Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design
KNUTD students are bronze medalists of the Ukrainian sports championship

Congratulations to the students of KNUTD with bronze medals of the Ukrainian Championship by tourist sporting events and to receive the title of the candidate for the master of sports of Ukraine.


 Student gr. BDi 4-13 Makarenko Anastasiya and student of gr.BPT-13 Stakhi Khrystyna are engaged in the 3rd year of mountain sport tourism in the tourist club "Crocus". At their leisure time on vacation, they regularly went to the sport of categorical hikes. For a rather short period of stay in the club, the girls got technical experience for the campaigns of the highest category of complexity. This enabled them to take part in the mountain rally of the fifth category of complexity in the area of the Kachkar massif (from the central part of the Pontic Range, the north-eastern Republic of Turkey) as part of a group of tourists from 8 people of the tourist club "Crocus".

 The route of 165 km was passed by the group for 21 days. The total height difference is 23 320 m: 10 570 m are dialed, 12 750 m are reset. The average height of the night is 2 988 m. The railing is lifted 32 (50 m) = 1 600 m; the railing is hung downhill 55 (50 m) = 2 750 m - total 87 (50 m) = 4 350 m Passed passes: - 21

The report on the mountain hike took part in the Ukrainian Championship on tourist sporting events. The trip, which passed Nastya and Christina, took the 3rd place among campaigns of 5 - 6 cat. Complexity. According to the results of the championship, the girls got the title of KMCU order №560 DON MS KSCA.

 Incidentally, the tourist club "Crocus" starts its activities in KNUTD. We invite all those wishing to take part in sports tourism! For help, go to the cathedra Physical education and health.