Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design


Conditions for training higher education seekers at Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design

Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design (KNUTD) is situated in the central district of Kyiv (6 faculties and 2 educational and research institutes) and Cherkasy (1 faculty). Over a long history of its existence and development, the University has formed a powerful material and technical base located on the land plots with a total area of 14.68 hectares.

The material and technical educational base of the University contains 8 academic buildings and 1 educational and scientific complex with a total area of 57,598.3 m2. In addition, there are open sports facilities (stadium) with tracks and a football field on the land plot of the University, where physical training classes of students are held. The material and technical base of the University is not only buildings and land plots, but also a lot of engineering networks and equipment that ensure the functioning of the entire educational complex.

The University has 7 hostels with a total area of 35,979.3 m2 and a sports and recreation camp “Molodizhny” in the village Pliuty of the Kyiv region.

According to sanitary norms, all the hostels are provided with hot and cold running water, central heating, and electricity. Over the last 2-3 years, all the hostels have been renovated. On each floor of the hostels, there are rooms for special purposes (for washing, laundry, drying clothes, recreation, educational and scientific work, toilets, kitchens, showers). All hostel rooms are equipped with round-the-clock security system, fire and burglar alarms, an alarm button to call the police.

To improve the educational process and increase the level of training, material and technical conditions have been created for the implementation of targeted basic, exploratory, and applied research (workshops and laboratories) using modern information technologies and software.

Thanks to the use of modern information technologies, round-the-clock access of KNUTD students to the modular learning environment, the catalogue of the scientific and technical library, the electronic repository of the University, and other resources containing the necessary educational information is provided.

The University has implemented an electronic document management system, the work of which is supported by the following information and computer systems: modular learning environment; automated system of planning, organization, management and control of the educational process of ACS «iZETA»; Education system; financial management system; corporate e-mail; electronic journal of students’ academic performance control, electronic depository and catalogue of scientific and technical library, Automated System of Commercial Accounting of Electric Energy, Antiplagiarism System, etc.

To present the University on the Internet, the official KNUTD website in three languages (Ukrainian, English, Russian) is functioning and constantly updated at, as well as the pages on social networks Facebook (Ukrainian and English), Twitter, Google+, Youtube, Instagram, LinkedIn.