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Head of Department, Professor, Dr. Sc., State prize laureate

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Office hours
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Mission Statement

Learn, apply, act!

History of the Department

Department of Biotechnology, Leather and Fur – first (the department was founded 85 years ago) and only department in Ukraine that prepares specialists of higher education for leather and fur production. Today the Department - a modern educational and scientific complex and high-volume research.

The continued increase in demand of leather and fur products requires highly skilled professionals with knowledge of advanced production technology and modern management methods. Exactly those professionals are preparing in department - specialists with a high level of theoretical knowledge and practical skills of modern, able to work not only in the field of leather and fur production, but also on extensive field related industries.


Preparation of bachelors in 162 – «Biotechnology and Bioengineering» will begin with the 2015/2016 academic year at the department of biotechnology, leather and fur, Faculty of chemical and biopharmaceutical technologies (decision by the Accreditation Commission of Ukraine from 31.03.2015, KNUTD on granting the license).

Around the world, biotechnology, which studies and develops methods for obtaining useful products for humanity, using biological objects, is one of the most promising professions of the XXI century.

To date, experts biotechnology is in the top 10 of the most popular and promising professions, both in Ukraine and abroad.

Study Programmes

Training direction:

161 – «Chemical technologies and engineering» (Educational Program  – «Technology and Examination of leather and fur»)

162 – «Biotechnology and Bioengineering» (Educational Program  – «Biotechnology»)

Educational degrees:

Bachelor – 161, 162

Master Sc. – 161

    After obtaining Bachelor’s (161) degree the applicants may enter Master’s degree program on a competitive basis (Educational Program  – «Technology and Examination of leather and fur»).

    Master’s Degree in «Chemical technologies and engineering» (Educational Program  – «Technology and Examination of leather and fur»).

    By means of technical decisions prospective Master has to implement technological tasks of the company relying on modern scientific achievements of the theory and practice in leather and fur manufacturing. Scientific teaching practice is provided by Master’s Degree Programme.

    Students are taught how:

    • to conduct a trade expertise;
    • to estimate (put value of) leather and fur quality;
    • to determine raw material and goods usability of leather and fur production.

    Research work carried out in accordance with the lecturer scientific direction «Development of new processes, sustainable use of resources, waste and low-waste technology, recovery and recycling of waste and complex processing of raw materials».

    The scientific school – «Physico-chemical basis for the formation of the collagen structure in the production of leather and fur».

    Supervisor: Professor, Dr. Sc. Anatoliy G. Danylkovych

    August 23, 2014 President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko signed a decree on awarding the State Prize in Science and Technology of 2013. The work teachers of the department «Polyfunctional leather and fur materials» marked this prize.

    Teaching Staff

    We are a department of 10 people working together for the education of students. The staff of the Department:


    Head of Department

    Professor, Dr. Sc.

    State prize laureate


    Professor, Dr. Sc.


    Professor, Dr. Sc.

    State prize laureate


    Professor, Dr. Sc.


    Professor, Dr. Sc.

    State prize laureate


    Professor, Dr. Sc.

    General Director "Chinbar" (the manufacturer of genuine leather in Ukraine)

    State prize laureate


    PhD, Associate Professors 


    PhD, Senior Lecturer


    PhD, Associate Professors


    PhD, Associate Professors

    Senior Research Fellow


    Over the years the Department has released about 4 thousand specialists. For the development and implementation of their creative abilities of students from the second course actively they are involved in research work in the form of student contests, scientific conferences, competitions and publications. Only in the last three years based on the investigations with the participation of students prepared 65 publications; 75 diploma works protected research character. Students are actively involved in the implementation of the state budget and economic contracts topics. In 2013, the 4th year student became a member of the American Association of Chemists tanners (ALCA).


    Prospects for Students

    Employment Areas:

    • research institutions;
    • educational institutions;
    • tanneries and fur industry;
    • chemistry enterprises of producing materials and items for leather and fur industry;
    • enterprises of leather and fur products manufacturing.

    Two internships are included:

    • University lab  internship;
    • Field internship.

    Students can receive the second higher education (Economics, Pharmacy) along with majoring in «Technology and Examination of leather and fur» or «Biotechnology and Bioengineering».

    The University provides studying at Reserve-Officer Training Department. There are full-time postgraduate studies and extra-mural ones as well. After successful thesis defense postgraduates are awarded PhD in specialty 182 – «Technology of Light Industry».

    Students Clubs

    At the department, operates a student scientific club - "Explorer". The club is supervised by prof. Andreeva OA 2-5 students of 2-5 years are engaged in research work. The results of scientific work the students present on the Ukrainian conferences. In 2015, the students prepared 35 reports.

    On November 19, 2015 at the International scientific and practical seminar "Innovative materials and technologies of leather and fur production".The students prepared 14 theses of students of the department.

    The students of 4-5 courses in 2013-2015 took part in the work of ten international conferences (Ukraine, Poland, Slovakia, Latvia, Estonia).


    The graduates of the department are working for many large leather and fur enterprises of Ukraine: Kiev PAT "Chinbar" Voznesenskoe PAT "VOZKO" Vasilkovskoe of "SLaVa", a fur company "Tismenitsya" and "Tykafurlux" tannery "Trading House Raysing" (Baryshevka).


    International Cooperation

    The department maintains scientific and technical cooperation with foreign research organizations in Russia, Romania, Poland, Bulgaria, the Baltic States, Belgium, China.

    With the support of MES Ukraine, the study was conducted as part of a joint Ukrainian-Romanian project of scientific and technological cooperation with the National Research Institute for Textile and Leather (Bucharest) and the joint Ukrainian-Lithuanian project of scientific and technological cooperation with the Kaunas University of Technology.

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