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Head of the Scientific and Technical Library of KNUTD,
Assoc. Prof., Ph.D., Dr.h.c.,, MBA

Address: Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design (KNUTD)
Mala Shyianovska (Nemyrovycha-Danchenka) Street, 2
Kyiv 01011, Ukraine,
Academic building 1, Office 1-0275

Tel.:  +38044-256-29-02



Electronic catalogue:

Electronic repository:

The Scientific and Technical Library of KNUTD was founded in 1930 as the library of Kyiv Institute of Leather Industry. The name of the library changed according to the name of the higher education institution. The beginning of the collection was laid by the transfer of 500 copies from the library of Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. The Scientific and Technical Library is one of the main structural units of the University. The library takes an active part in improving the quality of educational and research processes and building a unified information environment of the University based on the latest information and communication technologies. The electronic catalogue reflects the active fund of the library.

Scientific and Technical Library structure

The library consists of 6 departments:

  • Department of Document Acquisition and Circulation and Catalogue Structure - provides scientifically grounded replenishments of the fund according to the University curricula. It performs scientific and technical processing and systematization of new revenues, eveals information resources by organizing and maintaining an electronic catalogue and full-text databases (Offices 1-0271, 1-0276A, tel. 24-03, 29-48)
  • Department of Educational Literature Service - serves the University users and remote users with educational, methodical, humanitarian publications, standards, foreign publications and periodicals, dissertations (Office 1-0389, tel. 29-06; Office 1-0392, tel. 22-28; Office 1-0276, tel. 24-80)
  • Department of Scientific Literature Service - provides the University users and remote users with scientific, technical, and humanitarian publications, executesinquiries on the IBA, provides electronic delivery of documents (Office 1-0419, tel. 24-35; Office 1-0179, tel. 21-09)
  • Department of Information Technology and Computer Support - applies modern innovative approaches, monitors the dynamics of the information environment in Google Scholar, abstract and citation databases Scopus and Web of Science, completes and maintains the institutional repository, registers the international digital identifier DOI on the Open Journal Systems platform (Office 1-0167, tel. 24-73)
  • Information and Bibliographic Department - provides operational reference and information services for users, information and analytical services for the University researchers, provides a service for determining the UDC indices (Office 1-0426, tel. 29-50)
  • Fund Storage Department - provides the fund formation, organization, preservation, and use, promotion, and openingof the Collection of publications on light industry and related industries (XVIII-XX centuries) (Office 1-0276B, tel. 24-80)

Scientific and information activities of the library

The scientific and informational activities of the library relate to the provision of information, meeting research needs of students, scientists, teachers, and the University staff.

The institutional repository of KNUTD (erKNUTD – Electronic repository) is in operation.

The formation of the scientist’s brand is promoted, including assistance in creating (organizing) scientists’ profiles in the author identification system: Google Scholar profile, Scopus profile, ORCID, Researcher ID.

Improving the user’s information culture

The library gives workshops for curators of student groups accompanied by presentation materials.  The library specialists conduct classes on information culture, also remotedly, for full-time and part-time students, college students of the University. 

Education and cultural work

The library successfully uses interactive forms of work with students: meetings, training sessions, and quests. There are virtual exhibitions organized on the library’s website, and traditional book and illustration exhibitions dedicated to significant and memorable dates. An illustrated series of “Information Leaflets on the History of Culture and Arts” is published, and it contains basic information about prominent personalities and historical events in Ukraine and the world. Excursions are organized for first-year students, and anyone interested, to acquaint them with the activities and information resources of the library.

Library Development Directions

The priorities in the development of the Scientific and Technical Library of KNUTD are:

  • creation of a single electronic library of KNUTD;
  • information support of educational and scientific processes through the organization of remote access;
  • remote service development;
  • increasing the level of information literacy of users taking into account modern requirements and new information technologies;
  • promoting scientific activity and raising the University ranking citing the works of its scientists;
  • promoting the web presence of the University and its researchers;
  • cultural and patriotic education of students;
  • establishing strong information connections and dialogues with the library’s users by means of its communication channels.