Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design


Educational and Scientific Institute of Computer Technologies and Design (Cherkasy city)

Svitlana H. Natroshvili

Director of the Institute, PhD in Economics, Professor

Address: 241/2 Chornovil St., Cherkasy, 18028

Phone numbers:

Director of the Institute 0472 64-56-11

Admissions Committee office

096 456-19-36
093 783-05-65
Office of Academic Affairs 0472 64-56-11


About the Institute

The Institute trains highly educated specialists in the field of design, economics, computer engineering, who are successful, in demand in Ukrainian and global labor markets, able to respond quickly to modern challenges, and competently solve problems.

The Institute of Computer Technologies and Design is one of the leaders in higher education in Cherkasy and Cherkasy region.

Mission Statement

Formation of a new “globalized business elite” cherishing humanistic values and  development of socially responsible national business, highly educated and competent in foreign languages and advanced information technologies, and thus highly competitive in global socio-economic environment and able to protect the interests of Ukraine.

Strategic directions for the development of the Institute:

- providing quality educational services that maintain a high level of the reputation of the University and allow the Institute to compete at the educational market as a leader of the metropolitan education in the region;

- formation of creative educational environment, informatization and digitalization of the educational process, introduction of innovations and high technologies in the educational process in order to improve the quality of vocational education;

- combination of educational, scientific and innovative activities in terms of the implementation of their participants' comprehensive abilities and talents;

- involvement of the regional business elite, leading programmers, architects and artists in the educational process and research and innovation activities in order to implement the concept of "corporate education" and "business university";

- implementation of scientific activities through effective scientific research (with the publication of results in journals reviewed in international scientific and metric databases, including SCOPUS and Web of Science), training of scientific personnel and using the results obtained in the educational process;

- maintaining the international scientific reputation of KNUTD through participation in state budget and economic contract-based topics, scientific and educational grants;

- participation in academic mobility programs and cooperation with foreign partners in the field of education, science, art and sports;

- implementation of the image policy of NNICT through a purposeful system of activities and positioning itself in the Cherkasy region as an institution of KNUTD, which is one of the innovative educational and research centers of the country, Center of Education and Intellectual Culture;

- creating conditions for the implementation of equal opportunities for access to training and infrastructure of the institute for people with special needs.

The implementation of the set tasks will allow the Educational and Scientific Institute of Computer Technologies and Design, harmoniously combining traditions and innovations, to carry out high-quality training of specialists in the Cherkasy region.

Famous Alumni: N.O. Babina – PhD in Economics, associate professor at Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design, H.R. Natroshvili – PhD in Economics, associate professor at Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design, P.O. Holub was included into “Top 100 Best Agrarians of Ukraine” ranking, M. Pankratieva – designer in Rubarb-Digital Studio (holds the 3rd place in the All-Ukrainian ranking of young creative designers), M. Sokur – chief designer  at Epicenter hypermarket (Cherkasy), T. Skoryk – owner and CEO of “Skoryk T.M.” private enterprise (production of fur goods), A. Karlinska – owner and CEO of “Karlinska” private enterprise (production of dance costumes), R.V. Horbenko – head of the Money Laundering Department of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Income and Charges in Kirovohrad region, A.S. Zaporozhets – senior state tax auditor in the Audit Office of Cherkasy region, S. Bozhko – deputy director of LIVS furniture factory, R.O. Ishchenko – head of the Distance Learning Center of East European University of Economics and Management since 2010, etc.



Educational programme / specialization

Graduation Department



Bachelor degree 


“Computer engineering”

“Computer engineering”

Department of Computer Engineering and Sciences




Branch of the Department of Business Economics and Tourism



“Design (by types)”/ Graphic Design

Department of Design and Humanities

“Design (by types)”/ Environmental Design

Department of Design and Humanities

Master degree


“Computer engineering”

“Computer engineering”

Department of Computer Engineering and Sciences




New technologies constantly change the world; therefore, popularity of experts in computer engineering is growing day by day. The Obtained knowledge obtained will make it possibleallow for to the introducetion of modern computer technologies in large IT companies and enterprises, to create software for computer systems and networks meeting the latestultra-modern world requirements.

He who owns the information, owns the world!


The profession of an economist is universal and currently in demand since any industry requires economic analysis and profit calculation.

Fundamental knowledge received in the field of a modern economy and based on the latest computer technologies and professional foreign languages will make it possible to find employment both in Ukraine and abroad joining the European and global integration processes.


The designer is one of the most prestigious and highly paid professions in the world. Specific project activity that combines artistic and subject creativity and engineering practice, the creation of beautiful and functional items, the embodiment of actual fashion trends based on modern technologies will make it possible to realize one’s creative potential and be successful in the world labor market.

History of the Institute
Educational and Scientific Institute of Computer Technologies and Design (Cherkasy City) (from 2004 till 2021 – School of Market, Information and Innovative Technologies) was founded by the Order of the Rector of Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design № 229 ofAugust 31, 2021.

