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Petro Basanets (1926-2007)

People’s Artist of Ukraine, Professor of the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, was born on April 23, 1926, in Burimtsi village, Chernihiv region. In 1947, he entered Grekov Odesa Art School. In 1958, he graduated from Kyiv State Art Institute, the studio of Professor K. Trokhymenko and V. Puzyrykov. Since 1961, he was a member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine. Since 1977 – Honored Artist of the Ukrainian SSR. Since 1990 – People’s Artist of the Ukrainian SSR. Since 1983 – Professor of the Department of Drawing at the National Academy of Arts.

Petro Oleksiyovych Basanets belongs to the pleiad of coryphaei of Ukrainian art, whose works in our modern perception constitute a very specific layer. Petro Basanets began his career at a time when the living tradition of Ukrainian realistic painting was unshakable, and perhaps the only one adequate to the spirit of the times. The artist’s aspiration to tell the truth of life was formed in the mainstream of this trend and originated in the rebellious and romantic spirit of the kobzar’s word.

At the beginning of Basanets’ creative activity, socialist realism was the only method that could depict and form artistic images. But in the works of Petro Oleksiyovych, there was a surprisingly successful combination of the creative method and the author’s perception of the world. A penetrating and gentle embodiment of the images of his native land and the colors that are only inherent in it becomes the main diapason in the artist’s works.

The gallery of paintings by P. Basanets seems to be boundless in space and time. During his long creative life, the artist made thousands of portraits of Ukrainians – writers (Pavlo Tychyna, Oles Honchar, Volodymyr Sosiura, Andrii Malyshko posed for him), scientists and cultural figures (T. Yablonska, H. Yakutovych, H. Melekhov, and others), workers and peasants (hundreds of graphic portraits made for the newspaper “Silski Visti”).

Petro Basanets’ works adorn the museums of Ukraine: "The Sense of a United Family", "Over the Quiet Uday", "Our Class", "On the Desna", and the monumental canvas "Spiritual Ukraine", which presents 150 historical figures who lived and worked in Ukraine and for Ukraine and the world.

We can safely talk about the creative school of Petro Basanets because his students are now well-known Ukrainian artists and his son Yurii and daughter Oleksandra continue the tradition of classical Ukrainian painting.

Yurii Basanets

Yurii Basanets was born in Kyiv in the family of People’s Artist of Ukraine Petro Basanets in 1964.

After graduating from Kyiv State Art Institute in 1987, he worked as an artist of easel painting (thematic paintings, portraits, still lifes, landscapes) and book graphics. Yurii Basanets belongs to the pleiad of academic style artists and continues the traditions of Ukrainian realistic painting. He is a member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine. Since 1986, he has been a regular participant in art exhibitions. Yurii Basanets painted portraits of Taras Shevchenko and Viktor Sternberg for the National Historical and Cultural Reserve "Kachanivka". The artist's works are held in many private collections in Ukraine, Canada, and Germany.

Since 2008, Yuriy Basanets has been teaching at Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design, first at the Department of Drawing and Painting of the Faculty of Design, and now at the Department of Digital Art of the Faculty of Arts and Fashion, where he lectures on “Fundamentals of Drawing, Painting and Plastic Anatomy”. He is a regular participant in scientific and practical conferences and round tables and has published several scientific papers.

Oleksandra Basanets

Oleksandra was born in Kyiv on May 14, 1966, in the family of a prominent Ukrainian painter, Petro Basanets, People's Artist of Ukraine, Professor at the National Academy of Arts.

 In 1984, she graduated with honors from the Taras Shevchenko Republican Art High School and entered Kyiv State Art Institute (now the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine), Department of Painting. She studied with prominent and talented teachers: Y.M. Yatchenko, V.I. Kuleba, T.M. Holimbievska, V.G. Vydorodova-Gauthier, H.M. Yahodkin, O.M. Lopukhov, but the most important and strict was her father, Petro Oleksiyovych, who always demanded the best results in her work, did not tolerate laziness and a defiant attitude to learning.

In 1992, she graduated from the studio of Professor O. Lopukhov. Her graduation work (painting) "Yaroslavna's Lament" was on display at the exhibition of graduation works in the Ukrainian House (1992).

Since 1994, Oleksandra Petrivna Basanets has been a member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine. Her paintings were presented at personal, national, and foreign exhibitions, in particular, in Germany (Munich, Heidenheim, Rechlin), Poland, and Croatia. Her numerous works are in private collections in Austria, Canada, Germany, and other countries. In St George's Church in Kachanivka, there is a church icon of St. George painted by Oleksandra Petrivna. The main paintings presented at the exhibitions are "Daisies" 50x75 cm, "Roses" 80x50 cm, "Jasmine" 40x60 cm, "Kachanivka (outbuilding)" 40x50 cm, "Memories of my Father" 40x50 cm, and many others.

Oleksandra Petrivna is not only a talented artist, but also a teacher, like her father, she has been educating young and talented artists for many years. This path began in 1996 with teaching a professional course at her native Taras Shevchenko Art School, then in 2000, she became an associate professor at Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design. As an experienced teacher-artist with many years of experience in higher education, O. Basanets conducts practical classes in the course "Fundamentals of Drawing, Painting and Plastic Anatomy", she is the author and developer of the educational program "Academic Fine Arts". Oleksandra Basanets is a regular participant in scientific and practical conferences and round tables.

As a mother, she has three wonderful, talented, creative children. The children are her mother's pride, and the pride of the whole Basanets family, because they continue the artistic tradition started by their grandfather Petro Oleksiyovych Basanets.