of educational process organization (CMSEPO) were taken into account.
  • provides preparation and advanced training of the teaching staff. Establishes creative contacts with departments of other universities, studies, summarizes and distributes the best teachers experience, helps young teachers master teaching skills;
  • provides in the prescribed manner cooperation with departments of other universities on academic, educational methodological and research work.
Scientific Activities

Scientific work is one of the leading areas in the activities of the teaching staff of the department. The department is involved in the research work of the university:

  • conducts scientific research on the most important theoretical, scientific, technical and socio-economic problems on the profile of the department, problems of high school Pedagogics in close relation with the objectives of improving quality of specialists training;
  • makes annual reports on the results of scientific research, conducts an annual certification of department postgraduates;
  • discusses completed research works and makes recommendations for their publication, is involved in the implementation of the research results into practice;
  • considers the theses that are presented by the department staff or by order of the university administration, by other applicants;
  • organizes research students’ work. The scientific students’ work is conducted in scientific circles and is issued in the form of essays, research reports, theses, articles, scientific works that are recommended by the department for participation  in contests, competitions of the university, interuniversity, republican or other level.


Department employees annually receive 10-15 patents, publish 15-20 scientific articles, participate in 8-10 conferences in which they deliver 20-25 reports.

Among them are international conferences such as: “Modern problems of microelectronics, radio electronics, telecommunications and instrument making”, Vinnytsia, “Modern information and electronic technologies”, Odessa, “Metrology and measuring technical equipment”, Kharkiv; International Scientific and Practical Conference “Mechatronic Systems: Innovations and Engineering”, Kyiv. In 2013 the department conducted international scientific technical conference “Automation, mechatronics and innovation technologies in machine building” dedicated to the 55-th anniversary of the department establishment.

At the department they carry out fundamental research works on studying of barrier properties of textile and leather materials and their interaction with its own electromagnetic radiation of the human body (Presentation of the scientific development "Komfortnist_odyahu.) and conduct researches of ultrasound using for studying textile materials properties.

Students of the department take an active part in conducting researches. According to the researches results they perform master works and graduate projects. By the students and postgraduate students of the department annually there are published more than 20 scientific works in professional publications and materials of scientific conferences. With students participation it is received more than 20 patents of Ukraine for inventions.

The department actively cooperate with Scientific manufacture enterprise “Kvarsit” (the town Kostiantynivka), with the department of Radio Electronic equipment designing of NTTU KPI “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”.


Scientific schools

Scientific direction “The technical and organizing- methodical fundamentals of rising industrial products quality on the base of modern methods of metrology, standardization and certification.”

Scientific superviser- professor Zenkin A.C.

The main directions by which the research is conducted:

  • “The development of scientific fundamentals of the technical regulations and integrated control systems”, responsible superviser- PhD, professor Himicheva G.I.
  • “The development of scientific fundamentals of the metrology ensurence of information- managing systems of the control of machines parameters and technological equipment”, responsible superviser- PhD, professor Zenkin M.A.
  • “The development of scientific fundamentals of evaluation, prognozing and informative ensurence of products quality”, responsible superviser- PhD, professor Fedin S.S.



Metrology, Standardization and Certification

1. The name of scientific direction. Technical and organization methodical fundamentals of upgrading of industrial products are implemented on the base of modern methods of metrology, standardization and certification.

The year of founding of the scientific school: 1997

The founder of scientific department: doctor of the engineering science, professor Zenkin Anatoliy.

The field of knowledge: standardization, certification and metrological ensurence.