Enrollment of students in the specialties 123 Computer Engineering, 051 Economics and 022 Design is based on the license granted to the University.

Training is provided by highly qualified teaching staff of the two departments: the Department of Design and Humanities and the Department of Computer Engineering and Sciences, and the Educational Laboratory of Computer Engineering.

Training is carried out according to the approved curricula and the educational process schedule.

The Institute library has more than 8,215 textbooks and about 25,000 teaching manuals on electronic media There is a reading hall for 50 people in the library.

Students of the specialty Design have an opportunity to use special software such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Arch cad, Auto CAD, Corel Draw, Art Con, and 3D Studio Max.

Lecture rooms and specialized classrooms have multimedia equipment. Three design studios are equipped with 82 easels and sketch-boards, plaster models, and lighting. There is a computer network connected to the electronic library with the Internet access. It includes 95 workstations (81 PCs in computer classes and 14 in the staff and other rooms).

Scientific Areas of the Institute

“Strategy for the Development of Higher Educational Institutions: Economic, Socio-cultural, Informational, Innovative and Cultural Aspects”

Academic supervisor – Svitlana Natroshvili

PhD in Economics, Professor


  • paradigmatic bases of the strategy of economic development of economic entities in the modern transformational economy (international, national and regional aspects);
  • development of modern information technologies;
  • the use of innovative methods in design as a necessary requirement of the modern information society;
  • innovations in education as a necessary component of Ukraine's integration development.


  • 2 doctoral and 6 PhD theses were defended;
  • 7 monographs (3 – abroad);
  • 317 scientific articles including 113 articles printed abroad (8 of which listed in the international scientific metric base Web of Science Core Collection, 21 articles in Scopus);
  • received 2 copyright certificates for collective monographs.
International Cooperation

Educational and Scientific Institute of Computer Technologies and Design has established relations of partnership with universities of Georgia, Poland, Lithuania, Hungary, Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, China, Kazakhstan and other countries.

Students and teachers of the Institute have high academic mobility, participating in International scientific-practical conferences, foreign internships and exchange programs for students and teachers due to the concluded agreements with partner universities. Students of the Institute can get a double diploma from the leading European higher educational institutions.


Students of the Institute are involved in scientific work through their participation in scientific clubs: “Research on modern information technologies” (Department of Computer Engineering and Sciences, Head of the club – PhD in Physics and Mathematics, Professor Mykhailo V. Yarmolenko) and “Components of professional development of a modern expert” (Department of Design and Humanities, the head of the club – Nadiya A. Yefremenkova). The goal of the scientific clubs is to develop person’s intellectual potential.

They actively participate in solving the problems of the Institute life. Doing this, they are assisted by the Student Council of the Institute.

Higher education seekers of the Institute have the opportunity to implement their ideas, create individual and group collections of clothes as well as participate in students’ contests and scientific conferences. 

In March 2014, KNUTD’s main building hosted the exhibition “10 Years of Cherkasy School of Market, Information and Innovative Technologies”. Students and teachers of the School presented their creative workpieces.


M. Chabanenko, a student of the specialty Design won the first prize in the nomination “Fine, Decorative and Applied Art” at the International children and youth creativity festival “Lytovska Feyeriya” held in Vilnius, January 13–17, 2016.


A. Krykun, a student of the specialty Design received the Certificateof the 1st degree at the City Contest “And the Cossack Spirit Revives” for the best illustration to a literary work aboutCossacks, dedicated to the 525th anniversary of the emergence of the Ukrainian Cossacks and the 100th anniversary of the formation of Free Cossacks, (March 23, 2017, Cherkasy).

K. Kostomakha and A. Svirgun, students of the specialty Design took part in the XXVI International Graduate Diploma Project Competition for Architectural and Design High Schools and received the Certificates of the 1st and the 3rd degrees (October 25–26, 2017, Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas).


The alumnus of the Institute (School of Market, Information and Innovative Technologies (Cherkasy) in 2018 – Pavel O. Holub, the founder of TOV Cherkasy-Dnipro-Agro, was included in “Top 100 Best Agrarians of Ukraine” ranking.

Ya. Pashchenko, a student of the specialtyDesign, took part in the Architectural Drawing Competition “KAP-2018” and became the 2nd prize holder in the nomination “Architectural Fantasy” (November 6, 2018, Poltava National Technical University named after Yuri Kondratyuk).

Students of the specialty 022 Design received the diplomas of the 1st degree (G. Kryshtal), the 2nd degree (Ja. Pashchenko), and the 3rd degree (A. Morgunenko) at the XXVIII Review-Competition of Diploma Projects with the International Participation of Architecture and Artistic Specialties Graduates of Higher Educational Institutions of Ukraine (October 1–4, 2019, National University of Water Management and Nature Resources Use, Kyiv).


M. Vasylchenko, the 4thyear student of the speciality022 Design, received the Certificatefor 2nd place at the X International Photo Contest “Haryacha Kryga” (November 15, 2019, KNUTD).