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Pre-University training at Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design (formerly Kiev Technological Institute of Light Industry) was launched in 1957 (Order of MFA USSR number 880 from 12.25.1957).

In 1970 in accordance with the regulations of the USSR Council of Ministers № 133 from 02.26.1970  

MFA USSR and the order number 337 of 05/06/1970, the preliminary department was founded.

According to the internal order of the University (then the Academy) № 166 from 11.19.1991 the preparatory courses were reorganized into the Faculty of Pre-University and individual training, which in 1993, according to the decision of the Academic Council of the University, attached the Preparatory Department.

In connection with the extension of functions and rearrangement of structural units of the University on Feb. 1, 2004, the Faculty of Pre-University and individual training was renamed the Department of Pre-University, accelerated, individual training and students enrollment, and on 18.10.2006 it turned into The Institute of Pre-University, accelerated and individual training. In February 2015 it goy its new name – The Centre of Pre-University and individual education.

Since its foundation first as the Faculty, then the Department, the Institute and now the Centre has been run by Professor Horobets Vasily A., a professor of the Department of applied mechanics and machines. The activity of the Institute is regulated by the University Statute and Regulations of the Centre.

Management of the Institute is based on a combination of centralized management (Rector) and operational autonomy (Director of the Institute).

Pre-University education is carried out at KNUTD as well as in the scientific, educational and industrial complex, which currently consists of 24 technical schools, 35 colleges and high schools, 22 higher professional schools, 4 vocational schools and 143 secondary schools, which are located in 11 regions of Ukraine.

In 2014 the Centre received the license of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (AE 458297 from 07.07.2014) to provide educational services for citizens of Ukraine for entering higher educational institutions at Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design.

The Center of Pre-University and individual education is a structural educational and scientific-methodical

division of Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design.


The Centre includes:

• Pre-university training sector;

• individual student learning.


The main activities of the Institute include:

1. Pre-University and special training of students of preliminary department and its affiliates, students of preliminary courses and organization of entrance examination rehearsals.

2. Pre-University training of university entrants attending college or work at their workplace or place of study.

3. Provision of paid educational services.

4. Preparing students on individual and specific schedules and plans.

5. Providing students with different specially designed teaching paid materials and documentation.

Online registration for the courses of the pre-university and individual education center KNUTD is opened


The Centre of Pre-University and individual education offers:

1. For the external evaluation of subjects:

  • ukrainian
  • mathematics
  • chemistry
  • biology
  • physics
  • history of Ukraine
  • foreign language



Graduates can get extra points for admission to the engineering specialities in the University.

According to terms of admission to universities in Ukraine in 2015 the significance of these points reaches 5% of competitive points.


2. For the entrance examinations in the subjects:

  • painting
  • drawing
  • special composition

Graduates of the training courses take rehearsal exams, the results of which can be considered for admission to the contract form of education.


Apprenticeship - 7 and 3,5 months. Enrollment starts 15 September the current year. Classes start in October and February. Classes are held in small groups (8-10 people).


Form of classes:

  • evening (2-3 times a week from 16.00 to 19.00);
  • weekend (Saturdays from 9.00 to 15.00);
  • remote;
  • correspondence.


On the basis of our Center there are also short term courses on artistic direction:

  • painting
  • drawing
  • special composition


The courses last 1-2 weeks. Starting dates: June, July. Classes are held in small groups (8-10 people). Accommodation in the hostel is provided on request.


The Center of Pre-University and individual education also enrolls on training courses for admission to an accelerated form of education (bachelor - 2 years - full-time, 3 years - part-time):


- Contract on specialty:

  • Economy
  • management
  • marketing
  • accounting and taxation
  • entrepreneurship, trade and exchange activities
  • finance, banking and insurance the right
  • technologies of light industry
  • chemical technology and engineering
  • biotechnology and bioengineering
  • computer Science and Information Technology
  • applied mechanics
  • industrial engineering
  • power engineering, electrical engineering and electromechanics
  • automation and computer-integrated technologies electronics


- State order for the second year (on condition of academic difference passed) on vacancies on the following majors:

Applied mechanics

Mechanical Engineering

Automation and Computer-Integrated Technologies

Electro mechanics

Electronic Devices and Systems

Metrology and Measuring Technology

Metrology, Standardization and Certification


The courses enroll junior specialists in mentioned above or related fields.

Enrollment is based on the results of entrance test in professional subject (without external test).


Telephone: (044) 256-21-24; (044) 256-21-67