Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design


Testing Laboratory of Analytical Research "Textile-TEST" (TLAR "Textile-TEST")

Tatiana Shatilo

Head of TLAR "Textile-TEST"

Address: 01011 Kyiv, Mala Shyianovska (Nemyrovycha-Danchenka) Street, 2 (location of ln. Evgeniya Gutsalo, 4a)

Tel.: +38044-280-30-43



TLAR "Textile-TEST" is accredited by the National Accreditation Agency of Ukraine from 2010 for compliance with the European requirements of DSTU EN ISO/IEC 17025:2019 (EN ISO/IEC 17025:2017, IDT; ISO/IEC 17025:2017, IDT) "General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories" in the field of testing: yarn and textile threads from natural and chemical fibers, household fabrics, special and technical purposes, geotextiles, knitted and non-woven fabrics, artificial fur, knitted goods, hosiery, sewing and textile haberdashery, personal protective equipment for workers, ropes, cords, gauze, cotton wool and medical bandages by indicators of quality and safety.

The laboratory has implemented and operates a quality management system in accordance with the requirements of DSTU EN ISO/IEC 17025:2019. The laboratory's policy in the field of test quality is based on the principles of the requirements of this standard and on the unconditional fulfillment of legal and regulatory requirements of national and international standards, aimed at ensuring the quality of services tested (product testing) at all stages with continuous improvement and guaranteed satisfaction of the needs and expectations of customers.

Scope of accreditation


The laboratory has implemented a process approach and regularly takes measures to meet the requirements of the quality management system:

  • risk assessment;
  • internal audit of the management system;
  • updating the collection of regulatory documents;
  • equipment calibration;
  • participation in interlaboratory and intralaboratory comparative tests;
  • staff training.


Laboratory staff of Textile-TEST:

Iryna Kotliarova – Senior Researcher;

Julia Kharchenko – Senior Researcher;

Olena Rostova – Researcher;

Tetiana Artemenko – Researcher;

Nataliia Havrusenko – Researcher;

Vicktoriia Levytska – Leading Specialist;

Olha Shcherba – 1st Category Specialist;

Maria Kazachenko – 1st Category Specialist.


Highly qualified personnel of "Textile-TEST", many years of experience, a wide park of testing equipment allow the laboratory to successfully provide services in the Ukrainian market.





The laboratory fruitfully cooperates with state institutions of Ukraine: Main Directorate for Development and Support of Material Support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine; Service center for units of the National Police of Ukraine; the General Directorate of the State Penitentiary Service of Ukraine; military units of the National Guard of Ukraine.

On a self-supporting basis, "Textile-TEST" provides services to organizations, enterprises, individuals for testing light industry products, incl. and certification tests:

  • yarn and threads of textile from natural and chemical fibers;
  • knitted and non-woven materials for household, technical and special purposes;
  • fabrics for household, special and technical purposes;
  • textile materials coated and impregnated;
  • geotextile materials;
  • knitted underwear and outerwear;
  • hosiery products;
  • garments and textile haberdashery;
  • personal protective equipment for workers;
  • ropes, cords, nets.


TLAR "Textile-TEST", as a scientific division of the university, carries out work on the provision of scientific and technical services in scientific areas:

  • scientific problems of materials science: studies of durability and reliability of textile materials for various purposes when exposed to ultraviolet radiation in artificial and natural conditions; research of structural and physical-mechanical properties of knitted fabrics for sportswear: research of a new assortment of hosiery for various purposes, incl. for power structures of Ukraine;
  • biology, biotechnology and topical problems of medical sciences: studies of the structural and physical and mechanical properties of medical products - implants - surgical nets, bandages, diapers;
  • construction technology, design, architecture: in cooperation with the National Transport University, development of test methods for reinforcing materials used in the arrangement of asphalt concrete layers of road "clothes", geotextile materials and etc.


TLAR "Textile-TEST" in the field of ensuring the educational process of the KNUTD, research work of students, postgraduates, doctoral students, researchers of the KNUTD, carries out the following activities:

  • renders assistance to students, graduate students, doctoral students of KNUTD in conducting research works, preparing scientific publications based on reliable test results. The reliability of the results is ensured by highly qualified laboratory personnel with experience in the field of testing light industry products for more than 20 years by climatic conditions that are maintained at TLAR; calibrated and certified equipment; constant control over the operation of the equipment and the correctness of the test methods; traceability of measurements; clear analytical substantiation of the results obtained, etc.
  • conducts practice for students in "Textile-TEST", which will contribute to the deepening and practical application of students' knowledge;
  • in order to provide information to KNUTD with a regulatory framework, a reference and information fund of regulatory documents in force in Ukraine (DSTU, DSTU ISO, DSTU EN, GOST, ISO, EN) for light industry products was created on the basis of the fund existing in the laboratory;
  • carries out updating of the fund of the ND of the University by purchasing official publications of the State Committee of Ukraine on technical regulation and consumer policy.