Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design


KNUTD is in the TOP-10 ranking according to the international and national indicators

Recently, the eighteenth academic ranking of higher education institutions of Ukraine "Top-200 Ukraine 2024" has been published.

Thanks to the constant development of the scientific potential of researchers, the systematic work of the educational team and effective management, our University has improved its position and is in the top 10 among higher education institutions of Kyiv according to the ranking indicators in 2024 at the 8th place (+1) and at the 3rd place (+ 8) in the general list of higher education institutions of Ukraine.

The ranking was prepared by the Center for International Projects "Euroeducation" in partnership with the IREG Observatory on Academic Ranking and Excellence, an international group of experts.

When compiling this year’s ranking, experts took into account the current trends in the development of higher education, which is in a state of profound changes in the course of the ongoing reforms and is experiencing great losses as a result of the full-scale military invasion of Russia into Ukraine. The Berlin principles approved by the participants of the second meeting of IREG (Berlin, Germany, May 18-20, 2006) and the development of international conferences were taken into account: and the recommendations of IREG (Guidelines 2023 for Stakeholders of Academic Rankings).

The experts analyzed the actual open information published on Internet resources and in the databases of Ukrainian and international scientific and public organizations. The evaluation of the activities of Ukrainian universities in 2024 was carried out based on the use of a set of international and national indicators.

Among the main directions of the further development of ranking technologies, the use of multi-criteria approaches to evaluating the effectiveness of universities based on the processing of large data sets on the work of higher education institutions (Big Data), which can be obtained from open sources and whose validity can be checked, has been proposed. The eighteenth academic ranking of higher education institutions of Ukraine "Top-200 Ukraine 2024" was built on these principles.