Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design


Medical support

Medical care for students and post-graduate students at Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design is provided by its own medical center, located on the territory of compact residence and study of students.

The medical center is a treatment-and-prevention institution with the number of serviced contingents up to 10,000 students. Therefore, in the autumn-spring period, complex medical examinations of first- and third-year students are conducted here.

  • Address: 16, Leipzigska St.

Students with special needs can apply to the Student Union Committee and the Student Council.

The University students can also receive medical care at the City Student Polyclinic, located on the territory of the National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute named after Igor Sikorsky”.

Kyiv City Student Polyclinic (KCSP) was established in 1945 to provide medical care to students of higher education institutions of I-IV levels of accreditation. It is an independent treatment-and-prevention institution. The City Student Polyclinic provides medical care to students assigned to the polyclinic who study at 53 higher educational institutions in Kyiv.

  • Address: 25/29, Politekhnichna St., Kyiv
  • Registry phone: 236-32-04.

To improve the health of students, the University has a student summer sports and health camp “Molodizhny”, and during summer and winter holidays students have an opportunity to rest in recreation centers in the Carpathian mountains and on the south coast of Ukraine.