2. The leader of the scientific school:

ZENKIN Anatoliy is a doctor of the engineering sciences, professor. He is president of the Association of machine- building technologists of Ukraine. He is editor- in- chef of the magazine “Modern engineering”. He is chairman of special scientific council D26.102.01. he is academician of the Ukrainian technical academy since 1992, leader of subdivision “Technology of production of aggregates, equipment and instruments for manufacturing of commodities of folk consumption”. In 1961 he graduated from the Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. The sphere of activities are technology of machine- building in light industry, mechanization and automation of frame- clamping works of machine- building enterprises, strengthening coverage, methods of non- destructive control, quality and competitiveness of products, standardization and certification. He elaborated the technological fundamentals of thermal storage of responsible connections with a pull. He grounded the possibility of the use of signals of acoustic emission for control of durability of these connections. Professor Zenkin Anatoliy Semenovich is the organizer of the department of metrology, standardization and certification from 1997. He has been teaching major disciplines for masters and specialists on specialities “Quality, standardization and certification”. Zenkin A.S. has scientific school on the problems of standardization, certification, quality management of machine- building field. Under the guidance 3 doctoral dissertations are passed and 13 graduate students have been studying. He manages doctoral listeners on this speciality. He is the author of over 250 scientific works, 32 inventions, 10 monographs, 4 reference books, 2 textbooks, 9 training books.

At the department 2 doctoral dissertations are protected in the last few years - Zubretska Natalia (in 2013), Shevchenko Kostyantyn (in 2015); and also 3 candidate's dissertations - Barylko Serhij (in 2013), Lisovets Serhij (in 2014), Vasilenko Mykola (in 2015).

3.    A brief description of the modern scientific school:

Nowadays the department successfully works with foreign leading higher educational establishments such as the Belarussian national technical university (Republic of Belarus), Rzeszow polytechnic institute named after Ignatius Lukashevich (Poland).

4.    Directions of scientific school researches:

  • Development of scientific fundamentals of the technical adjusting and integrated control systems;
  • Development of scientific fundamentals of the metrology ensurence of information- managing systems of the control of machines parameters and technological equipment;
  • Development of scientific fundamentals of evaluation, prognosing and informative ensurence of products quality.

5.    Fundamentals of scientific achievements of the school. Actual material is as monographs, training textbooks, articles, presentations of scientific activity of the department of MSC, booklets, photos of stands, photo of participation of scientists of the school in conferences, etc.

6. Amount of publications of the scientific school: there are about 800 printed works, among them 15 monographs, 12 books, 16 training textbooks, over 30 guard documents of inventions, about 300 articles and 500 theses.


Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Skrypnyk Y.O. (1931-2013) was the founder of the scientific school of department, basic directions of which are:

  • methods of automatic errors correction in electronic measuring devices and systems;
  • electrophysiological methods of clothes comport evaluation;
  • investigations of the electrical characteristics of biologically active points of a human for diagnosis of his energetic state;
  • control of technological parameters under the microwave irradiation of light industry materials;
  • creation of multifunctional measuring devices with preheating thermo sensors. 
Academic Methodological Courseware

Academic methodological courseware consists of the following elements:

  • Programs of academic disciplines
  • Working programs of academic disciplines
  • Programs for practices
  • Programs of state exams
  • Diagnostic aids of higher education quality
  • Methodological instructions and themes of course works in disciplines where their implementation is foreknown;
  • Methodological guidance and themes of qualifying graduate works;
  • Methodological documentation for organization of students’ self-study work in disciplines of the academic plan.

Over the past years the department teaching staff have been published 20 course books and monographs among which the main ones are:

