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From March 4 to 25, 2024, the Exhibition Center “Art Space of KNUTD” will present a personal exhibition of works “...A PEACEFUL DREAM” by Dmytro Koval, a well-known Ukrainian artist, university teacher, member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine. The artist invites the audience to think about eternity and rebirth...

For more than two years, the Ukrainian people have courageously and steadfastly defended the independence, statehood, and unity of our country. For more than 730 days and nights, the heroic and indomitable sons and daughters restrained the full-scale invasion of the Russian aggressor country, and everyone who works, studies in the rear, donates, volunteers and brings our Victory closer every day, everyone as much as they can... The war changed the life of every Ukrainian man and woman, changed the world and outlook, priorities and dreams. Nowadays, simple everyday things have acquired the greatest value – days and nights without air-raid alarms, seeing the smiles of children, relatives, colleagues, support of those who are nearby, who fight and protect, who believe and wait... And the only dream for everyone is Peace and Victory...

The power of faith, hope, responsibility for the future of our state and each of us, like works of art, support, inspire, confirm the victory of light over darkness, good over evil... Eternal remains eternal. Today, society more than ever needs strengthening and implementation of spiritual values, unification, cohesion. From ancient times to the present day, it is through creativity that humanity tries to grasp the immeasurable, the dreamed, the perfected, to defeat the lowly and the ugly... The process of finding beauty with the help of art is an important stage of the emotional development of modern society.

The theme of eternity and rebirth is an eternal question that worries people. It covers so many human feelings that it is too difficult to grasp its essence among all the waves of events and thoughts. What is eternity? What are the greatest values of life?

“Eternity is a mystery! This concept encompasses so many issues and human feelings... If life is the greatest gift, then love is the greatest value. The exposition tells about the main value in life – love. Love for the world, the environment, which like a bright light breaks through the all-consuming darkness. Man is a part of nature. Everything in it is interconnected, every smallest particle is permeated with feeling and warmth. Not one of the living creatures can do without love, that’s why love is the greatest happiness”, the author emphasizes.

The exposition of the exhibition includes such well-known works of the artist as: “Spring Girl”, “My Dream. Peaceful Garden”, “Cool Night”, “Reincarnation”, “Portrait of Maria Krechuniek”, “Last Rays of the Sun”, “Ghosts of the Old Lake”, “Oriental Princess”, and many others. Artistic images on the canvas reveal the meaning of human existence in its various manifestations.

The central painting of the exhibition will be the work “Ukrainian Prayer”, monumental in form and artistic content – as an image of Ukrainian authenticity, a symbol of eternity and rebirth.

It is not easy to find an unequivocal definition of Dmytro Koval’s painting technique: someone will say that it is impressionism, while others will guess the tradition of pointillism in his strokes. The artist’s unusual style, combined with gentle coloring and deep symbolism, creates an atmosphere of a fairy-tale reality – nostalgic, mysterious and original. Decorative elements give canvases an artistic effect of monumentality. The main trends in the artist’s work are impressionism and pointillism combined with abstract and decorative art.

The artist’s creative works were presented in hundreds of groups, all-Ukrainian and international exhibitions. Dmytro Koval is a laureate of many state and international art awards, winner of all-Ukrainian exhibitions, biennials and triennials of painting. The author has won the love and respect of many connoisseurs of fine arts for his unique author’s style, and his works are widely known both in Ukraine and abroad.

We invite connoisseurs of beauty, friends, colleagues to meet the master and his works in the Art Space of KNUTD!


«Українська молитва», полотно, олія, 300х280 см

«Дівчина-весна», полотно, олія, 125х80 см

«Молода наречена», полотно, олія, 90х60 см

«Дівчинка у білій хусточці», полотно, олія, 60х50 см

«Останні промені сонця», полотно, олія, 90х60 см

«Червоне намисто», полотно, олія, 60х50 см

«Мирославна», полотно, олія, 60х50 см

«Портрет незнайомої в червоному намисті», полотно, олія, 80х60 см

«Портрет Марії Кречунєк», полотно, олія, 80х60 см

«Перевтілення», полотно, олія, 80х60 см

«Східна принцеса», полотно, олія, 181х100 см

«Спогади про літо», полотно, олія, 150х80 см

«Привиди старого озера», полотно, олія, 190х115 см

«Місто відчаю», полотно, олія, 150х80 см

«Мій сон. Мирний сад», полотно, олія, 115х80 см

«Веселка», полотно, олія, 115х125 см

«Без назви», полотно, олія, 50х60 см

«Веселка. Сон», полотно, олія, 120х125 см

«Приінгульський парк», полотно, олія, 40х50 см

«Вечірній дзвін», полотно, олія, 40х50 см

«Килими літніх сутінок», полотно, олія, 60х80 см

«Річка Прут», полотно, олія, 90х125 см

«Рання весна», полотно, олія, 115х60 см

«Прохолодна ніч», полотно, олія, 60х80 см

«Пейзажна алея», полотно, олія, 40х80 см

«Вид на осінній Поділ», полотно, олія, 70х80 см

«Кольчугінський мотив», полотно, олія, 35х45 см

«Закохані», полотно, олія, 45х55 см

«Осіння позолота», полотно, олія, 80х60 см

«Сутінки», полотно, олія, 60х80 см

«Квіти степів Київщини», полотно, олія, 80х80 см

«Натюрморт з кролицею», полотно, олія, 60х50 см

«Тепло сутінок», полотно, олія, 80х60 см

«Свічка надії», полотно, олія, 60х80 см

«Натюрморт з іконою», полотно, олія, 80х60 см

«Дари весни», полотно, олія, 50х40 см