Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design




You got an honorary right to study at one of the best Universities in Ukraine -

Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design!

It is those student who acquires knowledge in the process of learning, obtains a certain life experience, and needs legal protection and support!

For this purposes,  created, and actively works -

the Primary Trade-Union Organization of Students of

Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design,

which has exclusive rights, experience and powerful force of solidarity in its assets.

Come to us! Address us!

We will help you to implement creative ideas and advise what to do if there was a non-standard situation.

Regulations on the Students’ Trade-Union


Students Union of Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design is a voluntary association of scholars who are studying at the University.


Address: 01011, Kyiv, 2 Nemyrovycha-Danchenka Str., KNUTD building 4, room 4-0210

Tel./Fax.: +38(044) 280-76-98



 Union Committee


Roman Kozhushko

Chairman of the Students’ Union, Ph.D. in Technical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Entrepreneurship and Business.

Tel.: +38(063)267-76-57


Olena Ovcharenko 

Deputy head of the Students’ Union.

PhD Student of the Mechatronics and Computer Technologies Faculty.

Tel.: +38(093)424-05-18


Oleksandr Kolesnyk

Deputy head of the Student’ Union. 

Master’s Student of the Fashion Industry. Faculty.

Tel.: +38(095)905-76-97

Mariia Udovenko 

Chairman of the Commission on Social and Economic Protection of Students.

Master’s Student of the Chemical and Biopharmaceutic Technologies Faculty.

Tel.:  +38(068)508-19-35

Liliia Antahulova

Chairman of the Housing and Communal Commission.

Master’s Student of the Chemical and Biopharmaceutical Technologies Faculty.

Tel.: +38(063)717-88-70

Taras Fedorov 

Chairman of the Recovery Commission.

Bachelor Student of the Chemical and Biopharmaceutic Technologies Faculty.

Tel.:  +38(063)683-93-98

Maksym Kudlai

Chairman of the Sport and Culture Commission.

Bachelor Student of the Chemical and Biopharmaceutical Technologies Faculty.

Tel.: +38(063)025-26-36


What is a Stident union?

This is an active leisure

This is funny evenings spent together

This is arrangement of various events for students

This is cheering for Ukraine together

This is participation in the competition between universities

This is organization of different trips

What is the Student’s union?

The Union protect your rights and teach how to do it;

Without union’s decision no one can not be excluded from the university or from the hostel for reasons not related to the educational process;

With Union you can relax during vacations in the mountains, on the beach or at the university - the SHC "Youth" KNUTD (Plyuty);

Union advise on existing social programs, rights and obligations of students at the university and can help arrange for you all types of financial aid and awards;

Union you can book an international student card ISIC and rest abroad;

Union provide New Year’s presents for students with children;

Unions accept the proposals about work of the University.

If you want to live and study in good conditions, know your rights and be able to defend them, then

Join US!