Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design


Signing Magna Charta

The 30th assembly of the Magna Charta Universitatum took place at the occasion of the celebrations of the 800th Anniversary of the University of Salamanca (Spain) on 18 September.

During the meeting of the Assembly, a solemn joining of the new participating universities was held.

Our University, as one of the leading in Ukraine, represented by rector and Academician Ivan Gryshchenko, also signed and joined the elite European Academic Community of Universities, thereby reaffirming the main values, rights and obligations of the University as a core part of educational and cultural institution of the society.

By signing the Magna Carta, the University had demonstrated its belonging to the academic community, which, overcoming political and social barriers, forms the principles for integrating Europe into society, provides all citizens with the necessary rights and freedoms, various comparable and adequate services in the sphere of culture, science and education.

Congratulations to the staff and students on this significant event, because it is the result of joint hard work of the entire university staff!