  1.  Головко Д. Б., Скрипник Ю. О., Яненко О. П., Модуляційні НВЧ — вимірювачі електричних та неелектричних величин. — Наукове видання. — К. «МП Леся», 2001 — 232с.,
  2. Скрипник Ю. О., Манойлов В. П., Яненко О. П. Модуляційні радіометричні пристрої та системи НВЧ діапазону: Навчальний посібник.- Житомир. ЖТИ. 2001. — 374 с.,
  3. Скрипник Ю. А., Яненко А. Ф., Манойлов В. Ф., Куценко В. П., Гимпилевич Ю. Б. Микроволновая радиометрия физических и биологических объектов/ Под ред. Ю.А. Скрипника. Житомир: изд-во «Волынь», 2003. — 408 с.,
  4. Сучасні екологічно чисті технології знезараження непридатних пестицидів. Хімічева Г.І., Петрук В.Г., Яворська О.Г., Васильківський І.В. Та інші. Монографія. Вінниця: «УНІВЕРСУМ-Вінниця» 2003
  5. Шаповал Н.И., Зенкин А.С., Маловик К.Н. Международные и европейские системы сертификации и аккредитации: Учебник для вузов. - Севастополь, СНИЯЭиП, 2004, 172 с.
  6. Системи якості ВНЗ: теорія і практика. Волков О.І., Віткін Л.М., Хімічева Г.І., Зенкін А.С. Монографія. К.: «Наукова думка». 2006. .-301с.
  7. Волков О.І., Величко О.М., Хімічева Г.І., Мухаровський М.Я., Зенкін А.С. Метрологія: теорія і нормативне забезпечення. К.: Вища школа, 2008. – 335 с.
  8. Зенкін А. С., Хімічева Г. І., Ефіменко Н. А., Соловйов В. М. Стандартизація та управління якістю. Черкаси: Вид. від. ЧНУ імені Богдана Хмельницького, 2008. – 174 с.
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  13. Зрезарцев М.П., Зрезарцев В.М., Параніч В.П. Товарознавство сировини і матеріалів. – К.: ТОВ “Центр учбової літератури”, 2010. - 406 с.     
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The department is graduating (profiling) and conducts training of 

Bachelor training direction:

    • «Automation and computer-aided technologies».

master’s specialty:

    • «Automation control of technological processes»;
    • «Computer-aided technological processes and manufactures»;
    • «Metrology and Measuring Equipment»;
    • «Quality, Standardization and Certification».

The students are taught on the base of both the state order and the contract. After obtaining of qualification level of bachelor the students are able to continue their studying aiming at gaining of the qualification level of «master».

The studying term for the bachelors is 4 years (or 3 years of abridged form of studying for the vocational college leavers), for the masters – 1,5 year.Training of master’s in direction «Quality, Standardization and Certification» provides 1.5-year training period on the basis of any technical bachelor, because Nus specialty relates to special categories directly and has undergraduate.

Within students training in the department specialities they absorb and obtain design skills of complex systems of computer-integrated aids control  of technological processes in various fields of industry. When developing such systems there are widely used modern approaches for control systems building by using modern SCADA systems which allow to conduct operational observance on the implementation process with the possibility of operative interference in the management processes.

The Department has postgraduate an doctoral specialty:

  • 05.01.02 «Standardization, Certification and metrological ensurence», where masters graduates have any opportunity to continue their study and by raising the qualification to become a teacher at the University.

Over the training students take an active part in performing scientific researches, materials of researches form the basis of implementation of master works, diploma and coursework projects. Examples of individual students designs of the department are submitted in the files “Studentski_roboty”, “Computer system of temperature measurement.” Particular attention is paid to students’ participation in the development of energy saving systems.

During the study at the University students are actively involved in students’ governance, are engaged in spots sections and different creative collective of the University.


Perspectives for Students

Students of specialities “Automation control of technological processes”; “Computer-aided technological processes and manufactures” get knowledge in:

  • Object-oriented programming;
  • Algorithmic and programming software of computer-aided technologies;
  • Theory of automatic control;
  • Computer graphics and Web-design;
  • Architecture of computer systems and networks;
  • Micro processing technics and many other professionally oriented disciplines;

As a result of training students of afore-mentioned specialities are able to:

  • define and explore key areas of technological processes that require integration of computer technology aids;
  • develop the structure and design computer control systems with the use of modern means of SCADA systems;
  • mend software of computer control systems;
  • create, establish and support the work of local and global computer networks;
  • create and support automation database;

Students of specialities «Metrology and Measuring Equipment»; «Quality, Standardization and Certification» get knowledge in:

  • informatively measurings systems and technologies;
  • to interchangeability of details and knots of measurings devices;
  • metrology providing;
  • legislatively normative metrology;
  • to reliability of facilities of measuring technique and devices;
  • modern tool of providing of quality of products (services);
  • international standardization and certification of the systems of quality.

As a result of studies the students of afore-mentioned specialities are able:

  • control rigging of technological processes facilities of measurings;
  • watch after accordance of measurings devices the requirements of legislation;
  • organize repair, check and calibration of facilities of measurings;
  • conduct metrology examination of document and technique;
  • develop methods, instructions, graphic arts of check, repair document.

The most successful graduates of the department receive the opportunity to work as teacher of University departments. Thus, 5 teachers of the department are the graduates of the department of different years. Including the graduate of the department Konkov .H.I. – Dean of Faculty of Technological Equipment and Control Systems

Students of the department together with the teachers actively participate in scientific conferences and symposiums which are held in Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Poland, Bulgaria and other countries.

Graduates have the opportunity to get second higher education on Specialities prepared at the University, be trained at magistracy and postgraduate school. Receive education at higher education institution of foreign countries.


Graduates of the department who had been working in different years or are working at present as:

  • responsible employees of Ministries and Departments:

Sokolov Oleksandr Vadymovych (Deputy Minister)

Priatko Ivan Pavlovych (Head of Technical Department)

Kuzniak Anatolii Kuzmych (Head of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine)

Oliinyk Vasyl Ivanovych (Deputy Trade Minister of Ukraine)

Tkachenko Vasyl Tymofiiovych (Head of the Department of Gas Supply, the town of Obukhiv)

Prysenko Mykhailo Oleksandrovych (Deputy Head of the Department the Cabinet of Ministers)

Ustych Viktor Ivanovych (Head of the Department of Heating Networks, the town of Obukhiv)

  • General Directors:

Rysiuk Borys Dmytrovych (KEMZ “Stend” , the city of Kyiv)

Yasynchuk Vasyl Fedorovych (footwear association, the city of Simferopol)

Mozer Heorhii Eduardovych (Zhytomyr footwear association “Krok”)

Sytnikov Oleksandr Volodymyrovych (sewing association “Selena”, city of Zaporizhzhia)

  • Deputies General Directors:

Kurylin Mykola Andriiovych(footwear manufacturing association “Kyiv”)

Kyryk Leonid Mykolaiovych (sewing association “Selena”, the city of Zaporizhzhia)

  • Directors:

Kutuzov Eduard Oleksandrovych (liquors and vodka distillery plant, the city of Minsk)

Bordiakivskyi Oleksandr Ivanovych (Research Institute, the town of Severodonetsk)

Kuzmuk Valerii Valentynovych (the Institute of Information and Modelling Technologies, the city of Kyiv)

Stretovych Anatolii Mykhailovych (Sceintific manufacture enterprise “Radical”, Kyiv)

Metto Oleksandr Ivanovych (Moldovenerho, the city of Kyshyniv)

  • General Engineers:

Durov Yevhenii Mykhailovych (Leather manufacture plant, the city of Ivano-Frankivsk)

Tarasenko Viktor Ivanovych (Knitwear association, the city of Donetsk)

Shcherbak Vasyl Ivanovych (State Polytechnic Institute, the city of Cherkasy)

Velychko Serhii Mykolaiovych (Research Institute “Special machinery of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine”)

Foreign Partnership

For many years by the department there were trained more than 60 graduates (bachelors, specialists, masters) for Chinese National Republic, Iran, Turkmenistan.

The department successfully works with foreign leading universities such as the Belarusian National Technical University (Belarus), the Rzeszow Polytechnic Institute. Ignatius Yurashevich (Poland) and other ones.

The department constantly participate at international scientific conferences and symposiums which are held in Bulgaria (Sazopol), Germany, actively cooperate with the Institute of Radio Electronic of Russian Academy of Sciences and others.

After graduating from the University graduates have an opportunity to continue their training at foreign Universities of Czech Republic and Poland.